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  1. The blue line is a ‘poly trend line’ put in automatically by Excel. It’s the best fit I can get from the available options. I do agree it looks a little high, but I think it will sort itself out as more data becomes available. The thing I notice from the chart is the lack of sales during the crash. It looks like there’s only 4 sales during the crash and three of them sold around peak prices. I’m going to add another 6 streets to the chart at the weekend.
  2. http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2010/09/03...vix-curve-ball/ While the asset class exposure is very different, VXX is very similar to UNG in several ways; both products have seen waves of cash inflows despite delivering disappointing share price performances. Since its inception in January 2009, VXX has seen cash inflows of approximately $2 billion, including more than $800 million in the first quarter of 2010. But VXX’s assets at the end of the first quarter totaled just $1.2 billion, the result of a woeful share price performance over the last year and a quarter. Since its launch VXX has lost more than 80% of its value, making it the worst-performing non-leveraged and non-inverse ETF over that period.
  3. I've only got 6 streets on this chart so far, i will add more over time. I hope it's self explanatory. Comments gratefully received. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. It’s difficult for me to increase the sample size of properties on RightMove without including different types of house in the same area or the same type of house in different areas. Increasing the sample size in this way doesn’t really help me track the price of my house. There’s currently 8 houses on right move, and I have all the property bee data for them. I can produce charts of: Number of houses for sale (including No. for sale, No. SSTC & No. Under offer) Average time on the market (or time to go SSTC) Average Asking Price Can you think of any more charts I can produce with the RightMove / Property Bee data? I was plugging a load of sold price data into my spreadsheet last night and I have started to produce a scatter graph. I’ve only got my own street on it at the moment but it is looking pretty good as it shows volume and price over time. I will post the chart here when I’ve got a few more streets on it. I will use this chart to track my house against the HaliWide/LR indexes.
  5. http://www.scribd.com/doc/36418030/JM-Man-...nt-Time-8-23-10
  6. You've inspired me to track a little more closely. I'll knock up some charts soon.
  7. It's evil, but it's also 'free' money I got from my employers. I've not put very much in myself.
  8. It seems I am quoting out-of-date laws again. I don't have to buy an annuity with protected rights money. BUT I still have to make provisions for my wife. http://www.jameshay.co.uk/DocumentView.aspx?DocumentID=275 http://www.scottishlife.co.uk/scotlife/Web...ed%20rights#891 This is soooooo confusing, the second link says RP cannot be held in a SIPP - it's clearly wrong. My SIPP at H-L is split in to protected rights and non-protected rights so I can easily identify them. My PP at Skandia shows the money lumped together but they send me a statement each year identifying the amounts of PR and non-PR Where have you got your SIPP?
  9. Sounds like famous last words to me. Scroll down the wiki page to see a list of dead powerstations http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_power...ions_in_England That's a fair point
  10. I've seen GTG's comment below and I wonder if I am working to out-of-date laws (it wouldn't be the first time). I'll have to do a little more reading about annuities, I thought I had no choice with Protected Rights money. I’ve got the following BP National Grid Severn Trent Vodafone I’ve got these on my watch list Royal Dutch Shell B Scottish and Southern Energy Unilever I’m avoiding the following as I think better buying opportunities will come in a few years Avoiding finance/insurance Aviva HSBC Lloyds Banking Group RSA Insurance Avoiding property Land Securities British Land The Others Drax – The power station has expired it’s design life already so it can’t have too many years left before it requires MASSIVE investment / decommissioning / clean up. British American Tobacco – I find tobacco a little immoral Catlin – Don’t know anything about them McBride – Don’t know anything about them Sainsbury – I should have looked at his before I bought Morrison’s. I can’t remember why I didn’t United Utilities – I might buy this later after I’ve loaded up on more Severn Trent shares.
  11. I’ve put a lot of money in to funds, I bought them when I transferred my pension from the companies I’ve worked at in the past. It was a quick, easy way to get exposure to lots of shares. Overtime, I intend to sell the funds and buy individual shares. As the law stands, I will have to sell my holdings and buy an annuity with all of my Protected Rights money. I don’t think there’s any other option for Protected Rights money at present so I am more interested in capital values than dividends with Protected Rights money. All* of the shares I have mentioned of this thread are bought with non-Protected Rights money. These are the shares I will use for an income in my retirement (as the plan currently stands). Virtually all of the money I am using in this thread has come from my employers (past and present). I’ve only put a few hundred pounds in myself. * I bought some of my BP shares with protected rights money; I will offload these at some point in the future and chase after capital gains. I’d be interested in seeing a list of all your holdings if you’d be kind enough to post them. TIA
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    Zoomrakers X Factor Betting Diary

    I gave up on Big Brother betting many years ago. Big Brother always steps in and shakes it all up just as I seem to be holding the winning ticket. I tend to put down £10 on X factor each year. I've got my powder dry for now, I don't think we've seen the winner yet. EDIT: When will Betfair list up all the potential winners? When we get to boot camp?
  13. All the funds I own seem to charge a huge annual fee, I get negative dividends on all of them. You've got more options if you've got a large lump sum.
  14. But there's plenty of people who don't even look at their portfolio's until it's time to retire and find they've got a lot less than they expected. Buy & hold isn't an easy option IMO, I review my holdings regularly and I will sell if I feel the need to.
  15. I was thinking about my portfolio of dividend payers last weekend and wondering if I have picked a bag full of the most indebted companies in the FTSE. National Grid for example has a market cap of £18.5bn and they owe £20.5bn before taking pensions in to account. ITRK could easily out perform National Grid over the long term... BUT, I can't help noticing the fat dividends NG are putting on the table today. I wish I had enough money to buy a small stake in all companies.
  16. I'm certainly doing better with buy & hold at the moment but I've been holding through a massive bull run. I bet* the difference between my trading account and my buy&holds will even out over time. * no money
  17. I’m not using any stops on these BP shares. I’m genuinely intending to hold them for decades so I can cash in on the dividends. It may not be the best investment strategy in the world but it is working for me. I’ve made some really good gains so far by buying when the prices are depressed and then holding on for the dividends. This is part of a wider investment portfolio for me. I divide my money in to different pots and I am trying a different strategy with each. In this pot, I buy and hold and wait for dividends. I am also holding BP shares in my Buying a Mansion pot of money too. I am intending to sell them around 480 (if we get there) I’m going to do a mixture of trading and buy&hold in my Mansion pot. I’m not really sure of the split between buy&hold and trading yet as I’ve only recently created the pot. I have looked at options a few times but I’m not familiar with the setup/prices etc and I am concerned about getting fleeced. Whenever I look at options, I only see the opportunity to get fleeced by more experienced traders. I don’t see the opportunity to make a little extra cash. I find spreadbetting very easy and the costs associated with each trade are low.
  18. Don’t you have your own forum and the encrypted forum on CC? You didn’t have to keep it private you could have used one of the 2 options above.
  19. The bannings on HPC started when Fuba (Fubar? Fubra?) took over in 2006 ish. It’s nothing new. In the old days GHPC (now Credit Crunch) and HPC were friendly towards each other. Then there was a massive banning session where anyone mentioning GHPC got booted, and then anyone who posted on GHPC got booted too. I am banned from HPC and my sock puppet is banned too. I know why my sock puppet is banned. I’ve no idea why I am banned.
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    No, Wren hasn't been on 24K for nearly 2 months
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    OFF TOPIC: Does anyone know why/where Wren has gone?
  22. It's probably not wise to risk buying an auction property as an FTB. You may be able to buy it after the auction if it fails to sell.
  23. I had a lot of dry powder in my account so I was able to keep buying while the price was dropping. BP is my biggest holding by a mile. 3 times bigger than my next biggest holding (Kaz) and 4.5 times bigger than the next one (NG). I will lighten up on BP when the price climbs as my holding is disproportionately large in comparison to my other holdings. I plan to buy Shell or Exxon with the proceeds. EDIT: Scottish & Southern Energy is another one I will look at later
  24. This month there are 8 houses for sale (like mine, in my area and on RightMove) = 14% increase from the previous month 4 are Sold STC No Change 0 is Under Offer No Change 4 are For Sale 33% increase The balance is tilling towards lack of demand The mean asking price is 12.9% higher than I paid for mine. An increase of 0.5% on the month 3 Houses have sold in the last three months according to http://www.nethouseprices.com/index.php The average sold price is 0.5% more than I paid. A 0.5% decrease on the month ============= An interesting month with asking prices increasing while supply is increasing. Sold prices are decreasing. Next month, I will be able to produce a QoQ comparison. I'm aware I've got a very small sample area and the data will be volatile - There's not really anything I can do about it except hope the volatility averages out over time.