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  1. I prefer to see proper trials/investigations before I place blame. Innocent until proven guilty. EDIT: And this forum is not a court room, so I've not been viewing the so called evidence here.
  2. Inspired by 'The Last Bear', I've decided to track the supply of the houses in my area.Supply of houses (like mine in my area) is definitely increasing. There are 7 houses on Right Move 1 is Sold STC 1 is Under Offer 5 are 'For Sale' The mean asking price is 13.4% higher than I paid for mine. One house (like mine within 500m of my postcode) has sold in the last 3 months according to http://www.nethouseprices.com/index.php It sold for 4% less than mine (I viewed it myself and thought it was way way over priced for its condition)
  3. I've lost the shirt off my own back several times
  4. Why? Have you got an investment that should increase in value if BP were absent?
  5. DOUBLE POST: I bought more BP shares today and I will keep buying if the prices keep dropping. :unsure:
  6. I've had to bring forward the money from July and use it to beef my margin on the above BP trade. I will also increase my long position by one third when the FTSE opens tomorrow.
  7. ziknik

    UK House prices: News & Views

    (This is actually a very bearish story if you pick through it) U.K. house prices edge higher in May: RICS ... The RICS survey found a net balance of 22% of surveyors reported a rise rather than a fall in house prices in May, up from 17% in April. ... http://www.marketwatch.com/story/uk-house-...nk=MW_news_stmp
  8. ziknik

    UK House prices: News & Views

    House price inflation back to 10%, government says Annual house price inflation is back in double-digits, according to government figures. The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) said prices in April were 10.1% higher than a year ago. ... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/10317283.stm
  9. Here’s an interesting statistic http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/bp-oil-sp...25101a86f2.html
  10. I moved most my stops in to profit positions yesterday and they've been hit this morning. I'm still heavily long but I'm not all-in anymore. I'm not sure if I will pile in again... I'm going to stick a buy order at 4,990 EDIT: I've piled some more money in @ 4999.9. I've got a small buy order at 4990 too.
  11. You're trading with 6 figure sums. You could have bought the car before you traded anything. Most of us are trading with much smaller amounts and winning enough to buy a car is a big achievement in percentage gain terms.
  12. I'm about to lose my bottle. I'm going to take 80% of my money off the table if I don't see the FTSE climbing soon. EDIT: It's going up!
  13. I'm still feeling bullish about the FTSE I'm going all in on a long FTSE position I don't think we will see new highs. I'm hoping we might see 5,680 (ish) EDIT:This is my biggest ever spread bet btw. I'm going to buy a car with the profits if this one goes my way.
  14. It’s been a lot easier to pick a trade this month. I am going long on BP in my spread betting account. Spread betting is much cheaper than the dealing & management fee’s associated with actually buying shares, especially with the small amounts of money I am dealing with. This trade is completely separate to the BP shares I hold in my pension portfolio. I am looking for a capital gain on this occasion. I reckon BP is deeply oversold in relation to the rest of the big oil players. I think the market has over-reacted to the recent oil spill. I am feeling a little uncomfortable spot oil prices. Brent was $1.50 more expensive than WTI this morning. Normally, WTI is a couple of dollars more expensive than Brent. This extra cost takes in to account the extra transportation requirement from the oil exporting nations to the USA. I remember this happened in 2008 before the mega deleveraging as traders in the USA grasped the situation quicker than those trading Brent in London.
  15. I'm heavily underwater with my NG position. Fortunately, I’m in the market for dividends so the capital loss is not a big deal One thing I don’t quite understand. Will the ‘NG.n’ shares turn in to ‘NG.’ shares after I buy them? There’s little point in me holding them in this portfolio if they don’t pay a dividend. I know I shouldn't invest if I don’t understand… it's the best way to learn sometimes (hard way).
  16. BP hit 420 this morning! I bought another bag full of shares. I'm running out of dry powder now.
  17. Are you taking up your rights? I’m going to buy them all.
  18. Hi Wanderer I deserve everything I get for my stupid short. It’s a good reminder of risk. It was arrogant of me to think I could put down a random trade in the Gilts market and sit back waiting for the money to roll in. My Mrs was on the phone the other day to one of her friends, “We’ve got an interest only mortgage but we are saving to make sure we can pay off the mortgage at the end” – I felt so bad, she doesn’t know I lost the money. I thought about making up the loss with my own cash and decided to let the loss stand. These pot’s of money work best for me when I get in to the ‘pot mindset’. This first month’s loss will remind me what it feels like to lose everything in this pot. My other pots are: 1. Pension – Incorporating ‘beaten down dividend payers’ 2. General Investment Fund (previously known as FTB fund) 3. Gambling / Trading The risk in this ‘buying a mansion’ pot of money should be somewhere between the Pension and the General Investment Fund. I’m not likely to spreadbet again anytime soon in this thread. I can 100% guarantee you that no-one can be sure a HPC will complete in 3-4 years. We could be in a 30-40 year HPC or maybe no HPC at all for another 30-40 years. Interestingly, going overseas gives you the opportunity to set a deadline if you can choose to go abroad in 3-4 years time. You could be looking at a fixed(ish) time period – you could rent for 3-4 years till after the HPC or go abroad if it doesn’t come. So assuming you are looking at 3-4 years fixed(ish), I would say look to rent something nice, suitably sized, secure and most importantly, with a stable & reliable landlord. You can keep your gold / investments and you can have the right home for your family. Gold is not likely to under perform property in this period so you shouldn’t lose out financially.
  19. This is some of the thinking that lead me down this path…. (forums are great for storing ‘thinking’)
  20. Sorry, the cut off was 25th May. You cannot participate in the rights issue is you buy now.
  21. I'm with you on that. I reckon we might see one or two little dips and then rally for 2 months hitting 6,000 on the FTSE100.... .... then we get the big one
  22. I agree with you. It’s very very important to feel comfortable with your choices. However, it’s hard to balance risks. I’m reflecting on my reasons for buying at the moment…. checking back to see if I made the right choice. I’ll post my reasons below later so I can find them easily next time I want to double check my decision.
  23. Thanks, I hadn't seen that. It's a pretty steep interest rate considering a BofE tracker starts at around 2.0%, maybe 2.5%.
  24. I'm sure he'll be back, he's not disappeared on bad terms or anything like that as far as I know