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  1. OK, I've done my first trade I've shorted 'Gilts June' using Capital Spreads. Gilts seem to go up and down a lot so I'm hoping to sit tight until I've hit target. Target - 114.47 (will move down each day to cover fees)
  2. Anyone considering shorting VIX or VXX?
  3. I am taking a chance on variable. However, I’ve always thought it is very important to go with your own instincts. It’s your money, you know your situation better than anyone else on this site and you need to sleep at night. Fixed is probably better for you if you believe it is better. I suspect any spike in interest rates will not come within the term of the current parliament so you may want to consider a deal that is longer than 5 years. Our total debt is around 60% of GDP (I haven’t got exact figures) and forecast to top out in 2014 at around 90% of GDP. We are in no where near as much trouble as other countries… YET. The deficit is dire and this must be cut. We are running at 12% of GDP per year and we really really need to get below 6% quickly and below 3% soon. Things will be looking really dire in 2014 if we haven’t made any cuts as our total debt is approaching 100% of GDP. Greece has failed to make any cuts for years while its total debt has been above 100% of GDP. We are not that bad…. YET I’m not sure if there are any fixed rate mortgages that offer no early repayment / product fees. I’d definitely recommend a mortgage without any of these charges as it will enable you to switch easily when you find a better deal. I’ve found these three search engines cover the best of the mortgage market: Money Supermarket, FSA Tables and MoneyFacts http://www.moneysupermarket.com/mortgages/ http://www.moneymadeclear.org.uk/tables http://moneyfacts.co.uk/compare/mortgages/search/ For comparison, you might also want to look at the best variable rate you can get.
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    The Oil and Energy Price Thread

    I'm going long on WTI Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Thanks The Tory’s will be holding an emergency budget within the next 50 days. I would hang fire and see the budget before making any decisions. A lot of the comments I have made recently were made in the belief the election would be won by Labour….. It’s not happened. My mortgage is variable interest (2 years BofE followed by SVR). I signed up believing Labour would always keep interest rates lower than inflation, using money printing as a tool. Now the Tory’s are in, I think they might just manage to hold interest rates down by slashing the deficit….i.e. I’m pointing my toes towards the deflation camp and I might stick one toe in to the deleveraging camp. I’m feeling very uncertain about everything right now. I think having a mortgage has changed me.
  6. Month 1 – May 2010 I’m not sure what to buy this month….. I’m going to hold on to the Sterling in my current account while I have a think about it.
  7. Did anyone actually buy VXX at below 20?
  8. I'm taking 20% off the table. This has been a nice little bonus for me EDIT: 20% of my FTSE long I'm still shorting oil)
  9. I forgot to close my auto-buy-orders too and I've been buying the FTSE all the way down..... .... now I am staring a huge profit in the face I've moved my stop losses to lock in around 1/3 of the profits. Looking at oil prices: I notice Brent is priced higher than WTI again. That makes me feel uncomfortable. I shorted Brent earlier today
  10. I've also bought a little more National Grid. My existing position is underwater. 626 including fees
  11. I bought BP this morning 569 including fees. I've been waiting many years to buy this share at 420 (ish). I think it's time to accept BP is not going to drop that low any time soon
  12. Thankfully I only play with what I can afford to lose. And thanks to my short cable, I'm doing OK
  13. I forgot to close my position I can't believe I've been soooo stupid
  14. I've lost 25% of the money I made on the way up I think it's time to cut my losses and walk away from this one.
  15. It was a sign.... I should have gone short. I'm keeping my foot in on this one for now.
  16. The FTSE came back to 5,680 again. That number has been playing on my mind for ages. It must be a sign.... I'm going long again.
  17. Oh, and what do you think of Index Linked Bonds? K-winter suggests binds after the interest hike - But I'm starting to like the idea of buying some linkers
  18. It's possible the Greek crises herds investors in to the relative safety of USD(???)
  19. Bump to draw attention to Catflaps excellent call
  20. I stopped out at 5,680. I'm not prepared to hold this short above 5,680
  21. This sounds arrogant... .... but I have thought of starting an investment diary. It won't be for my trading account though because I will probably end up losing every penny in it. I'm going to start a new 'fund' with a 15 year outlook. OMG! I was meant to be starting it today..... EDIT: Just checked my bank and I haven't got any money. I might start next month EDIT2: I'm shorting cable using spredbetting (capital spreads)
  22. I'm going for a small short position on the FTSE. Target 5350 I've still got my short cable. This is a mid term hold (through the election) so I'm not really watching it at the moment.
  23. Good call so far. I'm going to hang on to my GBPUSD short for now. I'm planning to hold through the election. Labour will probably win and drop Sterling down to 1.30. I'll be gutted if we get to 1.60.
  24. I've bottled it Catflap. I took most of my Long FTSE cash of the table and went long USD vs GBP this morning. Are you still in?