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  1. This is probably a dumb question..... but how come the technicals look different on the daily chart? RSI is about as high as it's ever been, MACD is positive.
  2. I'm taking a little money off the table. I've made some money off this baby whatever happens next I might take a little more at 5,680 and then hold for 6,000
  3. I've piled in a little extra cash at 5,570. 5,680 here we come
  4. I'm holding firm right now. Futures just about clinging on 5,600 today. I'll feel loads better once we get above 5,680. I might take my money and run if we drop back to 5,500
  5. I've used a little leverage. I'm looking at closer to 600% in a week I'm feeling a little uncomfortable at 5,600. Hopefully the coming week will be a strong one as people look back on the previous year and reflect upon an opportunity missed.
  6. I'm going to take some profit at S&P = 1180 and 1210 S&P futures looking strong this morning Non farm (if positive) this week should send send the markets up. Hopefully Halifax HPI will be fairly flat at worst.
  7. I thought the same thing when I was watching 'The Sixth Sense' and I turned out to be right
  8. I lost my bottle last night and closed my oil long when it popped above $80. V.Small profit. I piled All-In on the FTSE100 at 5280. I've got my head above water now. I'm going to be a millionaire this time next week
  9. Excellent as always. And it's nice to know I am on track according to Dr Mark. I haven't got many food stocks though... fertiliser... who makes fertiliser? Have you noticed Dr Mark only owns one shirt and one tie?
  10. I’ve pretty much stopped following all the experts and I’m going with my instincts. I don’t even read DrBubbs diary anymore. I watch the occasional Mark Faber video when some one posts one and I read the occasional Martin Armstrong release. I sold some of my Kaz shares at below 1,000 expecting a pull back and it’s not happened. I’m not kicking myself. I made the best decision with the information I had available at the time and it’s not worked out as well as it could have. If anything, I’m glad I didn’t sell my gold shares and energy shares funds. I’m not expecting any serious pull backs from here and I’m happy to hold on if the price dips a little. I’ve kept my foot in with all the other shares I bought in December 2008 and I’ve got all the ones I picked up in March 2009. I’ve still got a lot of Sterling in my long term portfolio (around 25%) and I am feeling nervous at the moment. I tried to buy Exxon at £40 a few times in the last couple of weeks but the price had gone up by the time I picked up the phone. I might dump a load of cash in to BP just to lighten up on Sterling a little. Like you, I’m expecting shares to climb from here and the last few weeks have presented a good buying opportunity. I picked up National Grid for my long term buy and hold dividend payers. There’s sill loads of big companies offering a 4-5% yield at a time when savings accounts are offering jack S. I wish I had some charts to post or something but I haven’t. I’m just *feeling* a good opportunity to buy more shares and reduce some Sterling. Mid term, I’m hanging on to gold and silver. I’ve got together the cash I need to purchase a house and I haven’t had to sell a gram. After completion I will look at holding a little Sterling and maybe reducing my debt a little - especially my RPI linked student loan. I’ve really really cut back on my short term trading. I seem to lose money with every trade and don’t seem to improve with experience. Every time I gain, I get greedy and lose it all. I just can’t seem to gear my brain to think ‘take the money’. Perhaps it’s because this portfolio has no aim other than get rich. Every time I make something I think I’m going to become a millionaire and I’ve lost it all before I know it. I still enjoy trading but I’m not really in a position to lose money for fun now. I’m long Oil and FTSE100 at the moment. Both positions under water. I’ve roped the misuses in to contributing towards a fourth portfolio (to go with 1. Long, 2. Mid, and 3. Short). The fourth portfolio will be a ‘Buy a bigger house and pay off the mortgage’ fund. I’m targeting 15 years to pay off the mortgage on a future bigger house. I might start a trading diary for this portfolio when it starts (Probably April or May).
  11. This thread is a bit weird. It's like DrBubb has a sockpuppet called Catflap and we're all too polite to mention it. Anyway... Catflap, Can you provide some more information on your Kondratieff cycle. I notice you've used it for a very short (18 month) time-scale. I've always known K-Waves to be 4 seasons lasting 15+ years each. I believe K-Waves and Martin Armstrongs Business Confidence cycles are compatible. Have you come up with your own confidence cycles within the seasons?
  12. Could you collect the data and weight each of the indecies according to your view and create and A&K US Recovery Index ??
  13. How do you define 'recovery' ?? Are you using data such as GDP OR a number of data sources OR general sentiment OR a combination of ... ???
  14. I bet Px makes a come back when gold hits £900.
  15. Well needless to say, "I don't agree with you". I wouldn't have asked you the question if I thought your view was irrelevant. I'll ask you the same question another way... Is that aimed at Px?
  16. I'm glad you're speaking for yourself. I've never taken any thing from this forum. Everything I have read remains for others to read. I know where your coming from with this one... but do you think Px is one of those in the 'posting too much cr@p group'? (post #34)
  17. I'm not following I'm not following (really)
  18. I think you are misunderstanding my point. I am saying people receive from this site. They don't take anything.
  19. It's possible to receive from GEI. Is is possible to take anything away?
  20. Stop bashing the guy, he's left already. Move on - it's over
  21. DrBubb: You have dozens of spambots. Maybe they should go in the IP cooler ? http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showuser=3701 http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showuser=3710 http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showuser=3699 http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showuser=3689 http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showuser=3686
  22. Catflap and Bigt are huge losses for this site IMO. Both top quality posters.
  23. cdswamp, free-speech, and commercialisation suspension vs. more tolerance of abuse here Old title: cdswamp... suspension (edited by Dr. =====================
  24. None of them are considered swear words. A&Ks pregnant camel post was very intelligent.
  25. Are you joking? Seriously - are you joking?