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  1. I support good communication, so someone who get's suspended should be told why and for how long, but I am pretty sure that all other mods try to do this (even if there is a certain lack of time).



    I've been banned 5 times (3 different socks) and only once did I know* the reason for the ban AND the length of the ban.


    * I didn't agree with it (I thought it was harsh)


    It's really poor. Ask any of the member who have been banned and they will tell you similar things.


    Is it any wonder people come back looking for a fight?

  2. I might get myself into trouble, but for now I leave them.



    1. DrBubb will shout at you?


    2. This thread will attract trouble causers (me)?


    If 1: Tell him to shut it - I don't believe DrBubb would say owt to you


    If 2: There's nothing stopping me starting another thread in the main forum. Even if you banned me, I could sign up another puppet and post in the main forum so I am better off left down here in the gulag.

  3. I haven't broken any rules




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  4. I have now seen that CF was suspended for a week on Sep 23 2010. So, I will set it all to zero unless another mod tells me differently.


    Ziknik, if you want to read up on it, this here had apparently to do with it:




    GTG was involved in that drama too, I see.


    Thanks G0ldfinger. Thank you very much.


    DON'T change the clock to zero. Change it to ONE and let it tick down again.


    Trust me, I have a lot of experience in removing suspensions set by other mods and I find letting the clock tick down works better with the software.

  5. AFAICS, Catflap's suspended. It says -1888 hours. I don't know what that means. Maybe a superadmin could tell.


    GTG has no suspension, as far as I can see.

    Is that a minus?


    It means Catflaps suspension ended 78 days ago and he has not posted since.


    The clock resets when he posts again.


    EDIT: That doesn't make any sense, he has posted in the last 78 days.


    Can you change it to PLUS 1 hour and then see if it ends properly in one hour

  6. Neverending story.

    There’s a reason these stories never end.


    The mods here don’t C O M M U N I C A T E


    Go take a look on Pixel8rs 24knews site.


    Not one person there (including me) ever mentions CDSWamp and Gom (GoM isn’t banned).


    You know why I don’t cry continuously on 24Knews?


    It’s because Pixel8r is polite enough to C O M M U N I C A T E


    I appreciate you didn’t ban GOM and I appreciate you don’t always have enough time (I do appreciate it when you do reply btw) BUT you’ve knowingly sown the ‘Why isn’t Steve here anymore’ seed and left me hanging for an answer!!!


    EDIT: I just see that this sort of got out of control again. Apparently this is more a problem with one mod.

    And again and again and again and again and…. It’s the never ending story remember.


  7. While I am washing the linen –


    I picked the girl I wanted from ‘The worlds greatest dating site’ advert, went to the site, paid my money and she’s not there!


    I complained to the site and they told me she’s not a member. She’s a model they paid for the advertisement.


    Frankly I think it’s poor. I had my photo-shopped images of myself ready and I’d typed up all the best lines from my ‘how to score with really thick looking fit birds’ book.


    I feel really ripped off. Now I have to trawl all the model agency websites on the net, set up a fake photo shoot and hire the girl.


    This is going to cost me a fortune and all because I saw an ad on GEI and was unable to control my urge for v107£n(£.


    I think the ad should be removed before other decent human beings such as myself fall in to the same trap.


    And others may be plain embarrassed to be seen on a site with sexually provocative images.