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  1. Greeting all, I am back..... as if waking from a long slumber, I took one look at the long term log chart, rubbed my eyes, and bought heavily.


    I arrived late to the party. I bought heavily at 10,000 and 11,000 at the end of December, beginning of this month, when most where nervous at the 'toppy' levels. Already we are pushing 17,000.


    Dr Bubb, it seems you have fundamental objections to this bull run?? People interrogate me about the fundamentals, I shrug my head, and state the market is my friend... for now.


    PS, I seem unable to post a URL.

  2. TI, I still have a small amount of gold, and I doubt the price will crash. You have to wonder whether inflationary pressures will start to build at some stage.


    RB, Yep, wouldn't surprise me to see another move down in silver. Will consider buying on a good-sized dip, and sell on the inevitable bounce back up. Instrument of choice still being AGQ.... and will make sure not to sit in it too long this time!