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  1. You would be better served by buying a quality Newspaper that carries the previous days prices. The better ones then have data on Dividend Yield, hi and low share price. Highlight the interesting ones from your point of view and now you have a research list. From this research list you can use your own style and create a watch and buy a buy list.
  2. US Association of Economics as per their paper and Economist article in Jan 09 studied previous boom/busts. Peak to Trough RE average is 5 years. 5equities 3.5 years) On this basis given 2007 as Peak then trough will equal 2012. But I think I can safely say this is not an average Boom/Bust.
  3. How many do you actually know???? It all comes down to how you manage the letting of your RE units and how good that is. Arn
  4. In principle I never invest i new funds or fund managers as I do not believe that giving my money to an investment firm to learn how to invest achieves good performance. I useually want a fund manager who has a good track record and at least 5 years in the fund.
  5. 2 things to add 1. American Economists Association met last week and a study of previous global crisis shows a 36% drop from peak to trough in RE prices over 5 years and 54% drop in equity prices in 3 years. UK et al still some way to go. Year 1 2008 = 15% drop. What to invest in now other than Cash? 2. What are landlords doing with the cash flow from the recent drops in Int Rates? Many are on variable rates and should be feeling the benefits of rapidly reducing short term interest servicing costs? if they repay they increase their Tax gain as their interest bills keep going down even more. If they invest in RE its way too early and equities might be as well. Cash? Premium Bonds (prize fund has crashed in size - lonked to Int rates)? Hold in cash till rates start going up and pay down debt to reduce chance of negative equity? This is an unuseual cash flow gain to be set off against an unreliable peak valuation of their RE assets. Quid pro quo?
  6. From a ongoing Business perspective Cash Rich is certainly a good criteria. I would add Current or very near term production Track record in keeping costs under control Cost per unit of extraction substantially below current market price aka a margin of safety If the company has cash, is producing AND selling with a healthy margin between cost per unit and sale price per unit then this could be a good stock to own. However others investors are behaving even less rationally than normal (were they rational in the first place?). Liquidity. For the stock itself anything illiquid these days investors are staying away from. If HF are not trading the stock then the liquidity is not there. Smaller Funds are also staying away even if the value etc is great as all Funds need Liquidity now to meet potential redemptions from their investors. These funds are in Treasuries even Japanese ones as holding Cash is very dangerous as cash in a fund has to be pledged by the depository to avoid a situation where the fund loses its cash when a bank goes flop. Who would want Japanese Treasury otherwise? Capital is also leaving emerging markets back to US or Europe. Great value opportunities mind you but have the 5 year + view on returns. "time to buy" might be a good title but investors think what is my time horizon? Are you contrarian enough? Is your time horizon long term enough?
  7. Seen this? Have you joined up? http://www.urbanlandarmy.com/
  8. KH, There are two entities COFIPARINTER, COMPAGNIE FINANCIERE DE PARTICIPATIONS INTERNATIONALES SA & COFIPARINTER MINING HOLDING S.A. COFIPARINTER, COMPAGNIE FINANCIERE DE PARTICIPATIONS INTERNATIONALES SA set up 1996 Company Number B0055802 ARIELLE COMPANY LIMITED 1246 shares BILFORD INVESTMENT INC 4 shares Both are registered in the British Virgin Islands at Tortola, Wickham’s Cay, Road Town, Iles Vierges Britanniques COFIPARINTER MINING HOLDING S.A. set up in 1990 Company Number B0031667 under this number the names have been SOPARINTER, SOCIETE DE PARTICIPATIONS INTERNATIONLES COFIPARINTER MINING HOLDING S.A. SAMM INVESTMENT HOLDINGS SA Both structures are adminstered by société AUDITEX, S.à r.l., a Luxemburg Company. Any help?
  9. You mean like tis? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/3282065/Ch...ce-on-roof.html My roof is to steep and not right for Rice but right for Solar Panels. The Garden will be for the growing number of veggies and the glass house will go into more production in 2009.
  10. Florida RE buyers need A1 Credit Rating and 20% deposit> Cash purchase and refi possible after 12 month wait. However the wall of unsolds is vvv high plus now communities based around a golf course are in touble as the Country Clubs close down due to overlevraging. Communities though do get together and buy the club to keep them going. Hard work but a local solution. If they did not they zould see another 20% drop in value for a house near a closed country club. Arn Get rid of the US no recourse home loan
  11. KY I saw that you use DCF to look at companies. Are you a buy and holder investor? I like Pinetree because of its spread as a beginner in this sector but see the large % in any sector a drawback. Do you know of anything similar? Thanks - Arn
  12. Still happy with Precision? Are the dividends consistent enough? They are investing for the future http://www.answers.com/main/ntquery?dsid=2...0-E01D14C8EEE0}
  13. Price now 3.58 Ace or Dr Bubb good to step in?
  14. For Tax check out http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tg/t4058/t4058-07e.pdf Source Canadian Revenue Agency
  15. For those looking for books Canadian Income Funds Your Complete Guide to Income Trusts, Royalty Trusts and Real Estate Investment Trusts Published 2006 http://books.global-investor.com/books/206...inPtrCode=10002