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  1. PSEI back near top of Downtrend PSEI ... update : 6,888 -85 6/17.close vs. Mid 2019 high Sym. : High, 2019 : 06.17 / %vs H: PSEI : 8,365, 07.15: 6,888 : - 17.7% ALI : 53.50, 07.15: 36.65 : - 31.5% SMph: 42.40, 03.??: 36.95 : -12.9% MEG : P6.50, 07.15: P3.19 : -51.0% UKX : 7,648, 07.30: 7,148 : -6.54%
  2. ACTION AT LAST! GCM: 5.71 +0.70, +13.7%, Positive drill results and a good interview helped 2021-06-09 07:12 C:GCM 5.15 News Release Gran Colombia drills 0.3 m of 8,150 g/t Ag at Segovia == Gran Colombia Gold (GCM) - Dividend Paying Mid Tier in the Making
  3. UFOs Have Put US Nuclear Sites Offline: Former Agency Head U.S. nuclear facilities have been forced to go offline at times due [Full Story]
  4. DRAFT: email for Kroma Tower admin UNDERGROUND WORKS? Please take this as curious and cautionary, not Alarmist. I have noticed the underground works on the opposite side of Makati medical, and someone told me recently that “the tunnel has now gone under Makati Medical”. That comment gets me thinking: From there, where? We are almost immediately next to Makati Medical Does the tunnel go under De la Rosa street? And does it also go under Kroma Tower? The person who told me about these works, said I should not worry, because the tunnelling would be “very deep.” Here’s my cause for concern, I have seen this before. When I lived in Hong Kong I watched the planning and building of a deep tunnel for the fast train to China from Kowloon Station to the China border. The tunnel passed right below the 13 story building we lived in. And there were cracks in the building as a result of those works. The cracks were serious enough that a devlce was place on the roof to monitor the size of the crack. We lived on the top floor, so I would go to the roof from time to time, to see if the crack was widening, and if the device was triggered. The crack was bigger than a hairline, and smaller than the tip of my small finger. The good news was, it was not on our side of the building, and as long as I lived there, the crack did not widen. But I feared if there was geo-activity, that could happen. So here’s my main question: Does the tunnel pass directly under Kroma Tower, or nearby us under the street. What precautions are being taken to insure the tunnelling and the existence of a finished tunnel will not cause cracks in nearby buildings? Thanks for looking into this. Michael Hampton
  5. MCI shares sold at C$0.30, $900, reducing the C$ Loan. The C$15 of cash that was held, was also utilized: C$2,800 - ($900 + 15) = $C 1,885 still outstanding MCI was sold above the 0.27 valuation of end May. CAN Stocks: update: see prices below. GDXJ at $52.81 CAN Portfolio: June 8th PortC. : # shs: C.Cost: price: strike: Net: $Value: Profit: CASH : $ 00: $. 00: $1.00: 0.00: $1.00: $ 0: EMR. : 10,000: $ 600: 0.070: $0.00: 0.070: 700: $ 100: Emr.wt 10,000: $ 000: 0.070: $0.08: 0.000: $ 000: $. 0: MCI.wt 1,500: $ 000: 0.300: $0.35: 0.000: $ 0: $. 0: VG : 1,200: $ 300: 0.470: $0.00: 0.470: $ 564: $264: VG.wt : 1,200: $ 000: 0.470: $0.30: 0.170: $ 204: $204: SMD : 6,400: $ 2496: 0.425: $0.00: 0.425: 2,720: $224: WM : 3,000: $ 2280: 0.630: $0.00: 0.630: 1,890: (390): Loan C 0.5%/m.( 1885) ========= : +000: (1,885): ( 00) ===== Total :: $ 4,011 ======== : 06/08: $4,713 +402: NAV=Realised ($2862) +Unrealized Profit: $ 402: +3,264 $1300, +251.1% = C$4,713 > x39.45= Php 185,928, was 188.2k (vs. 119,572 at end Dec.): that's +55.5% in 2021, so far
  6. Sold down to zero, the remaining APX shares at prices of 1.79 and 1.80 Funds needed for some repair works at a provincial home Essential use of savings - It is great to NOT have to Borrow. APX 8,000 x1.80= 14,400 -129= 14,271 : (11,915) = 2,356 APX 7,000 x1.79= 12,530 -112= 12,418 : (10.426) = 1,992 ======================== = 26,689: (22,341) = 4,348 ======= Less Cash taken out: (20,000) CASH : 41,938 - was 35,249 = P 6,689 increase in Cash APX.ph / Apex Mining ... update: 10d/ Last: 1.80 ==
  7. GRAN COLOMBIA COMPLETES ARRANGEMENT WITH GOLD X FOR THE CREATION OF A NEW MID-TIER LATIN AMERICAN GOLD PRODUCER Gran Colombia Gold Corp. has completed its acquisition of all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Gold X Mining Corp. not already owned by Gran Colombia by way of a statutory plan of arrangement under the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia). The arrangement became effective at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time on June 4, 2021. As a result of the arrangement, Gold X became a direct, wholly owned subsidiary of Gran Colombia and Gran Colombia gained control of the Toroparu gold project located in Guyana, South America. Serafino Iacono, executive chairman of Gran Colombia, commented: "With the closing of the Gold X acquisition today, we have created a new mid-tier Latin-American gold producer with a complementary asset portfolio including the world-class, free cash flow generating Segovia operations located in Colombia and the large, high-growth and substantially derisked Toroparu gold project in Guyana. On a combined basis (1) for Segovia and Toroparu, our measured and indicated gold resources now total 8,778,000 ounces (256.5 million tonnes grading 1.06 g/t Au) and we have another 4,359,000 ounces of gold in the inferred category (132.6 million t grading 1.02 g/t Au). Over the next couple of months, we will be refining our development options at Toroparu, including an update of the mineral resource estimate for the Toroparu project to incorporate the new geologic model and project optimization that includes the discovery of continuous high-grade gold-bearing structures extending for at least three kilometres in strike and at least 450 metres in depth as recently announced by Gold X. With approximately $6-million (U.S.) of cash in Gold X at closing of this acquisition, this next stage of project evaluation that will lead to an updated preliminary economic assessment for Toroparu is fully funded. We are very excited to begin this next chapter, creating value for our shareholders through our diversified growth platform centred on these two cornerstone assets and our equity positions in Aris Gold and Denarius." Completion of the arrangement Pursuant to the arrangement, each holder of Gold X shares is entitled to receive 0.6948 of a common share in the capital of Gran Colombia for each Gold X share held immediately prior to the effective time. As of today, the company now has 98,287,088 common shares issued and outstanding and a total of approximately 132.1 million common shares on a fully diluted basis. With Gold X now a wholly owned subsidiary of Gran Colombia, Gran Colombia intends to delist the Gold X shares from the TSX Venture Exchange as soon as practicable. Gran Colombia also intends to submit an application to the applicable securities regulators to have Gold X cease to be a reporting issuer and terminate its public reporting obligations. Prior to the completion of the arrangement, Gran Colombia owned, directly or indirectly, or exercised control or direction over, 9,571,158 Gold X shares, representing approximately 15 per cent of the issued and outstanding Gold X shares prior to the completion of the arrangement. About Gran Colombia Gold Corp. Gran Colombia is a mid-tier gold producer with a proven record of mine building and operating in Latin America. In Colombia, the company is currently the largest underground gold and silver producer with several mines in operation at its high-grade Segovia operations. In Guyana, the company is advancing the Toroparu project, one of the largest undeveloped gold projects in the Americas. Gran Colombia also owns approximately 44 per cent of Aris Gold Corp., a Canadian mining company currently advancing a major expansion and modernization of its underground mining operations at its Marmato project in Colombia. Gran Colombia's project pipeline also includes an approximately 27-per-cent equity interest in Denarius Silver Corp. (Spain -- Lomero-Poyatos; Colombia -- Guia Antigua and Zancudo) and an approximately 26-per-cent equity interest in Western Atlas Resources Inc. (Nunavut -- Meadowbank).
  8. Martha Argerich: 80 Year Old SUPER VIRTUOSO!! How Is This Even Possible? Martha Argerich was born in 1941 is is still playing the most insanely difficult piano music at age 80. Her story is a story one about ferocious natural genius. Argerich performs with such depth and range and emotion and risk-taking that even non-musicians are astounded. She has a photographic memory, able to reproduce music perfectly after a single hearing.
  9. NASA Announces Two New Missions to Study the Atmosphere and Surface of Venus NASA on Wednesday announced two new missions named "DAVINCI+" and [Full Story]
  10. HK10 ... update / Last: $19.54 - 0.10 HK10 vs HK1113 etc ... update / ==
  11. RCI - etc ... update: 2021: 10d / Last: 1.06 / ROX: 1.70 = 70.9%, CAT: 13.44, Sugar: $17.70 ==
  12. FREEDOM is Needed... In Order to Survive! NORTH KOREANS ARE SLAVES, Kept in the dark, and issued orders. (This is exactly what the Scummy Rats want to impose thru their control of the LIEstream media... The Evil Fauci and the illegitimate Dimdem regime are but a minor hint of what the Dems have planned.) Frightening! This is a WARNING: Tyranny, Slavery and Columbia U | Yeonmi Park | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast - S4: E26 > On this episode of the Jordan Peterson Podcast, Jordan was joined by Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector and human rights activist trying to shine a light on the atrocities still being committed in North Korea by the current Kim regime. She wrote her experiences into a bestseller, ‘In Order to Survive.’ She tells stories of her childhood and escaping to remind the world of how terrible things are for North Koreans. Jordan and Yeonmi discussed various topics, including her incredible story of escaping North Korea, being a slave in China, and her current opinions on issues in modern Eastern and Western society. "What was I allowed to do on my own?" "Literally, breathing. That is all I was allowed to do on my own... They intervene in every aspect of live... They gave us a radio, tuned in to only one channel, and you could not turn it off. Only turn the volume down." In N KOREA: the Govt owns everything, and Trading (Free Enterprize) is illegal. You cannot offer creative incentives, And you cannot choose your own work. This rigidity kills economic growth, freedom, and personal responsibility, It is utterly evil, And must be opposed with rigor. Now those who appear to have stolen the 2020 election are trying to impose it on the US. Meantime, many useful idiots (Antifa. BLM, scummy rat politicians) are being encouraged to work towards it in the US. Why do they fail to learn from History?
  13. Orphan period is when the Uncertainties are Highest BUY when the uncertainities start to go away... with the Production decision Using this, you can see that it’s good to get into projects early, then sell at a peak – then when it is decided they will construct a mine, to get back in then. The further to the right on this sheet, the less risk. The less risk, also means less upside. Now, there are other things to consider in what miners to buy…. Who are the jockeys? Have the people running this had great success? Have they done this before? Are they well respected? What are the horses? Are they decent projects with volume? Are they cost effective to mine? Is there infrastructure in place, or would a billion dollars need to go into infrastructure to buy? Is it close to another mine where you could truck pay to it? What is the jurisdiction? I tend not to put my money in certain jurisdictions. You are mostly safe in Canada, the US, and Australia. But every jurisdiction has its pitfalls. Political unrest. Government seizing a mine. The US and environmental permitting issues. Governments shaking down companies for taxes. Each jurisdiction at the country level has its own pitfalls, then you have to go deeper in to that. For example, Nevada in the US is a great mining jurisdiction, but Alaska just shut down a potential trillion dollar mine before it was ever built due to environmental concerns. Share structure and funding. Who are the big backers? Does management have skin in the game? Is share dilution a big issue? For example, if you need to raise $10 million for drilling, how are you paying for it? Issuing more common shares and private placements to dilute me? Share dilution is almost inevitable in some instances. In others, maybe a company takes on debt, exchanges shares for land, sells projects to raise money, or gives streaming deals on future gold/silver to fund projects. > https://renaissancemen.org/2021/01/19/how-to-invest-in-mining-stocks-the-asymmetric-play-of-a-silver-miner/