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  1. the guarantee is not worth the website it is written on
  2. right. to take out the new Einstein. maybe. But chances are, he may move to the west for a better job
  3. Standing on a geyser is a start maybe. But they need to do more than publicity stunts. Tough choices need to be made, which parties will have the courage to show the leadership needed? I get an impression that Cameron is serious about this, but I will believe it when he is talking about sacrifice, and risking his popularity on an important issue I hope this sitw will attract more than tory voters, since I think the issues we discuss here are important to all parties, and to all voters, for that matter. But most people are simply preoccupied with making their own lives comfortable
  4. I posted this on HPC: (... I think many people- myself included- are eager to see the emergence of HPC's new strategy, and a good way to start is through a clear mission statement...) Oh, I just wanted to add... There seems to be alot of discussion here and elsewhere about : Debt: Using it well, and Living within one's means Improving your living standard, without enslaving yourself (or some-such) May be worth an entire section on HPC. This will be of interest to many here, and will give HPC a purpose which will still be relevant after property prices are on the slide. = = That coping-with-Debt Mission seems more compatible with HPC than here. Do others agree?
  5. someone is trying to raise the web profile of those sites. those types of profiles are dsigned to delude the spiders about the popularity of a site, make it think that there are many valid linksto it
  6. MOLY chart http://www.mineralstox.com/charts/image-pr...ocus=1073741824 Info on Roxmark: http://www.investorshub.com/boards/board.asp?board_id=1499
  7. Yes, I am in. Some from the pre-IPO financing from last year, and some from the current placing at 30P
  8. I am very keen on Moly, and Roca Mines. There is a good thread on Advfn on MOLY: http://www.advfn.com/cmn/fbb/thread.php3?id=1959666
  9. (a google search has revealed a second Iranian Einstein- this one is a woman): Iranian lady solves Einstein mystery Wednesday, December 14, 2005 - ©2005 IranMania.com LONDON, December 14 (IranMania) - -A young Iranian lady researcher from Shiraz, Bahareh Kamali-Sarvestani, has successfully in solving the mystery of Albert Einstein?s atomic modules after half a century. According to the US-based Daily News, upon learning of Kamali-Sarvestani?s feat, the head of an American research center, Rosita Jason, involved in related researches, hailed the 25-year-old Iranian lady ?as the birth of another Einstein?. Jason said the creation of atomic modules could be considered the biggest revolution of the 21st century and described the innovation by Kamali-Sarvestani as the work of a genius. Prior to this discovery, Kamali-Sarvestani had designed and created a blood clotting material for hemophiliacs. Albert Einstein believed that with the use of nuclear energy, vehicles could be designed to fly 30 meters above the ground. @: http://www.iranmania.com/News/ArticleView/...=CurrentAffairs
  10. I own about half of those, and my biggest position is in BMGX, which will get a thread here soon
  11. (I like a number of these also, and am encouraging Mr.Myth to post here) csMyth: 15 Apr'06 - 12:36 - 15340 Hill End - Australias richest historic goldfield, with little modern exploration, finally getting a serious drill program in an A$10m mkt cap junior. Quality management and has a good chance of some drill hits in a play that could repeat Bendigo. Batavia - A$40m junior, very liquid, 1m oz resource @ 6g/t and 2% copper and $10m cash in treasury post-options exercise. Has a large uranium tenement portfolio as well and is seriously undervalued to the sector due to historic metallurgy (long overcome) issues. Tennant Creek - A$25m, is Batavia's largest investor and also has a massive lead/zinc project ready for drilling (20mt @10% combined lead/zinc drilled by BHP in the 1970's caught up in ord river system, recently released and first drill program since then). Orex Resources C$5m - tiny junior with a project adjacent to Yanacocha (Newmonts biggest mine), undrilled due to local owner, recently did a deal and lining up a drill program shortly. Shares management and properties with Candente. Battle Mountain - the next Royal Gold, nice portfolio of royalties in a tiny market cap, backed by Macquarie Bank Royal Standard - C$65m. 3moz resource in 6 projects in carlin trend, some big targets in addition to existing resources and commenced production in 2006, should be lost cost mine. Puplava, Casey and numerous other newsletters have picked it to be a big winner, currently completing a financing Northern Lion C$20m. Historic high grade project in Finland, previous drill program had difficulty in creating a resource but they seem to have tackled the geology well and have had a lot of recent success. Turning over the old shareholder base at present and has a lot of potential. New project probably going in shortly. Mawson C$35m. High grade gold hits in northern sweden but big story is uranium which caps the company at 20/lb in the ground unlike most uranium plays which trade in the multi-dollars/lb in the ground. Big Swedish money is entering the stock at present and this could be a massive winner. Cassidy C$30m. Drill play in Guinea/Burkina Faso, has had a lot of success lining up the structure and should turn it into a serious resource shortly. Has run a bit hard though. best current picks - Hill End Gold and Mawson @: http://www.advfn.com/cmn/fbb/thread.php3?id=948390
  12. "The machine could operate at night when the air is cooler, the water vapour more readily condensed. This would mean less power consumption from the batteries that could be solar charged during the day. " TRUE. But the power loss would be large, since the efficiency of batteries is not that high
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    Interesting idea, Dom Make supermarkets recycling centres too. Alot of the waste originates there, why not have them collect it too?
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    "would encourage kids to be a bit entrepreneurial to earn some pocket money" RIGHT As a youngster, I financed a significant part of my comic book collection, by collecting bottles. My first portfolio maybe? = = Back to Augean (AUG). : chart A quick eyeballing of the chart, suggests they may take at least one more visit to 100p
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    ONE SOLUTION is to get consumers to do it. One way this is done is to put a Deposit cost on an item. Thus, the buyer of a can of beer might pay 5p or so extra for the beer. And he can get his 5p back, if he returns the beer can to a collection point. This provides an economic incentive to collect all those empty beer cans
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    "sift out useful waste that is expensive to mine and process (e.g. aluminium) and burn a lot of the rest for electricity, or to provide central heating for local properties" GREAT in theory. But who does the sifting and sorting?
  17. i wonder how much power these new lights consume
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    "How are we going to dispose of our ever-increasing waste?" QUICK answers: + We need to recycle more, + We need to redesign packaging, what we use now is too wasteful,
  19. He does like a bit like he has some snake oil to sell. But the MIT connection may suggest some seriousness, and he has managed to raise a fair amount of start-up capital
  20. Summaries are nice: "The technology was realized 20 years ago as a twist on the dehumidifier. The machine has evolved from a unit that looks like a small air conditioner to a machine similar in size to a water cooler. It runs on electricity, but Dutra said future units could run on solar cells or other independent power. He believes the machines could replace bottled water and water coolers in homes and businesses, which use up natural resources in materials and transportation. "This would be considered a green technology because you aren't getting water that has been transported from the spring, bottled, and transported to the store or your house," he said"
  21. Bids over 4.25p would be a sign it is moving. Soon, I hope
  22. Just added the charts to the header- Looks like a big rise has already happened to AVL, at least
  23. Another Uk-quoted Moly play, So.China (SCR.L) has been on a tear chart might the success, and some buying in it spill over into Thor??
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    Needle, YOUR IDEA... has been tried... ======= Alternative Energy Store Announces New Internship Program The Worcester, Mass., based Alternative Energy Store, providers of renewable energy products to customers around the globe via their website (www.altenergystore.com) and catalog, has recently announced the development of an internship program. Worcester, Mass. (PRWEB) December 27, 2005 -- The Worcester, Mass., based Alternative Energy Store, providers of renewable energy products to customers around the globe via their website (www.altenergystore.com) and catalog, has recently announced the development of an internship program. The Alternative Energy Store’s internship program is designed to prepare students and others for a career in renewable energy by educating them about a wide range of renewable energy systems and products. Interns will work alongside staff in the areas of customer service and tech support. Through the company’s internship program, plumbing and electrical apprentices or students will learn many of the techniques and details for sizing and recommending renewable energy systems which will help them to become professional installers of alternative energy systems such as solar thermal water heater or solar electrical systems. There are several schools and colleges in the Northeast that have already begun offering courses in the fast-growing field of renewable energy. “The energy market is uncertain and cost and source of traditional energy such as natural gas, oil and electricity have become significant issues. The use of these energy sources may not always be an option. Natural resources, such as solar, wind and hydro power, are becoming more popular in the mass market,” explained Sascha Deri, founding partner and president of the Alternative Energy Store. He continued, “Growth indicators in the alternative energy market include government rewards and incentives, on both federal and state level, designed to encourage individuals and businesses to use renewable energy sources. Alternative energy is moving to the forefront and the demand for people who are not only knowledgeable in this industry, but who can install these systems is growing very quickly.” The Alternative Energy Store’s mission is to provide the best renewable energy products at affordable prices and to educate consumers about valuable renewable energy sources that are not only good for the environment but that enable people to become more “fuel independent” and rely less on expensive traditional fuel sources. To learn more about the Alternative Energy Store’s internship program, contact (800) 320-9564. Making Renewable Energy Affordable Founded in 1999, the Alternative Energy Store, LLC has catered to customers on every continent of the globe. With a mission to make renewable energy affordable, the Alternative Energy Store has established long-standing relationships with manufacturers to pass along the cost savings to customers. These relationships coupled with the expertise of the purchasing department and exceptional promotions enable the Alternative Energy Store to offer the best prices over competitors. Committed to benefiting societies and the environment, the Alternative Energy Store is dedicated to educating consumers and providing the best selection of solar, wind, micro-hydro and other alternative energy products worldwide. Alternative Energy Store is located at 65 Water Street in Worcester, Mass. For more information visit their website at: http://www.AltEnergyStore.com or contact Toll Free (800) 320-9564.
  25. Market Cap : C$28.1 Million = 20.1 Million shares x $1.40 U. Resource: 110 million lbs Price/ lb. : $0.25, grading 0.040% Daily Chart ... update : Daily-12mo : Target-C$2.25 (Here is what Steve Saville says): Mawson Resources (TSXV: MAW), a company focused on exploring for uranium and gold in Sweden. MAW's primary focus is on uranium and the company has several prospective uranium projects in Sweden. The company reports a POTENTIAL resource, based on historical data, of 130M pounds of uranium oxide (U3O8) across three of its projects. Here's the breakdown: - Tasjo: 116M pounds - Duobblon: 11.6M pounds - Klappibacken: 2M pounds None of the above resource estimates currently meet NI 43-101 requirements so they should not be relied upon for valuation purposes. They are, however, based on extensive exploration work carried out in the past. The resource potential estimated for the Tasjo project, for example, is based on the results of 190 drill holes. The main reason we are going to add MAW to the TSI Stocks List at this early stage of development is that the company's market valuation is low enough that it will be a value proposition even if the actual resource proves to be only one-quarter the current 'guesstimate'. To be specific, MAW's current market cap is US$26M (26M shares at C$1.16/share), so if the resource turns out to be only 30M pounds of U3O8 then MAW would still be trading at less than US$1 per pound of in-ground uranium. This is much lower than most exploration-stage uranium companies. Another reason to be adding MAW to the Stocks List at this time -- in the face of considerable general market risk -- is that the stock does not look risky from a technical perspective. As evidenced by the following chart, MAW rocketed higher between the beginning of November and the middle of January but has since been consolidating. It has retraced about 50% of its spectacular run-up and has strong support within 15% of Friday's closing price. Barring a total collapse in the resource sector of the stock market, a drop back to support at around C$1.00 probably describes the maximum downside potential over the next few months. In our opinion, the two main risks associated with MAW are: 1. Geological: At this early stage we can't be confident that the quantity or quality of the resource will be sufficient to enable uranium to be profitably mined. 2. Political: Sweden's current government does not favour uranium mining. Taking into account the opportunities and the risks, we think MAW is a reasonable speculation within 10% of Friday's closing price (C$1.16). = = = = = LINKS: Corporate Website : Stockhouse Bboard: Advfn thread, MAW : http://www.advfn.com/cmn/fbb/thread.php3?id=9860975