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    Trading and investing in stocks and commodities. Writing articles on related subjects, while building this website. I am interested in creating ways for communities

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About Me

I am the founder of GreenEnergyInvestors.com, and it twin : GlobalEdgeInvestors.com.


I am writer of numerous articles and a book about: General economic subjects, investment, and trading ideas. (The book was about price cycles within the shipping industry.) I have also been a frequent interviewee on Dominic Frisby's fine podcasts, which can be heard at: http://www.FrisbysBullsAndBears.com and also contribute frequent articles to FinancialSense.com and other financially-oriented websites.


My writings here and elsewhere draw on my many years of experience in the finance area. I have worked as a commercial banker, making shipping loans in New York and Hong Kong. Later, as an investment banker, I was an early pioneer in introducing some successful derivatives instruments. I also worked a merchant banker at a boutique firm London, where amongst other things, I ran a small hedge fund, and financed the start-up of a mining company which went on to list on the London stock market.


More recently, I have been a successful private investor, mostly investing in Junior mining companies, while building this website and writing articles, blogs comments, and other contributions, mainly online.