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  1. Hello to Colonel Kurtz.

    You recent posts have been welcome here, and we hope to see you continue... on all ways

  2. Hey, Grazzlizard...

    Shout out, from DrB

    1. grasslizard


      Hi, how are doing? Better late than never to respond I guess :)

  3. Hi Romans.

    Nice to see you posting here (again)

    How are things with you?

    Have you seen the thread on New Zealand?


    It would be interesting to have a comment or two from you there, if interested. Also, I think the many folks here who know you would be interested to hear what you have been do...

  4. drbubb

    No6, why not return to posting here?

    GEI is growing, and we'd like to have you part of it.

  5. Are you on VIBER? 

    If so, send me a PM and I can add you.  I have an active commentary about Precious metals and markets there.

    I am thinking about moving it to GETTR.   And might even add it to TWTR, if Musk takes over there, and ends the censorship

    1. jerpy


      Sorry Dr B, I’m not on VIBER, I’ve looked at GETTR and might sign up to it.

    2. drbubb


      Okay.   I am WokePoints on Viber

  6. i dont like the looks of some of your postings. I will probably issue a warning soon

  7. Krishnamurti? Yes, I thought I recognised the image. Maybe we need a thread on this interesting mabn, who was once presentaed as a God

  8. Seeking the direction of the year's Revealing

  9. spamminmg is not permitted