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  1. Another David Lean classic :
  2. colonelmustard

    COVID at HOME... Staying Home & Coping

    I was going on a long rant but what's the point...he does it much better than I could. https://www.bitchute.com/video/9KEkrocZlHWy/ We are the animal trial.
  3. Try this on....one of the best movies ever made in my opinion. David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia...all 3 hrs and 47 minutes in HD....Enjoy.
  4. I would guess he has been at the weed again.
  5. The Mars helicopter explained
  6. I enjoyed the Mars rover descent video
  7. colonelmustard

    Game on !

    " Uncle " Bruce thinks he knows what's going on. The Reddit crew seem to get it but it's as clear as mud to me...I guess I'm just a retard.
  8. colonelmustard

    New GEI Coin Logo

    That sounds good to me
  9. colonelmustard

    Game on !

    Dr. Michael Burry of .." The Big Short " ..fame held 1.7m shares of Gamestop until December last year when he sold his entire holding Wiping out a potential gain of $ 574,000,000.. Ouch !
  10. colonelmustard

    Game on !

    As Wednesday began, it looked like any other day for the stock that has come to be best known as “GME” by its followers. It opened at just under $45 per share – vastly down from its highs during the GameStop affair a few weeks ago – and continued trading that way through the morning. But after the market closed, it shot upwards. It was up more than 50 per cent by early Thursday. It was not clear why such an event happened. The last time around, the rapid increase was driven by a “short squeeze” – because so many hedge funds had bet against the stock, technical trading dynamics meant that any increase in price would be accelerated by them covering their positions – but analysts ruled that out this time around. Reddit, which hosts the “Wall Street Bets” forum that has become a haven for investors who support stocks such as GameStop and other nostalgic businesses, went down just as the surge was beginning. It was not clear whether there was any connection between the two events. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/why-people-buying-gamestop-stock-140348155.html
  11. colonelmustard

    New GEI Coin Logo

    Ah right...I thought that was probably the case.
  12. colonelmustard

    Game on !

    " I like the stock "
  13. That's great !... works really well.
  14. colonelmustard

    New GEI Coin Logo

    Looks good and adds a little bit of colour to the front page...Is that why the forum was offline for 3 weeks ?
  15. Exactly how I feel about it. But I need to see a significant correction before I buy anything so... It's watch and wait for the right opportunity and I don't mean a GME situation or anything sophisticated like options just good value stocks preferably with a dividend and some growth potential.