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  1. jsr

    Nanoviricides / NNVC

    DS. How significant is this news, fundamentally?
  2. jsr

    Nanoviricides / NNVC

    Chart looking pretty good to me! Link to WSW presentation with Dr Seymour. He reckon's Human trials will begin early next year! http://wsw.com/webcast/marcum/register.aspx?conf=marcum&page=nnvc&url=http%3A//wsw.com/webcast/marcum/nnvc/ http://wsw.com/webca...st/marcum/nnvc/
  3. Capitalist Pig's Forecast - A rally to $1460 in the next two weeks, which is where I expect the 89 Hour moving average (GLD) to be. Then ... Wham! Smack down to new lows. I think an actual bottom may come in the next 6 weeks. My Gold stocks - I currently only have two meaningful positions in Gold stocks. Timmins Gold and Atna resources. Timmins Gold is safe to hold, as they are one of the few Junior producers who make real money (even at these prices), and have plenty of cash in the bank. Although I feel they could drop as low as $1.50 in the panic. Probably sell 1/3rd to half if a bounce materializes. Atna is now a very uncomfortable position. They are producing Gold very near the Margin at these prices. Plus, they are in the ramp up phase of a second mine which adds risk to funds. I smell shareholder destruction, such as a placement. Sell at least half if a bounce materializes. Unfortunately, my mind wasn't on the markets on Friday, where I had a good opportunity to exit my gold stocks. Only over the weekend did I realize the significance of Friday's move. Overall on Gold stocks, I feel like a Deer stuck in the headlights of an oncoming truck. On a positive note, my Trading account is all still very much in tact. I am actually quite excited about the swing trade opportunities I see in the coming weeks. Will post Charts tomorrow ... Today has been an exhausting day!
  4. jsr

    Nanoviricides / NNVC

    Allan's Trend Following Model ... Still looking good! http://www.allantrends.com/nnvc-6/
  5. jsr

    Nanoviricides / NNVC

    Diwan brought another 147k yesterday, too. http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1379006/000114036113010531/xslF345X03/doc1.xml
  6. jsr

    Nanoviricides / NNVC

    Dr Diwan buy's 350,000 shares! http://secfilings.brand.edgar-online.com/EFX_dll/EDGARpro.dll?FetchFilingHTML1?ID=9134036&SessionID=DOQeFUN3sQqcAPE
  7. jsr

    Nanoviricides / NNVC

    Are we hammering out a bottom here? For the first time, I feel this stock has enough going on fundamentally to warrant a pretty significant run. I exchanged emails with Doctor Seymour recently. He expects Toxicology studies to begin in June. If successful, this will pave the way for Human clinical trials in Australia.
  8. What if Gold continues sliding to the bottom of the trading range ($1525 - $1800)? Those moving averages (168wma & 177wma) go right back to the 2008 lows. I am sure there is no need to explain the significance.
  9. It hit very near the bottom of the trend line. What I did not expect, was for it to happen the next day!! I suspect a bounce is due here. I am not yet sure of the magnitude though.
  10. As GLD has broken significant support, it appears the pattern from October is an ABCDE, rather than an ABC. We are in the E wave. Ultimately, I expect the price to hit the bottom trend line anytime from late Feb, to mid March, and then s sizable bounce. Perhaps to $165 ($1700). Which, is also roughly 61.8%. GLD is not far from the the middle trend line. I think a likely scenario is a bounce of this trend line, for a $20 - $30 move. It could hit the middle trendline as early as tomorrow. $156/$1620 is the pivot point
  11. Examine the below chart very carefully. GLD has gapped up into a major pivot point, on the 1 hour charts. However, it could momentarily push higher tomorrow. Just to run the stops, and fill the gap from last week. But that is a risky call. Right here is a good time to cut my position, IMO.
  12. Could turn into a three drives (ABCDE) pattern.
  13. SHORT LIST AZO - Looks ripe for a short about here. BIDU - A bit late to the party, but could be a low risk short on a rally to the 21WMA. PCLN - Nearly ripe JAZZ - It's topping, but too early to short. Up over 100 fold in three years! Can you imagine the panic in this stock when it finally breaks down? PCYS - Same as JAZZ. Up over 100 fold in 3 years.
  14. Possibly. We shall see. But then, that would suggest Gold will make another low? Mixed signals in the precious metals.
  15. Nadeem Walayat's Gold Price Forecast is in. A volatile sideway's trend for 2013. He say's an imminent bounce towards $1710, then a break lower towards $1580. Which is roughly equivalent to my above GLD price target. http://www.marketora...ticle38201.html Beyond 2013, I still see a parabolic move. This will likely occur after the broader stock market has bottomed. My plan is to trade these sideways up/down Gold trends, to increase my trading capital. This means I can take on a far greater position when/if Gold goes parabolic.