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    To add to the bullish backdrop for silver. the Mexican economy is showing some severe strain. They produce some 15% of the world's annual silver production so if they tank ...
  2. I like to gain exposure to South African miners through the closed-end fund ASA Ltd. (ASA) - for a small investor such as myself, it provides diversification across a number of S. African gold miners without needing a consequently large portfolio. It also, due to general bearish investor sentiment on gold mining shares, trades at a considerable discount to NAV so you're essentially buying the shares for below their current publically listed price.
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    I purchased physical through the Perth Mint Certificate Programme. As offered by Gold and Silver Investments Ltd.. They will take payment in Euro, USD or GBP and convert at a very competitive exchange rate. They will deliver for you to take possession or you can avail of free unallocated storage. Backed by tax payers of Western Australia and rated AAA so quite safe I would say. Worth a look as you can avoid VAT this way.
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    It'll certainly be nice if history does repeat ;-)
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    Molycor Gold Corp

    You putting any money into this yourself BP?
  6. Could it just be that more and more people are adopting a similar strategy, depressing the contango? I too find it incredible that the market views long term supply problems as being equal to that of problems now. Dec 2015 oil contracts traded for $71 on the Nymex yesterday.
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    Maybe not the answer you want but personally I sleep easier knowing that I own silver rather than paper shares that may or may not represent some silver assets or more probably just yet more paper also purportedly representing silver assets.
  8. When people are talking about a gold "bear market" it might be time to back up the truck. I've never seen such pessimism. Rydex pm fund flows still at multi-year lows.
  9. I have goldcorp buy order @ $21. It might get hit in a general market sell-off.
  10. Was indeed lucky. Got to pick up some shares at $4. Could fall further of course but I'm happy with this as a longterm buy and hold.
  11. Thanks DB. I like the South Africans because the currency situation is favourable (i.e. outgoings in rands, profits in dollars) and the land they own often contains uranium. GFI has a large amount of "below works" gold in its two major mines - Kloof and Driefontein. The unfavourable (or more accurately potential for) political situation has kept the price down imo. However, I doubt SA will sabotage its gold mining industry. If you like coal, I recall someone mentioning JRCC as a buy before but I haven't actually looked at the company myself.
  12. Any particular companies on your radar DB? I have a "buy" tabled at $4 for GSS. I like HMY as well and GFI seems to have given back nearly all of the speculative bid ramp-up and is starting to look attractive again.
  13. Wasn't aware of that. At $4.41 now - I've tabled a buy order at $4, could be lucky ;-)
  14. I think we'll probably see $35-$40 at some point this year or next. OECD oil demand fell last year for the first time in 20 years, so higher prices do have an effect. BRIC demand is growing and will continue to grow but a recession in the US will surely curb their demand growth temporarily at least.
  15. Rydex precious metal funds cash inflows are still at multi-year lows despite the run-up. So traders are disbelieving or discounting it. This has to be pretty bullish for the intermediate term. I'm long but not fully invested yet.