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  1. My wife is from a town of 80,000 down near Hiroshima. Trouble is, it used to be well over 100,000! It is amazing the difference this makes, how the life of the town has been sucked out over the years. They have flattened the department store in front of the station, taken the roof off the shotengai and knocked half of it down. And this is a town that has the Shinkansen coming through (admittedly only the Kodama) Central Tokyo I think is a different case altogether, different world almost. While I wouldn't touch commericial property, as prices come down people will be tempted to live in the centre and the satellite towns will shrink. Public transport is so good, owning a car is ludicrous, even out in Nerima where I am. JRIC fits in with my perspective and the buildings they own pass my 'make sense' test to me as someone living here. I've been meaning to tuck some away. I'm reconsidering now as I need a hedge against a weakening currency here as I have a substantial sum of JPY. Inertia/sleeping on it everytime I think about shorting the yen has proved very wise over the last two years! Still, if it hits 85 vs the dollar I am worried about intervention and property shares like JRIC may be potentially interesting play.
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    The Best of Youtube - Music

    They don't play like this anymore, nor in our lifetimes these bluesmen who survived through to the 60's give us a time machine back to the 20's and 30's and beyond. Son House http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jN5vqEyV7g Bukka White Skip James John Hurt http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvRxA8gR7bw
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    I think we are at a point now where the delationary worries hold sway, but as Jonathon Ruffer (back in July) below points out; this is the precursor to a serious bout of inflation. http://www.ruffer.co.uk/services/review.aspx
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    The BP thread

    Now at 535p, down over 3% today.
  5. I don't follow this one that closely but I think the spread has closed a little on this recently, to about .25p at the moment, so I'm pretty tempted especially as it seems to be doing well in the face of gold slipping this week - which bodes well for the future IMO.
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    Horizonte Minerals : New AIM listing

    Can't find much info about this - how do you buy in at the moment?