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  1. lol. gbp. forgot all about that pos. gbp is deader than a argentinian peso surely. Already only really good for buying dirty donner meat made from skinned rats. Once London falls post no deal brexit there will likely be some decent upside. Other than that you should of been out of gbp more than 2 years ago.
  2. dont think i shared this here. but this lovely short little video pretty much explains everything. for all the hours and hours of reel out there. this is all that matters.
  3. http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/online/ 139 users my arse. They including guests in that? But even then, whatever the outcome, i'd seriously consider shifting to https://www.34sp.com/professional-hosting (their support and uptime is phenominal) maybe even something like https://www.bluehost.com/web-hosting/signup easy to fish around, invision are taking the piss at triple digits per month thats worse than the amazon/google/microsoft cloud scams, i'm paying less than that for multiple dedicated servers that run the various tbm services. + https://www.phpbb.com/ for the forum (which is better than invision anyway)
  4. shift it to these guys www.34sp.com and phpBB be less than your current monthly cost per year and you will be able to host your own images and content.
  5. Hey !


    I was wondering, are you the creator of http://www.theborgmatrix.com ?
    If yes could you contact me on gateway7764244j@gmail.com ?


    Thank you !

    1. mSparks


      yes, but need more than that to resort to email.

    2. uncle


      Sorry ! I don't know if you remember me... You used to know me under a little different name on IE, where I was asking if it interested someone to build an AI...

    3. mSparks
  6. There's a bit of a discussion here (Intel Exchange- Tor): Intel Exchange > General Discussion > Time Travel http://rrcc5uuudhh4oz3c.onion/?cmd=topic&id=13572 Going back a couple of years. (When the sites up, gets attacked a fair bit, uptime is around 70%) I don't talk to much publicly for many obvious and quite a few not so obvious reasons. Time is fragile.
  7. its helps when building ai if you define the i as the ability to time travel... so yes. "the only problem with living so far in the future is when you get back to reality, its all repeats"
  8. I take acute offense at the ongoing and largely successful attempts to shut down political and social discourse of the true nature of the world. The least you can do is name and shame the culprits. Currently you are letting them win from the shadows. There is nothing in here that should offend anyone. and if they disagree with they are welcome to put their 2 cents.
  9. Indeed. There's a logo for those of us that believe that. This I disagree with. Karma is a real thing: "Sometimes, bad things happen to bad people".
  10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shill vs https://www.ted.com/talks/garrett_lisi_on_his_theory_of_everything
  11. Thanks, here's the thing, from the off he talks about things i am pretty sure have a deeper truth. "The matrix is real" is a proposition that has truths on many levels, from the organisation of business through to upper tiers of the definition of states to quite possibly the purely metaphysical world - holographic crystal universes and all that thinking. I "work" just "above" the level of nationstates. So deeper meaning for me are the kind of truths you get from interviews with the likes of george soros. The kind of thinking that is behind all those guys. - Soros is not unique, People like Peter Thiel, Carl Icahn, Prem Watsa - All work, and think in the same way. Play the same games. Quite possible this Enkie in your video is one of them playing their games, in the same way Soros is known to play with democracy and economies as his personal plaything. I come at this from an "applied" approach. What can I trust, What can I use, what knowledge is worth sharing. What are the grains of truth burried in the mounds and mounds of bullshit. why is the mound of bullshit there in the first place. At a fundamental level. Guy on the left, facilitator. Guy on the right, paid shill. What are they shilling?
  12. What exactly is that? Because you seem to be going for "greenenergyinvestors, a place where you cant say a bad word about the guy that wants to bring back coal mining, because jobs." rather than "greenenergyinvestors, because peek oil already happened and with it the end of anglosaxon geopolitical donination" Because yeah, if you want to go with the former over the later you are right this isnt a place i should be posting, you clearly dont want or need my help.
  13. most of what i post is "thinking out loud". trying to get at the truth of what is right. Its hard at this level. when there is no one to tell you what is right, every decision affects 100s of thousands of people. And most of everything you read you know to be lies.