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  1. because low interest rates are inflationary. and holding gold in an inflationary environment is (generally) a good thing, this is well known. hence "Take it as a gift that everyone else is still sleeping" is not true.
  2. The assumption that the Govt has anything more than a tiny short term control of interest rates was disproved a long time ago.
  3. I'm willing to be convinced. Who's been bidding the price up then?
  4. If that were true, gold would be the same price now as it was when interest rates were ~6%.
  5. But if everyone else at the same shop is betting on hyper-inflation, the odds my not be in your favour, even if you are right.
  6. ->And even if we could do it all, we would, at best, only assess probabilities. The difference is between betting on a coin where the house always wins, and betting on a coin where the odds are in your favour. In my experience, prejudiced perceptions suppresses all reason.
  7. Knowledge of 2 or 3 (similar) scenarios being likely, is infinitely more useful than an assumption that all scenarios are equally unknown. Your will is not as free as you would like to think, in fact, for virtually the entire population of this Earth, it is manufactured from birth.
  8. Of course, partly. Prelude to Foundation (Asimov circa 1988): Me (circa 2004) http://www.theborgmatrix.com/ltk/index2.ph...Intelligence/37
  9. That would be one of the Seldon Crisis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seldon_Crisis
  10. Its a quote from Isaac Asimov's Sci-Fi book "Foundation", of the Foundation series. Its the closest I could get to a short answer that bore some kind of truth, without writing a novel of my own.
  11. What I said was: "gold may well reach $1,200 by the 23rd of November" back at the start of November "but I wouldn't hold onto it much after that" i.e. shortly after the 23rd of November was the best opportunity to sell.
  12. Can we get this out of fringe now?
  13. real use = real value. gold has one historic use that is still going strong. keeping the great unwashed in their place at the bottom of the cesspit of subordination.
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    I am.
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    Down and Down she goes Where she stops nobody knows.
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    How long have you lived in the IMF?
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    Which way round does the clock tick again? Spooky.
  18. So mentioning Gordon Brown or Tony Blair is right out then?
  19. tbf, If I was suspended, I haven't got the foggiest idea why, I'm not sure I've ever sworn on GEI, and the last person I had a spat with (which was actually a healthy one anyway) was swampy.
  20. Does this count? (WARNING WARNING WARNING- NOT WORK SAFE) Perhaps we can agree on a way of insulting people without actually causing upset? I vote for rent fairy. Or bleeping bleepy bleep.
  21. First it would let me click "add reply", and fill in a post, but when I clicked to post it, it would take me to the index page and post nothing. Next it came up asking me to log in when I posted Then it came up saying "Your posting privelidges have been removed" Then it wouldn't even allow me to log in. posted that when it decided to let me log in.
  22. Did I just get suspended? forum acting all funny then I get a message saying "your posting privelidges have been removed"
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    And you believe UK govt figures? Good stuff, slight memory leak issue at the moment with some of the more advanced stuff which is my job for today, but most of the critical bugs are now fixed, hopefully fully delivered on the pharma requirements now, so its back to the grindstone on things I had planned for the start of the year.
  24. Have you all been taking your swine flu jabs?