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  1. I was planning to participate too, but instead I will have to listen to the podcast version (if available). Again, thanks for pulling these together.
  2. I know in San Diego the city council there was really pushing smart growth initiatives. They wanted to focus on infill projects and regional hubs for employment so that you could live/work/play in the same neighborhood. Going forward the council I think wanted developers to focus any new condo/townhome development along the light rail grid. The last map I saw, they were focusing on four maybe five business/metro centers in the city to expand and connect with public transportation. San Diego built its light rail system back in the 1980s and has kept expanding it throughout the county. San Diego certainly is going through foreclosure problems these days but there are certainly other parts of the state in much worse shape too. A lot of the overbuilding occurred in the south county (City of Chula Vista/East Lake)…it was basically the last large piece of undeveloped land left in the county. There’s just not that much developable land in San Diego County anymore (quite a bit has been locked up too for environmental reasons) and there are a lot of canyons and mountainous areas that are not conducive for big building projects so the focus will eventually return to the urban centers to rebuild/repair. California also passed a bond measure this past November for a high speed rail system to connect the entire state…starting with L.A to San Francisco and then branching out to other cities. I don't know how that will be paid for though