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    Seems of poor class and taste to be asking people to post details of their financial worth on an internet forum. Enjoy what money you have, rather than worrying how much someone else has. It will not make any difference to your life how much money some has or does not have.
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    GF, quick question...I have been buying silver coins of late...Of course you are paying a large amount over the spot price for a coin...due to the craftsmanship, so you are paying a premium based on this...Will it be the case that when silver moves up in price you will be able to sell the coins at a premium also? Thanks
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    You might consider buying now the GLD March Put with a strike price of 96, costing 1.48 at the moment, which would cost you $152 USD...if Gold gets down to 900 USD this option could give you about 700% profit, which would offset your drawdown on your position.
  4. I m skeptical of the USD longterm, but I m also skeptical that it will fall off a cliff in the medium term. I have been watching and documenting on here my thoughts on the USD...The confirmational bias is for one to look at arguments that only support their thesis. We are all guilty. I m trying to look at all reasons why the USD will fall and why it will rise. This chart shows volume at every price level. It is very interesting to note that the highest volume in ten years has been in the last few weeks, on the buy side I might add for USD. There has been large buying, which is showing up in this fast pop up in the USD. As I have said before this accumulation started in August and has gathered pace since that time. I have no idea how long it will last. However, how anyone can deny that the USD is being bought in huge amounts at the moment is well in denial.
  5. Well said. Having money in my experience does not make you any happier unless you have genuine love and devotion to yourself and your environment. You can still have love and devotion without money or with money...Infact I will go as far to say that having money if you are not right in yourself will make you more unhappy and can be a recipe for disaster as the number of insatiable desires increases through the contact and clinging to outside objects. These short term pleasures can never be fulfilled as they are in their nature fleeting. Money allows you to "chase" them more. So before you become rich make sure you have happiness first that is not dependent on material and outer objects, then your experiences will not be a hindrance but dynamic and exciting. Like the wisdom from the Geeta which says the above well: "True happiness, born out of inner purification, is that which is like poison at first but in the end like nectar...False happiness, arising from the union of the senses with their objects si that which is first like nectar but in the end like poison"
  6. Thats a generalisation. Many on here myself included hold gold as a core position...however, just because someone says the USD looks like it will rally, does not mean being negative on gold. As expected the USD is moving higher, however a few weeks a go this was seen as suicidal, being negative against gold bulls. I would rather be in a position to gain from either outcome not the either/or one way bet. The way I have seen it is that it was blasphemy to suggest the USD might strengthen. I m playing this from being long USD not shorting gold. If gold goes up all well and good, if not, all well and good.
  7. I have heard this ad infinitum. Nothing new or insightful in what he says. This 100% guaranteed economic sophism is a risky propsect to follow. First things first. I never said that there won't be high inflation or the chance of hyperinflation. I m just not saying it is 100% guaranteed as many are. Secondly, I m prepared for huge volatiity which will mean 50% corrections in many markets, commodities etc, strong USD rallys and yes corrections in silver gold along the way. Third I own gold and will continue to buy and own gold. Gold will maintain purchasing power in either scenario. However it is one thing to say something will happen and very different to follow what actually is happening. In my world I prefer to follow money flow and what the markets are doing not what everyone expects them to do. So yes I m calling for an intermediate term USD rally and said that gold would correct. Does this mean I m longterm bullish on the USd or bearish on gold, no it just means I see an opportunity to go with what the money flow and market is suggesting what will happen now against what people think should happen. I cannot predict, I can follow however. Here is the 10 year US T-Bond, the arrows show money moving in, thats what I follow...One can argue that shouldnt happen like our Goldfingers through all means of logic , but it is...so I trust that more. Doesnt mean it will continue. Right now I m not so bullish on bond prices, or stock prices and see a well needed correction in gold and silver is taking place as I called for. I also see value in the USD(now) but not over the next few days possibly, but a bottoming process has been in place since August. Can and will my picture change in a few days, weeks and months? For sure...However can I say I know better than the market? I don't think so. If the market gets it fundamentally wrong, then it will change accordingly and I will follow that as it happens...
  8. Didnt you know?..Goldfinger is much much more intelligent than the collective mind of the whole market... The market has 100% guaranteed got it wrong and GF has 100% guaranteed with lots of mushroom clouds got it right....
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    Very good luck with that...being shortterm negative on gold does not mean being longterm negative. I own gold and I m not selling...Anyway, best of luck. Anyway, I take it you watched the Faber videos posted here by RNS?
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    This was my take on it...I was also warning people that a correction gold was imminent and the USD would strengthen...Here is the link to the post charts and all...27th November Gold extreme overbought My indicator had turned down before gold turned down as it is a study based on volume...as I have mentioned before volume comes first then price, not the other way around. Here is a quote from that post... ".Anyway here is a chart with the longer term analysis of gold, I also have a shorter term indicator...It has been turning down the last couple of days even as gold as been moving up which in my interpretation means the rally will turn, and at worst gold could spike up again before a turn, and it is showing extreme signs of overbought conditions in gold..." I had marked on the chart Turning Down? Gold was at 1196 at time of post and I said as highlighed above that at worst gold could spike up again before a turn of course which it did to 1226USD... It has seemed to me that the anytime the chance of a gold correction was mentioned or a USD rally, it was heresy...I own gold. But it doesnt mean I can hedge the volatility with going long USD or shorting silver as I have done, and covered with a 6.52% return with leverage in a couple of days...Also I have been short AUDUSD and GBPJPY... Anyway here is the follow up...Shorter term buying waned....Distribution picked up in earnest from the 26/11/2009...With the accounts of the hedge fund boys selling I knew this was proper selling....In the space of a week aggregate shortterm volume has went from 90% buy to 40% buyers....hence the swift move down... Here is the longer term version...Still sky high (but flattening) although buyers have come down from 76% to 70%...This is not used so much as a timing tool...but it is a warning that gold could correct more than anyone thinks, or at least more than the gold bugs think (which was only 7% or some other silly number)I m not saying this will happen, but just dont be surprised if it does. In this chart of the sell volume starts to pick up this market could make its way down...failing that, if buy volume drops and sell volume stays constant it will still fall in the end...or both could rise together, in which case the 50% line will be important... In this case shorter indicators will be needed to draw conclusions...
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    Contrarian indicator I think...Hyper-inflation? There is buy positions being built in the USD over the last couple of months. I expect sellers to wane in the not too distant future...
  12. Maybe I need a pair of "golden balls" Nothing to lighten up about as I have not been involved in any of these playground spats...Perhaps nasty is not the word...juvenile perhaps is better. Its not about lightening up, this thread, 13 pages and many others are filled with repeated I told you so, your not laughing now, eh?, stick that up you,your a liar, no your a liar,,your a lunatic, 950 USD gold-idiotic type stuff. Just dribble and very clicky, I m sure most people who stop by would think this is playground stuff and move on. I wasnt involved remember, it is only an observation...one that many others have made also. As an example: I made a post today saying I m waiting for a USD rally. Thats my opinion....the reply was well don't expect any sympathy from GEI members to other GEi members who have been warned. I m not looking for sympathy. As a gold holder and silver, it doesnt matter to me if the USD goes up or not. My point is that it seems that if you suggest the USD will rally and gold will go down its blasphemy...and when gold goes up, then its countless pointless posts of I told you so's in the evening. The goldbugs say they are in for the long haul and are not selling...so if it goes down to 600 USD never mind 900USD whats the problem if you are not selling. It seems these longterm planned investments are approached with a shortterm outlook by posting charts multiple times a day of gold moving up another 5 USD...Seems pointless if holding something for so long. Its not being uptight by making an observation that things are juvenile and at times "hostile" (relatively speaking), it is only saying that it would be much better to have some stronger debates rather than 10 pages of dribble. For lighhearted entertainment , just caught four back to back episodes...classic stuff IMHO, try Nathan Barley on Demand
  13. Hey you never know. I remember the commentary from FSN on oil and many other internet outlets last year that the Indians and the Chinese would be buying 500 million cars over 10 years, so demand would keep rising, and the only possible way oil could fall back to 80 USD would be if there was a severe global depression, and that every country outside the developed western had increasing demand and oil ever increasing consumption and the list went on. I don't expect that also, but a 20-30% is not out of the question.
  14. I agree. Dr Bubb has been getting alot of stick and from what I see it seems unjustified. It seems all very juvenile, but at times seems to be bordering on quite nasty.
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    Volume is the key-price is only the resultant force of volume, however in the chronology of price change, human-mind/intellect-receipt of information-processing-then decision/action-volume-price. Trying to trade with price without fundamentals is extremely difficult, with volume and price it can be done.