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    (or a short term trade)
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    Platinum is just a sexy industrial metal rarer than gold. That's all. Industry is fu@@ed and no central banks keep it. Platinum may as well be history.
  3. Van- I like you A LOT. But I would implore you to read around Gails site some. The cure for low price HAS BEEN low prices. Basic economics 101. But the future may not look like the past for reasons she well expounds. I haven't heard any $10 oil analysts. But I am neither an expert. You may be right re the next bull market. You have been right so many other occaisions. I read your posts with great interest and hope. Dr Bubbs, too. But I do think you both need a wider reading. Not just the short term. Tverberg is a good place to start, IMHO. There are some very thought provoking posts there. Plus she doesn't have an agenda to push or pay for. I would relish a rebuttal but so far there is little of substance. Only rear view mirror stuff.
  4. I think oil producers need prices far higher than the simple cost of extraction. They have to pay taxes, salaries, investment for new sites and maintenance of existing infrastructure. The easy oil is on the decline and we have seen (Alaska, North Sea) reverse direction.if it isn't profitable oil will lack investment.
  5. Or this? http://www.investopedia.com/articles/active-trading/020215/falling-oil-prices-could-bankrupt-these-countries.asp
  6. https://ourfiniteworld.com/2016/01/19/why-oil-under-30-per-barrel-is-a-major-problem/ Van, what do you think of this?
  7. Maybe. And till then renewables which will be a transitional phase until...what?
  8. Doesn't production these days entail an average necessary price north of 100$ to be profitable for the companies bringing it out of the ground? Even at 80$/b producers will go to the wall, especially the frackers. Peak cheap oil is over. And we can't really afford the more expensive stuff. Maybe the Rothchild/Rockerfellers knew this when they bailed out of oil.
  9. When we talk of " recover" what do you mean exactly? Back to 100+/b?
  10. The buy for the next decade maybe, you have outlined on other posts?
  11. Commodities-food based-must be good, if/when we catch inflation...or even if we don't, perhaps. I'm a bit reluctant to see other commodities doing well if the premise is "because they have done before". I'm also reluctant to say "it's different this time", but it sure as hell doesn't feel like 1990 or 2002 or even 2009. What could change that? War could change that feeling towards commodities however. Another couple of years perhaps. China with their islands, ME, Russia and her gas to Europe, N Korea going apeshit. Japan changing her constitution. In the meantime it seems everyone's wages are going down. Good jobs are harder to find. Many many unemployed. Oil/energy is too cheap for producers to stay in business. Banks have big money with them. It goes on. World pop is going up, but demand is down. Maybe there are limits to growth you aren't seeing. There's a lot of uncertainty, for sure.
  12. So the interviewer should ask him what he left out of his perfect biblical cycles in 2014 and'15 before salivating over the "dates" for the next big kahuna. That's the kind if info which would be useful. Don't get me wrong though, I like the basic thesis, just not the zeal. Jeff Christian, much hated by the gold community, has a better record and no subscription. Not that he goes in for cycles prediction or, if he does, he doesn't harp on about them.