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  1. I wonder of his thoughts now on the inflation/deflation debate. Wtf happened to his site? His thoughts on Greece, living in the fatherland would be interesting, too. Really just like to hear he's alive and wasn't on that doomed flight from SPain to Germany. His complete(?) absence here gives me the shivers as he was such a confident poster.
  2. I'm a bit curious/worried of late as to what has happened to GF and approximity. Dominic, do you still visit here?
  3. No proposals on just HOW to do that, however. What a load of rubbish!
  4. Dominic will know where/what's become of him.
  5. Btw the house they moved, a few posts up, in Orange county, seemed to be moving it from the downtown area to the suburbs...Doh!
  6. "cars both made and destroyed Detroit" Insightful comment. Detroit sounds like a model for many places, yet unique also. Whatever happens if is going to be a lot smaller. Maybe they can reinvent the bicycle industry again? Too many poor, desperate people by the sound of it. And the weather... Salvage as many beautiful homes as possible, move them to other parts using the big roads. Or offer the city to retiring aliens and their spaceships can race along those expressways. Just don't waste any more money trying to do a makeover. The guy buying the downtown skyscrapers must be seriously rich and delusional. He should tune into JHK and smell the coffee. And for the rest of humanity, Detroit should remain a museum piece of how not to live.
  7. I hope he is right but I doubt it. As he said it is all about timing. It seems there is sweet FA happening this year. Its April already.
  8. Why did Detroit become a city in the first place? (honest question I don't know the answer to). It would seem to me that places without a reason to exist today will disappear as simply as they appeared. Well maybe not quite as simply. Destruction is far harder to take than construction. I have seen smaller towns in Japan disintegrate as their reason to be (exist) has disappeared. People still live there clinging to their 'roots' but really if a town is not growing-or maintaining itself doing what it has alays done, then it is simply a matter of time until the weeds win out. Maybe Detroit will revert to what it was before the automobile industry. In fact I think a lot of places will revert to whatever their reason to be was. ie a major city which was once simply a fishing port will become a simple fishing port again.. Towns built up by a river running through it will revert to becoming a natural place to do agriculture and wash ones clothes. Good places will be natural, old market towns which have provided, wey hey, a market for outlying villages. They will be defined by their geography, topography, walkability, transport etc... So about 150 years ago what was Detroit?
  9. I think you have answered your own question there! People attracted to mickey mouse theme park meccas posing as the new urbanism are not the same people attracted to 'strong towns' IMHO. I think there surely has to be a good mix of people with different skills and pockets yet grounded in a common understanding/ethos-not simply a few landlords who want to extract a good investment yield.
  10. Jake


    3 years is nothing. The situation is worse than before. Just some string pulling going on. Zero rates and money forced into houses and stocks. I dont think 2011 was 'the' top, just 'a' top. But I was forced to cash out some and buy a house which has since gone up in 'value' as gold has crashed. I was lucky. But that could easily be reversed. So I am not smiling. Maybe Ian Gordon needs some re-reading or maybe Precher was right and it is a case of cash now then gold later after it all crashes. Or maybe just keep on with the physical, chip chipping away. Same with the dollar. Same with silver. Just rack and stack 'em all up. Has debt peaked yet? No it is getting worse. Same old same old. I'm just glad we haven't had any aliens show up. Looks like Japan is slowly going tits up. But slowly is the operative word. 3 years is nothing...
  11. Sorry, wasn't meaning to sound aggressive but on second reading I understand your reaction. Tokyo? Well, I don't know if that's a good idea either. I mentioned HCM city after good reports.
  12. So, What do HK buyers want? Spurting volcanoes, thousands evacuated monstrous typhoons, dangerous floods, poor maritime record (a Nation of islands), a woeful lack of disaster information, a hinterland of shantyesque abodes and a few dangerous Muslim groups knocking around just for good measure. All they need is some alien Disclosure and we are rocking. Maybe HK buyers just want to ignore all that and focus on the promise of rental yields?? And infrastructure in the pipeline, excuse the pun. "Pie" in the sky, perchance?
  13. ...and a poor record for maritime safety. http://m.bbc.com/news/world-asia-29196687
  14. http://m.bbc.com/news/world-asia-29270518 Manila floods.
  15. Jake


    "we are going to go quickly from the outhouse to the penthouse" That's all well and good. But we may also be taken to the woodhouse, first.
  16. Jake


    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/commodities/11104055/Super-rich-rush-to-buy-Italian-Job-style-gold-bars.html The number of 12.5kg gold bars being bought by wealthy customers has increased 243pc so far this year, when compared to the same period last year, said Rob Halliday-Stein founder of BullionByPost.
  17. Phillipines is synonymous with disaster zone. I'm hearing great things about Ho Chi Minh city. Thought of there??
  18. Jake


    One thing we don't really hear anymore is "geopolitical risk". The world is so screwed up in so many places, it's easier to try and forget about the woes of the world, or so it feels.
  19. Jake


    Perhaps a good time to start averaging in again? Soon, anyway. Or have we just seen another "death cross", ever so slightly.
  20. Ok so let's say we are in for Disclosure. So what? What do aliens want with Earth? Humans? Are they racing down to save us in their 5000 spaceships, ready to exterminate us and gobble us up, impregnate our women and build an egghead empire? Just what is it with disclosure?
  21. Some people swear by religions, too. I have met people who have claimed to have seen the face of Christ or Virgin Mary. Give me the ocular proof, not mere heresay. How do you know, for example, that this is no other than an elaborate CIA phy op to make the gullible believe? As far as I am concerned I haven't seen any aliens, reptililan humanoids or the like and would be extremely surprised if I did. Then I may change my mind. The idea that aliens are talking to the US government or any super power, negotiating stuff, is pure fantasy IMHO. Same as religios believe all their righteous dogma being THE truth and everyone else is going to hell...well need I go on? Fruitcake stuff.
  22. ''"life is tragic and history does not care if we make bad choices." + Cities and suburbs will both get into big trouble, and the action will shift to small towns. Having a "meaningful relationship with agriculture" will be very important. JHK has move to a small old factory town with 3 acres around it. And he is now making a garden on 1 1/2 acres there, with fruit trees as well.''
  23. Debatable. Most people move into the cities because they have no other choice. Perhaps you have not got to that page yet...But take a good look around. Majority of those people are there because they need work. And they have to pay through the nose to accommodate their livelihoods...until they can no longer afford it-like London. Then they move out. I think you are seeing cities with rose colored spectacles. You can afford to. IMHO,that way of life is long over. Walkable -and sustainable- communities, I'll go with. I wouldn't say a mega city is a walkable 'community'. But I do see many problems with that outmoded way of life. FYI I did move to a 'walkable community' without surrendering my car..or my 'log cabin' in the boonies. Sure I uset the car less. What gives? Are you really recommending Tokyo or HK as a walkable community BTW???