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  1. Interesting work. Thanks for posting this.
  2. I thought it was 'QE to infinity'? To tell the truth I don't think the end of QE would be the time to bail out. Maybe the time when gold goes crazy as the only (financial) safe haven.
  3. GF do you mean point 6&7? Thanks
  4. Also much easier to close out ETF's, convert into fiat. I wonder how hard it would be to confiscate BV or GM? For eg the US vs Swiss banks was a piece of cake?
  5. Jake

    UK House prices: News & Views

    The market can stay irrational for longer than you can stay solvent.
  6. Main Entry: oblique Part of Speech: adjective Definition: slanting; at an angle Synonyms: angledaskanceaskewaslantasymmetricalawrybentcater-corneredcrookeddiagonaldistorteddiverginginclinedincliningleaningon the biaspitchedpitchingsidewaysskewslantedslopedslopingstrainedtiltedtiltingtippedtippingturnedtwisted
  7. A few flashes of truth in an otherwise blinkered interview and defender of the system we have. Was Mr Kay somewhat inebriated in this interview or simply uneducated on the questions you proffered? I don't like the dismissive approach but a perusal of the career to date clears up that query. Shan't be buying the book. Enough obliquity round my way as it is...
  8. http://www.japantime...a/#.UUf0tTfwBEM KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian police have rescued a Japanese man who was held for ransom after being lured to Malaysia to marry a woman
  9. Steady on! Probably because A. they know no better and are used to paying through the nose, B. they have to get rid of their cash before capital controls or Yen becoming worth much less, C. they are suited to humid weather and bland lifestyles and D. they are easily conned, can't speak English very well and love shopping, and E many of them are fleeing an ongoing nuclear catastrophe. Maybe they like the adverts, 'Malaysia, truly Asia' (or Singaporey). The quote was Kunstlers not mine, btw.
  10. Mmm... JHK ''There is little public consciousness of how the contraction of our big cities might be managed, and no discussion of it. It is likely to proceed in a disorderly way as property loses value, services have to be curtailed, and people are displaced. The cities overburdened with skyscrapers and mega-structures will discover, sadly, that these things are not assets, but liabilities. We are unlikely to have the capital or even the modular fabricated materials to renovate them. They will have one generation of life, and that will be all. Expect the condominium model of property financing to fail, also, since it was invented during an era of prolific, cheap capital now drawing to a close, and individual defaults will now be magnified as the property owners’ associations of mega-structures go broke and routine maintenance has to be deferred.'' Admittedly JHK talking about the USA (only?) here. Personally I think you must be crazy to consider living there but I am me and you are you. Good Luck! If I had the dosh (and if I were you) I would just move to Singapore-sod the cost. You're going to be 1 and a half hours from Orchard road. Then again I wouldn't want to live in Singapore. Why not just move back to High St Ken? Or Brighton and Hove, 1 hour or so to London. At least the natives speak English, no humidity, tasteful architecture, the promenade etc. 'First impressions are the gamechanger'
  11. Thanks CC. Any chance of bringing Nick Laird back for another podcast? Be very nice to get his feelings on whether we are any nearer to the end of the longwave bottom or it having been postponed a little longer still...or we totally missed it when gold was 1900USD.
  12. Today, silver is about 20 GBP per oz (minus the 20%tax) So 1000oz is about 20k. 10,000oz of silver, on the other hand, is about 200,000. When Dom wrote the article above silver was about half what it is today (post 2008/9 crash), so I understand those figures. I just dont understand what he said to Ned Naylor Leyland in 2011: '''did you know that in 1980, when silver went to 50 USD per oz, you could buy the average UK house for less than 10,000oz of silver...I think it was even closer to 5000oz at one stage''. I also don't know why Ned didn't pick him up on that because the interview (he) was pretty sharp. As I said maybe I am missing something stupid? Either way it is a good time for a follow up on the silver to house price story. Ditto gold to house prices. Silver and gold have come off a fair bit and it may give Dom the opportunity to give his hecklers a bit of slack. Mars bars and all that...whilst holding onto his oz's and waiting for the tables to turn again. (or utterly collapse).
  13. UK house prices will plummet: look at this scary chart By Dominic Frisby Mar 11, 2009 When silver spiked to $50 in 1980, you could buy the average UK house for one thousand ounces of silver. A thousand ounces of silver now costs about £10,000, while the average UK house is now about £150,000. Looking at the above charts, a reversion to the long-term average of 5,000 ounces for the average home looks likely. But if precious metals mania sweeps the globe as the financial crisis continues, who knows? Once again we may see 1,000 ounces for the average UK home. http://www.moneyweek...ary-chart-14664
  14. How much was the average UK house in 1980?
  15. I have been listening over to all the podcasts (whilst driving around in my car, boo... hiss), or many of the ones I have downloaded, and very good they are too. I like Dom's questioning/thinking on his feet approach and constant searching out where the hell we are heading and how the best way to head there. I have a question for Dom. In the interview with Ned Naylor Leyland right at the end, you say''did you know that in 1980, when silver went to 50 USD per oz, you could buy the average UK house for less than 10,000oz of silver...I think it was even closer to 5000oz at one stage''. Is that right? I thought it was nearer 1000 oz or under 2000oz . Can you please give us the data? Did you mean av London property? Or am I missing something with pounds and dollars and exchange rates?
  16. Jake

    UK House prices: News & Views

    I'd be very much obliged if it was kept here. Why should it get moved??
  17. Jake

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Thanks GF, nice to have your input around here from time to time. I wonder how long before we enter that green circle? Let's hope as fast as you can say 'gold silver ratio'? That chart and forecast simply was a knockout..as was the bounce back to 52.
  18. Indeed, no! I was talking to a friend today who told me that two of his interviewees (out of many) cried at the interview. " why are you crying?" he asked. " because this is the first time" they got to interview stage from a great many attempts...Age was 30's. How very sad. Some others are so glad to see the Nikkei over 12,000, so they at least break even on investments made 5 years ago. So, how high can the Nikkei go?
  19. Dom, Thanks for the charts above. Now it is time to get Nick Laird out of his cave again to see what he is seeing out of his window of the train from journey point A to B. Dow / Gold and US real estate/ Gold and Tobins cube views would be "timely". Guess he was right about the mining stocks. Has he rolled forward the end of the Longwave to '13-14-15-16 or did it just sneak by us all aswewere blinking?
  20. Only another 27,000 to go till we reach the old highs...
  21. Is Abe's plan working? http://www.ukti.gov....ent/455960.html Summary Japan’s trade deficit increased to 1.63 trillion yen (£11 billion) in January – a new monthly record. The recent fall in the Yen is beginning to be reflected in government statistics. Detail: Japan’s trade balance in January 2013 recorded its largest monthly deficit since 1979 when comparable trade statistics began. By value, exports increased on a nominal basis (by 6.4%) for the first time in 8 months. Exports to Asia (including China) improved. However, in real terms (by volume) exports continued to fall – by 6%, the eighth monthly decline. And the increase in exports by value was more than outweighed by an increase in the value of imports (particularly fuel).
  22. Jake

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Timely charts, Brother Dominic! Incredible disparity within the UK, N/S divide etc. Looking at the UK Longterm chart there it would suggest that house prices are sure to slide... Eventually...all the way to 50-60K...which would be just about the same as GF's chart forecast. NE and NW even look cheap at first sight. Still, that's forgetting that the whole area-save a few pockets- is rather undesireable. Uk has proven to be a hard nut to crack but I think we'll see that little chestnut crack as time ticks on. (Paper house prices; a farce-inspired by reams of continuous paper printing) Best to just keep chipping away month in month out with gold and silver. (I'd like to see the London charts esp back to the early 80's or 70's).
  23. '' My fear is that not enough food will get into the city at times, or what shows up at the walkable stores will become very limited and expensive. This risk deserves more discussion, if you want to "go there" and talk more about it.'' Time to flesh out this possible narrative.