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  1. I couldn't help noticing this while browsing my favourite news sites: http://www.news.com.au/money/property/reve...0-1225947495144 20 square metres of living space without its own bathroom for $133,000 AUD in the "inner-city" suburbs of Sydney, Australia. It rents for $200 AUD a week. In oz-speak "inner city" means the posh area according to wikipedia. The article does say that demand is slowing but there is obviously some way to go yet. Cheers Richard
  2. rich68

    Commander T's Diary

    Good to hear you have found a working system notanewmember. I have been looking at the forex lately too and opened a demo account at tradefair. The charts seemed to be pretty useless so I have been using http://forex.tradingcharts.com instead. These seem to be realtime charts, juding by the timestamps and the prices quoted. The reading the tape method sounds interesting.
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    Commander T's Diary

    This was a great idea notanewmember (I meant to say sooner) and I was tracking the prices myself although I missed a few weeks. This is where I think we are now, week 17. hoc gained a lot since the 4 week low so that's too bad as it would've been sold on the 7th May.