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  1. This seems to have died off in here. Shame, was one of my favourites.
  2. bob monkhouse


    Ive been away for a month guys, what gives? I became a little weary with work stresses and expenditure problems... So is this a mass delevaraging//margin call? Whats behind Gold dropping....and more importnatly what do we think of share prices...im still heavily in BP and a few others...
  3. bob monkhouse


    Pix, what is your issue with Bubb sharing his ideas? Have you not discussed swapping Gold to silver and back within Goldmoney accounts...could this not be misinterpreted by a novice also? Could the ramping of precious metals also be seen as dangerous, if one were to be picky? One would hope that most people on this website implicitly understand the need to DYOR with regard to any 3rd party views. Surely the point is to discuss, share and interrogate ideas for the benefit of the whole?
  4. Yes, I liked the Briggs one...the other lady works with NT...
  5. Looks grim! Is that your own chart Bubb? I take it with such a deflation the value of everything go's down...other than cash?
  6. NYSE:BSI 72% dividend yield...!!
  7. bob monkhouse


    Im wondering if now is a good time to buy back in... I can sense an excrement hitting the air circulation device event occuring soon.
  8. Anyone else underwater today? I do wonder if now is the time to be brave. Im sure there are some great stocks trading at massively discounted prices. Or will the slide continue... Im keeping an evey on Aviva too, MML, Tesco. Noticed a fe of Naked Traders favourites were smashed today...OXIG, AZ Elec, GKP, PFC
  9. bob monkhouse


    Bullionvault back down to $1600. Higher or lower folks?
  10. bob monkhouse


    How do you trade your Silver PD? Do you use anything like Bullionvault?
  11. bob monkhouse


    So does ANYONE see another shakeout on the horizon?
  12. I bought and kept it. Im thinking that I will keep it now. Its quite a little yoyo'er. Resistance seems to be around 36-37. There were a few interesting large buys after closing (6m and 9m). I also think it will finish lower. Re exillon, I collated the following: Oil Price Falling The world’s largest energy exporter saw the price of its main export, Urals crude oil, fall more than 7 percent last week to $104.93 a barrel, $10 below the level required to balance the budget. Speculation over who would run for president pushed Russian equities evaluations to the lowest in emerging markets. The Micex index slipped 12 percent last week, dropping valuations on the measure’s 30 shares to an average 4.7 times of member companies estimated earnings, the cheapest among 23 emerging markets tracked by Bloomberg. The ruble has slumped 10 percent against the dollar in September and is poised for its worst month since January 2009, according to Micex prices compiled by Bloomberg. The currency was unchanged at 32.0475 per dollar late on Sept. 23 in Moscow, the lowest level since Aug. 17. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Back to oil and gas, FTSE 250 constituent Exillon Energy (LON:EXI) grabbed a big chunk of attention today for similar reasons to Aviva. The Russian operating oil explorer saw its shares rally 4.6 percent to 209.2 pence this morning after taking a hammering last week as oil prices fell on demand fears. As a result, Exillon became one of the most actively discussed companies on bulletin boards with traders debating whether the stock has bottomed out after slipping below 200 pence yesterday to trigger a buying spree. Today’s upward movement in the share price got more support from the news that asset management firm Schroders (LON:SDR) bought nearly 700,000 shares, taking its shareholding to 17 million shares, giving it a 10.378 percent stake in the company. Earlier this month, Exillon made an oil discovery in Siberia with its EWS I - 44 well at the East EWS I field on the Exillon West Siberia (WS) license intersecting 7.3 metres of net oil pay. Besides the Exillon WS license in West Siberia, the company also owns the Exillon TP license in the Timan-Pechora basin in northern Russia.
  13. Oh bugger. I bought Lloyds last week at 33.09p as a swing trade. Up to 37p today; which was my target...but I got greedy and wondered whether in a year or tw0 it could be 50 or 60...now regretting my decision... Im learing a lot about my mentality through these first steps at investing. I learnt some very hard lessons courtesy of Exillon Energy.
  14. Bubb, your call on the Gold shakeout was well timed. How do you see the price action playing out in the short to mid term? I was surprised to see it fall below $1600, and Im wondering whether it might shakeout again soon. I still have no physical and am looking for an opportune time to take a position. Im afraid I dont yet understand options (they are on my reading list!)