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    Great Western Minerals (GWG)

    mad, portly, middle aged druids. doesnt wash well with financial types, believe me.
  2. yeah. http://ep-bd.com/site/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=159 http://bssnews.net/newsDetails.php?cat=0&id=182160&date=2011-06-07 http://www.bdnews24.com/details.php?id=197792&cid=2 i have the recent broker report if you want
  3. denarii

    UK House prices: News & Views

    people have spent centuries living in mud huts and similar so why should the indolent be cut off?
  4. http://www.daily-sun.com/?view=details&amp...date=24-02-2011 Onus on MPs to woo people’s nod→ Staff Correspondent A parliamentary watchdog on Wednesday suggested that the elected representatives such as the members of parliament be engaged in gaining support of the local people for open-pit mining in Phulbari. The members of the parliamentary standing committee on power, energy and mineral resources ministry believe that any survey of the people in the coalfield by bureaucrats would cause public outrage. They said the lawmakers and other elected repres-entatives would help implement Phulbari mining project in Dinajpur, which is important to ensure energy security of the country. “If people of the area do not want, none can implement the project (in Phulbari),” said Chief Whip Abdus Shahid, who is also a member of the committee. After the meeting of the committee, Shahid told daily sun that all members of the committee agreed that the bureaucrats will not be able to convince people to leave their homesteads for the proposed mining project. Energy ministry sources say the government authorised the deputy commissioner of Dinajpur district to carry out a survey of the people to be removed from the coalmine area. But the team could not carry out survey due to the people’s hostile attitude. Sources said committee chairman Subid Ali Bhuiyan stressed engaging local political figures to mobilise public support. “The government should send the elected repres-entatives there (Phulbari) and make people understand that coalmining is necessary for the country’s energy security,” said the com-mittee head who talked in parliament in favour of open-pit mining in Phulbari. The previous govern-ments signed a deal with British company Asia Energy on open-pit mining which sparked violent protest. At least two people were killed by the law enforcers in 2006 during a street protest against the mining project. The left leaning political parties formed a platform to resist mining in the area which will render at least 40,000 people homeless and cause environmental catast-rophe.
  5. denarii

    Condor Resources PLC

    pacific rim is up a lot today
  6. denarii

    Condor Resources PLC

    i saw them at proactive tonight, im holding for 30p min this year.
  7. seems the arsewipes who run bangladesh are now ready to implement the coal policy. if gcm get the greenlight particularly if they get to mine barakapuria south from the phulbari open pit box then its more like 25-35mtpa production and at least a 5-10 bagger from here.
  8. denarii

    Condor Resources PLC

    cock if i had sold at 10p - and the bid wasnt that high for all that long i would have been left with 8p or so after tax so it was hardly worth it and i cant hedge with cfds due to the gay trading regs at work.
  9. denarii

    Condor Resources PLC

    condor had previously advised a jorc statement by year end.... so its tomorrow or guidance for jan/ feb
  10. what is that charlie munger quote, 'never invest in a market where everyone in it has a phd, as you will never make a dime' i think he was referring to derivatives, but he may as well have been referring to uk proprerly after a 10 year but to let bubble, where any half wit can compare the rental yield to the mortgage cost and fill in a mortgage application. lol
  11. denarii

    Condor Resources PLC

    what you thinking now CV? advfn post: robson1975 - 12 Dec'10 - 16:03 - 131 of 166 3 Major Reasons why Condor Resources could be worth 30-50p/share within 1-3 months... 1. Possible Growth in JORC resources of Gold from 0 to 2-3m oz on the basis of 'a few strokes of a pen'... Highly unusual that a company can grow a resource so quickly because drilling and interpretation usually takes a lot of time but Condor Management have collated lots of research done by several previous explorers and one of their resources has already been proved up and is simply awaiting the overturning of a Government moratorium. 4 separate significant material JORC announcements due : i. La India (80% owned : 20% owned by $900m Canadian miner B2Gold (TSX:BTO)) awaiting JORC-ification by Dec 31st on existing 1.84m oz Russian specification resource. That Russian resource once converted to JORC standard could be worth 20p per share on an 'Edison' valuation basis. ii. Rio Luna (plenty of good grades including 450g/tonne) iii. El Rodeo (2km strike length, sampling/drilling programme currently underway) iv. El Salvador 1m oz Gold and Gold equivalent (i.e.silver) resource equivalent to one third of Arian Silvers (AGQ) silver resource - currently being discounted as El Sal have a moratorium on mining but a simple decision by the El Sal Govt could see 1m oz of potential value accruing to CNR (i.e. 10-15p on Edison value basis?) 2. Relative valuation versus other AIM explorers at similar stages of development... HUM Hummingbird Resources (Liberia) listed on AIM 9th Dec 2010. Mkt Cap £90m for 0.8m oz resource (Indicated & Inferred) NYO Nyota Minerals (Ethiopia). Mkt Cap £130m for 1.3m oz resource (Inferred) CNR Condor Resources (Nicaragua & El Salvador). Mkt Cap £30m but potential for 2-3m oz of (Indicated & Inferred resource within 1-3 months). 3. Direct comparison with acquisitive partner in Nicaragua which would provide quick and easy route to 'monetisation' of Condor's value B2Gold (TSX:BTO) is a $900m mkt cap Canadian miner with an existing 3m oz resource in Nicaragua and is partnered with Condor on two concessions (one 80:20 the other 80:20). B2Gold is the second vehicle for the Management who previously sold Bema Gold to Kinross for $3bn+.
  12. denarii

    mining shares as the boat left

    focus on a mix of value and quality as the instis wont let them go in the downturn, if it materialises. i for one didnt think gold stocks would go down in a global systemic solvency crisis, but there you go. crazy sh1t can happen when leverage gets liquidated.
  13. bubb why belabour the point? we have had a 15 year cheap money asset bubble and records have been set by much metrics as comsumer debt/ gdp, wealth divide, house price to income, etc. if you dont believe bubbles pop then bubb is not going to change your mind with logical argument lol
  14. denarii

    Exeter Resources / XRC.t

    is this thing not quite low grade?
  15. the thing that got me is how they didnt fall more before. although i did get an insight when my part time public employee landlord informed me that he had purchased a second property right at the bottom in april 2009. i had to concentrate to not laugh out loud when i heard that from him. i have since moved. cant wait to see whan happens when they hike rates to defend the FX but we are way away from that