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    Makes the Churchill crown look attractive!
  2. That's one way of looking at it but I do believe that house prices are so ingrained in the British mentality that they simple cannot allow them to fall - at least not in nominal terms. If they need to print money to prop up house prices then that is what will happen. Is happening even. Falling house prices would have massive, unpleasant consequences for the UK internal economy. It's got to the point where I actually no longer care about house prices. They're ridiculously over-priced and the powers that be will do everything in their power and more besides (to the detriment of everything else) to stop me having one.
  3. How we laughed over on HPC when people suggested "the Government won't let house prices crash". How stupid we look now. They threw the kitchen sink (and continue to do so) at house prices.
  4. You can on most forum software. Is this one any different?
  5. Hard job I would have thought. Virtually impossible as you get rid of one and another appears. A bit like that game where heads pop up and you bash them down with a hammer only for another to pop up again! That said you're doing a good job.
  6. Are these spambots annoying anyone else? Can I suggest a minimum of 100 posts is needed before a user can start topics? No idea how many posts I have to my name. If it's under 100, so be it.
  7. absolutezero

    Alternative needed to HPC?

    Bruce Banner does a lot of shit stirring. He's the one who got me banned. However, whatever Bruce Banner says you can guarantee the poster called "The Moderators" isn't far behind to back him up all the way. I'm not saying anything. Draw your own conclusions....
  8. HPC's traffic probably *was* very valuable but I do wonder if banning dissenters and homogenising all he view points wiil have an effect on traffic.
  9. The place is dying on its arse now. Anything to speed that up is a good thing.
  10. absolutezero

    Alternative needed to HPC?

    Given the witch-hunts and bannings that have been on there recently I am surprised you even bothered to frequent it any more.
  11. Timing is for mugs. I buy one share monthly. The idea being that over time it irons out the rises and falls.
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    Congratulations. You got lucky. An estimate of the future where there are a massive number of variables that can ruin your projection within the next week alone is pointless and, dare I say, useless.
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    No. I'm not a GP.