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  1. Thanks for the info, I'll have a look at them both.
  2. What is the best way to buy bitcoin in the UK and is the method of selling the same as buying?
  3. VA still looking good and PA & MI well in play. Florida also looking good, but too close to call to be sure.
  4. Styx says a lot of red Northern Florida counties still to declare and VA looking good. I think it's on for Trump but either way the polls are looking like total bollocks. So far anyway.
  5. Martin Armstrong reckons the nationwide turnout could be 80% and Trump will take Florida. He's also saying there'll be serious unrest if they rig it for Clinton.
  6. CNN's exit poll had 'change' as people's most important issue too. They had it as the top issue for 38% of people, but given that they literally a wing of the Clinton campaign it's surprising they'd release it.
  7. The reports coming out of Philadelphia are shambolic.......people being bussed in from NY, Black Panthers intimidating people, voters being marched out saying they aren't allowed to vote!
  8. A lot higher if true then. Pax Dickinson says the exit polls are leaked to Drudge as propaganda and that he had Kerry way ahead in '04. God knows, not sure we can trust anything, even the official result!!
  9. What's the usual total in modern times?
  10. It's going to be close and we're going to hear 'bad' news for Trump all night until it's clear he's either won or lost. They'll spin negatives to try to put off later voting Trumpers and make them think there's no point. Pro-Trump pundits have been hammering it home not to listen to that though, so hopefully it's registered with enough Trump voters. I think it might as he's got people hyped for this.
  11. You've got to think this is going be reflected in the voting numbers to a certain extent. Would be Clinton voters who have got a cold, are tired, longer day ar work might be less enthused and think f it. The enthusiasm gap at the rallies was ridiculous. Tim Kaine had 3 people at 1 rally - not Clinton but the potential future VP a week before a massive election and he could fit everyone into a mini cooper
  12. No idea on the validity of this but Paul Joseph Watson says Drudge has early leaked exit polls: Clinton takes Pennsylvania. Trump takes Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, N. Carolina & Ohio. Showdowns for Colorado, Florida, Michigan & Nevada. No mention of other states but if Rickards' theory that more men vote later and Hitlery isn't far enough in front with women...........BOOMTIME. Lots of ifs and far from concrete obviously.
  13. The consensus has been Trump needs a monster turnout to have a chance of winning and this appears to be on course. Do you reckon he has any chance at all without Florida?
  14. votehillsborough.org Florida voters have been posting it on Twitter. It's only election day voting though, I didn't realise, so Trump is behind in this county apparently but way ahead of Romney's 2012 vote. I can't post links as I'm on an Xbox one but the address worked when I clicked on Twitter, not sure why it's not now.
  15. Republicans up 24664 compared to Democrats 21443 in Hillsborough County Florida as of about 40 minutes ago. This county went to Obama in 2012. Only 1 county but it's potentially a good sign.