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  1. Carlton


    Maybe today is a start: Au +0.34% Ag +0.64% as of this post. Time will tell.
  2. I went to Sinclair's first Q&A in NYC for $50. NYC was $50 and Fletcher, NC is $100? This has turned into a not insignificant revenue stream. http://www.jsmineset.com/2014/01/07/north-carolina-qa-session-venue-confirmed/
  3. My list of safer miners: ANV, HL, AUQ, AEM, Osisko, Detour, NEM, FNV and safer juniors: THM, NG, Kirkland, Lakeshore Slightly less safe, but still probably okay: IAG, AUY, KGC
  4. Carlton

    UK House prices: News & Views

    From the Guardian: Sure makes one reconsider the housing privitization, and of course the low interest rates and state benefits.
  5. I do not dismiss him. He also called $1650 gold almost right on time, ten years prior. That was an amazing call, making him "Mr. Gold" for the oughts as well.
  6. I'll add, he really thinks Cyprus was a huge event. It could have been the beginning of bail-ins rather than bail-outs. Bails-ins could mean less QE and could be gold negative. Some actors had word of the (attempted) Cyprus bail-in, and this was a reason to sell gold. Cyrpus (and Russia, and reactions from around the world) have now shown that hitting depositors with bail-ins is not an acceptable way of saving banks, meaning more QE. However, I should also add that if you google for "Sutton Resources" there is a good bit of critical info regarding how the company operated, the role of Sinclair, and the veracity of some of Sinclair's statements. Some have also critized his purchases and sales of TRE stock.
  7. Notes from Sinclair Q&A, March 20, 2013 Storage companies aren’t run by saints; most physical holders never sell; the companies may be tempted. Bitcoin is “intriguing” but not practical, will not be better than a Krugerrand. PSLV is less safe than physical, though Sprott is a “top of the line fellow”; he won’t steal from you. “I don’t believe in ratios” between gold and silver. The best currencies will be from countries that have a high ratio of gold to debt, and currencies that have resource characteristics. Remonetization of silver is “most unlikely.” $500 silver is a myth. Yellin is most likely the next Fed Chair. Major miners are “so undervalued,” they’re the best values around. McEwen is “extremely capable,” but he should expand beyond the South American focus. Without Bernanke’s actions this Q&A would be held in a cave, not in the Hilton with microphones. Sprott won’t take steps to bust the COMEX because it’s “unethical” to break the “playing board.” The Angels are based on the square of the numbers, by Livermore. Gold miners used to be (stodgy, boring) dividend payers, then we had the bull market of the 70s; the nature of the sector changed. The bond market will not break, QE is an “infinite bid.” TRE shareholders will realize value through cashflow or through a sale of the company. Sinclair won’t issue one more share of stock. TRE can use its gold to finance development and operations (through ad hoc forward sales [with Oman mentioned as an example]). TRE has four cashflow projects; these are at the surface and are relatively easy; TRE may contract mine them. “I am a firm believer that we are building a major company.” Sinclair notes his sale of Sutton Co. to Barrick: “I don’t play for peanuts.” Fiat and fractional reserve banking will stay. Alf Fields is a “hardworking, straight guy,” though not necessarily perfect in his analysis. The Cyprus depositors’ haircut will go down in history as “the dumbest thing the IMF ever did.” At present, gold <$3500 is a buy and gold >$4500 is a sell. Shareholders should “kick some ass,” demand and sue for more dividends. Deciding whether to close retirements accounts is a difficult choice; you may want to keep them for a while; if there is an employer match then someone else is carrying the load with you. The average guy knows he’s been had; if they start taking money in bank accounts in the US there could be a disaster.
  8. I came from the Sinclair Q and A a few hours ago (having been in NYC for other business). I'll post some of my notes when I can use my home computer tomorrow. I definently feel that Sinclair is earnest and honest, both in his investment advice and in terms of his management of TRE and his treatment of shareholders.
  9. Carlton


    Coming from Jason Hommel $500 is a lowball. To prepare a reasonable estimate of a top we would need to know: how much future monetary inflation, how much future price de/inflation, the future velocity of money, and the size of future defaults.
  10. JS rarely talks about silver. His words are more or less indifferent towards it. A few weeks ago he referred to silver as "a game," adding "what a game it is." Meaning, it may be possible to make significant gains with silver. But he clearly believes that gold is the serious, conservative, long-term wealth protection asset.
  11. Carlton


    http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/KWN_DailyWeb/Entries/2012/4/2_Gold_Bull_Market_Set_Up_for_a_Spectacular_Move.html Bid/Ask 1620.80 - 1621.80
  12. Carlton


    ^^ From the same article: Very true.
  13. I'll add, it's nice to fantasize about sweeping reforms, the swift jailing of corrupt people in the public and private sectors, and the elimination of undue corporate influence. But, for the most part, it's just a fantasy and nothing more. Any dramatic action to sweep away perceived corrupt officials, to jail people without due process, to reform institutions without a democratic process (with all its faults) will likely result in misery.
  14. IMO,your interpretation of those ideas is highly optimistic. This plan to arrest leaders (with no mention of indictment by a grand jury), take over the media, conduct a "show-of-force" (!), and establish new institutions (without any mention of a constitutional convention or a constituent assembly), is a power grab. Sure, they will say it's for good reasons but that's what all coupists say. At this point a "global reset" seems more likely to reduce freedoms than to restore freedoms. There is plenty to be concerned about, especially with respect to corptocracy. But extra-constitutional change in government is unlikely to be a successful cure. Also, the fact that I don't support military coups (and that is what this is in essence) does not mean that I don't pay attention - indeed, it's a result of the opposite.
  15. Sounds like a typical Third World military coup. The military rushes into power promising to end corruption and misrule, they put some of the former leaders in jail, they also suspend the constitution, cancel elections, reduce human rights, enrich themselves, and oppress the population, until someone overthrows them. All in all, a horrible idea.