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  1. Minister claims Auckland house prices more affordable than 2008 Listen on the link below. http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player/201798817 Discussed in detail on this thread (name of thread is a clue) http://thestandard.org.nz/if-you-need-a-good-laugh-this-morning/
  2. Advice on starting from Zero Hi there, A short time ago I was finacially wiped out and now find myself slightly in debt (around 10K NZD - not to bad!) and lucky for me am on a government assisted benefit due to illness. Much to the annoyance of others I decided not to get a "job" but instead use my time ill to build a passive income online as I am only able to do a few hours a week before the pain and concentration problems overwhelm me. So far I am failing, but learning heaps. Sure I can get better... I know how to do it, just a little slow atm which is related to my illness. After the debt is paid off and I have a small amount in reserve, what is the next financial goal I should set? I am not even sure if I should pay the debt as I could file a "No Asset Proceedure" which would mar my otherwise ok credit history. I don't feel great about that - logically I should but not in my nature to screw banks that way. At present my children and I am in rented accommodation and we have no other relatives we can live with (all deceased), so just me, the kids and the debt. At least we are in New Zealand which is a blessing in itself. Where to from here??
  3. Hello...I love Marmite on toast!

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    Source: Chris Martenson blog
  5. http://livingwithoutmoney.org/ (go to link to watch trailer. She seems really happy and the type of person you would want to have around!) Synopsis:
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    Living without money

    I'd say that is exactly what she does...trades her way around the place. There is something about her that makes me want to support her (trading doesn't always have this "feel" about it....there are people I've met who come across like beggars or something and I wanna kick 'em!). Reminds me of the guy who traded one red paperclip and within a year he'd traded the final item of exchange for a house in Alaska somewhere.
  7. Hey, it's on my Amazon wish list. I try and buy multiple items at one time to save on postage which seems to double the price of the book (!). Hope you capitalise on the best feature of being a published author - instant credibility.
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    Water from the air

    Howdy howdy, Probably you have heard of this - I had, but I hadn't found the article. IMHO one of the best things you can do aside from storing water is being able to generate it at will. You may already know there are moves afoot to make water something that is for those who can pay for it so FGS get one or two of these babies before it is too late! Here it is: <script src='http://img135.imageshack.us/shareable/?i=eco59marcparent.jpg&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript></noscript> The article goes on to say the device works best in environments that have humidity and wind but I wonder if there are times (sunrise/sunset) that it could work well in a less humid environment.
  9. I've heard really good things about CR. There is a raw food guy who was building a sustainable community over there and also raved about it. In Sovereign Man Simon has mentioned it several times. There was a link from his ezine to a video called "breaking free" which had stories of people who moved to CR as a permanent lifestyle change. Fascinating. I agree with the idea of having alternative countries to flee to should the need arise so CR sounds like a good back up to me. Suggest you ask Simon his opinion about CR as he is a permanent traveller so very knowledgeable on benefits/downsides of any country.
  10. From http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/4622459/Go...or-house-prices
  11. Bears use human graves as giant refridgerators ================================= http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/oct/2...pses-graveyards Link to here: http://tinyurl.com/SP-chill In 2008 bears surrounded a group of miners. A couple were eaten. . . (how did Hollywood NOT make a film of this?) http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,389623,00.html
  12. From the graph it looks like a loss in value of over half would bring prices back in line.
  13. I imagine it is very difficult to convince an ex shoe-shine executive his/her new found wealth wasn't a direct result of a global fluke.
  14. http://vimeo.com/16513455 Facebook page = Farmageddon the Movie BECOME A FAN GEI! <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/16513455" width="400" height="225" frameborder="0"></iframe><p><a href="http://vimeo.com/16513455">Farmageddon Trailer 1410</a> from <a href="http://vimeo.com/smallfarmproject">Kristin Canty</a> on <a href="http://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p> Ooops, what is with the embedding thing on GEI - I can't get it to work.... oh well, just see the link above. It is only around 2-3 mins long.
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    Frost Protection Device

    Oooh, just found this link with something similar. It involves electrostatic fields to increase yield of crops/grow time (the above uses magnetic field which sounds a little naff, but I would take a try it and see approach BEFORE I decided it was total crap). FASCINATING http://www.urzeit-code.com/index.php?id=23
  16. Came across this and thought it might be an interesting/potientially mega $$$ saving experiment for all you self sufficent types out there. If it doesn't work, you lose a little time and a small amount of money to cover materials. Worth the investment IMHO. http://www.relfe.com/2010/frost_protection...rost_guard.html NOT a sales page, but an article explaining how to build your own anti frost thingy. Key points:
  17. DrBubb, As mentioned by OP you could set up a fan page on FB. The whole benefit of getting lots of followers is that you can monetize them later, or you can pull people from FB to here. Or you could pay for ads (the advantage is that the psychodemographic targeting that FB allows is freakin tight AND it is still cheap to run ads there). *Success notes* Figure out the demographic you want to target, DO NOT attempt to target those you mentioned above. You mentioned their age but that is it. You need to know education levels, marridge status, type of work, age, ethnicity, do they enjoy fishing etc etc. These are who you spend time on and you know who they are when you know the psycho demographics of those already here. Like a tribe of similar people :ph34r:find more of the same tribe. MY EXAMPLE USING PAID FB AD's: I have a place I want to rent out. I want someone over 30, but clearly I cannot discriminate through advertising....but wait a sec! Here is FB that allows me to select to whom I show the ad. Wanting a "good" tennant who is likely to pay me, not wreck the place I go to FB ads and select - age 30 or above, - no children - university educated - then I geo target to the location my rental is in. FB will only show the ad to people who meet all these criteria, but possibly the best part is that I don't pay per view, I pay if someone clicks. This is important because if you want someone to click you write something that makes them want to click....but if you don't (eg you are a local bar and have nothing to offer on the internet...or you just want to become familiar) you write information that is unlikely to lead to a click. For $25 bucks you could easily have weeded out people that you didn't want to rent your place anyway saving time and money. (umm, guys that is a good business idea!....soz, off topic again...) For getting followers you can use paid advertising in much the same way - a paid ad asking them to join your page with an incentive to get them to do so. Depends on what your plan is long term as there isn't much point going all out like this just for the sake of doing it huh. Another idea - could run a contest for those who join (can go on for months) and write the best response to one of your posts. Avoid Twitter - I have a Twitter account with a few thousand followers. Of those I estimate only 1K are legit followers, meaning the others are attempting to make money with Twitter which sadly is the why it isn't worth my time. A well known Internet Marketer quit Twitter and left his 25K followers early this year as the response rate is low. (80% spammers/make money with tweets/mlm, 10% want to kiss/marry Justin Bieber, and 10% normal folks) You may be interested to know how I build my followers - I used a wordpress plugin called "related tweets" that automatically tweeted stuff related to the subjects I selected from my WP blog, and then it autofollowed those with whom it appeared I had a common interest. About 15 mins work in setting up in total (aside from all the WP set up). Of course you can make $ with Twitter, but it is waning and you need software help (big learning curve, not worth the effort for someone like you IMO).
  18. Hiya No6! Looking forward to your thread. It's hard for someone new to form an opinion when faced with extremes.
  19. The initial event may have occured, just unnoticed as yet. Watch what/who is reported and (more importantly) who is ignored by mainstream media. If nothing else, it help decide who is credible in the future. Nice that someone loved the centinarial enough to keep him around in the bedroom, you know, given the price of real estate per square foot. They probably even dusted him and everything too so he looked fresh after 30 years. Tried to keep the cat off him... : ) awww. She missed out the Russian fires and Chernobyl.
  20. *There is always love in the world* Here are some 2010 predictions from astrologer Robert Phoenix. I like his easy going style although some of his predictions have the timing wrong or aren't gonna happen. http://www.robertphoenix.com/content/?p=1556 Similarities are there. Note that on prisonplanet .com there is an article indicating that US troops have been deployed to boarders, but not to prevent illegal immigrants from entry to the US. Yikes.
  21. Link here: http://www.freegreen.com/ Personally this isn't my cup of tea. I prefer making homes for cheap or free. The idea of getting a 30 year mortgage is something I find quite vulgar....but each to their own. Perhaps the plans can be adapted for some kind of cheaper construction like a container home?? Quote from http://www.celsias.co.nz/article/social-su...ething-nothing/
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    Free House House Plans

    Yes, exactly what I have found. Consumers seem to be reverting to their trained helplessness...the only way they can achieve home ownership is accumulating lifelong debt. Eco-anything is synonymous with paying extra $$$ which has got to change asap. ========= Found this shipping container site - interesting fellow: http://renaissanceronin.wordpress.com/why-...ting-this-blog/
  23. I meant higher risk for you, the seeder! => more return
  24. I agree, minimum. Or what about a larger percentage over a shorter time period? It does seem to be a high risk type thing.