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  1. The final reason for holding gold, because it may be remonetized, is actually a very big draw for me. While the probability of this coming to pass may be low, the rewards would be very high.


    Here are some numbers: The total amount of 'official gold,' or that held by central banks around the world, is 30,684 tonnes, or 987 million troy ounces (MOz). In 2008 the total amount of money stock in the world was roughly $60 trillion.


    If the world wanted 100% gold backing of all existing money, then the implied price for an ounce of gold is ($60T/987MOz) = $60,790 per troy ounce.


    Clearly that's a silly number (or is it?), but even a 10% partial backing of money yields $6,000 per ounce. The point here is not to bandy about outlandish numbers, but merely to point out that unless a great deal of the world's money stock is destroyed somehow, or a lot more official gold is bought from the market and placed into official hands, backing even a fraction of the world's money supply by gold will result in a far higher number than today's ~$1,500/Oz.

    Source: Chris Martenson blog

  2. I'd say that is exactly what she does...trades her way around the place. There is

    something about her that makes me want to support her (trading doesn't always have

    this "feel" about it....there are people I've met who come across like beggars or

    something and I wanna kick 'em!).


    Reminds me of the guy who traded one red paperclip and within a year he'd traded the

    final item of exchange for a house in Alaska somewhere.

  3. http://livingwithoutmoney.org/ (go to link to watch trailer. She seems really happy and the type of person you would want to have around!)


    “I had everything I needed, I had a house and I had raised two children. I gave it all away.”


    The documentary Living Without Money portraits the life of 68 year old Heidemarie Schwermer, a German woman who made a deliberate choice to stop using money 14 years ago. She cancelled her apartment, gave away all of her belongings and kept nothing but a suitcase full of clothes. This was a decision that changed the entire outlook on her life dramatically.


    Today, after 14 years, she is still living almost without money and claims she is feeling more free and independent than ever. The film follows Heidemarie in her day to day life and shows the challenges she meets by living an alternative lifestyle.


    Heidemarie is constantly on the move, meeting new people, staying with old and new friends for a few nights. She is never worried about the future, she’s not even pre-occupied about where she will sleep next week or where she will find her next meal. She knows by experience that things always work out for her as long as she is open to whatever happens. She travels all around Germany, often she is also in Austria, Switzerland and Italy, holding lectures about her experience and trying to convey the message that an easier way of life is possible.


    What started out as exchanging favors in lieu of money has now become a lifestyle. She is always trying to help others find a path to a simpler and more harmonic life. She enjoys life in the moment she is living instead of being preoccupied with the future.


    In the film we follow Heidemarie in her day-to-day life and experience how she goes about to find food, transport and a place to stay. In addition to showing the daily challenges she meets from living without money, we get to hear more about Heidemarie’s life philosophy and why she has chosen to live this way. We see that it is not only easy for her to live without money in a society where everything is based on money and the value of a person is measured on how wealthy he or she is. People Heidemarie meets on her way, often have strong opinions about her lifestyle. Some call her a “parasite” and claims she is living off others, while some see her as a “visionary source of inspiration”. Through her story we can consider money’s influence on our way of thinking, living and acting and the impact this has on our own lives and health and our environment. This film explores these ideas and reflects of themes of materialism and over-consumption.

  4. Howdy howdy,

    Probably you have heard of this - I had, but I hadn't found the article. IMHO one of the best things you can do

    aside from storing water is being able to generate it at will. You may already know there are moves afoot to make

    water something that is for those who can pay for it so FGS get one or two of these babies before it is too late!

    Here it is:


    <script src='http://img135.imageshack.us/shareable/?i=eco59marcparent.jpg&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>eco59marcparent.jpg</noscript>


    Water from air: A life-changing innovation


    Source: Wipo Magazine

    Published August 2010


    An essential and life-sustaining element, water is drawn from many sources - the ground, reservoirs, plants and the sea. Although some 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by it, much of it is saline and inaccessible. In 2006 an estimated 1.1 billion people lacked access to safe drinking water and an estimated 1.8 million fell victim to waterborne diseases.


    While significant progress has been made toward the Millennium Development Goal of halving the number of people without access to safe drinking water worldwide between 1990 and 2015, major challenges remain, particularly for those in isolated, rural areas.

    Marc Parent, a French inventor and entrepreneur, believes his pioneering technology, which harvests the humidity in the air by using the power of the wind, offers a solution to this widespread problem. Wipo Magazine sat down with this inspiring inventor to learn more about his groundbreaking technology.

    “This invention will allow many people to have access to… clean and healthy water every day, simply by using the energy of the wind.”

    Humans have used windmills for millennia to convert the wind’s energy into power. While somewhat eclipsed in the 20th century, windmills are once again becoming a common feature of the landscape in the move towards greener, more sustainable forms of energy. Marc Parent’s invention adds an innovative dimension to these iconic machines and their use. It looks like a standard windmill and works like a classic windmill insofar as it harnesses the energy of the wind to generate power. But it is singularly different in that it does not pump water; it actually produces it.

    For Marc Parent, innovation is a vocation. He said, “It is a passion and a duty. I can’t let go because, first of all, I am stubborn and I know there is a need and it’s important. It is not a gadget; it works… There are people who could come and drink water from these machines if they existed.”

    Read full article at: http://www.wipo.int/wipo_magazine/en/2010/04/article_0005.html

    For more information please visit the website: http://www.eolewater.com/


    The article goes on to say the device works best in environments that have humidity and wind but I wonder if there are times (sunrise/sunset) that it could work well in a less humid environment.

    “Water is not a luxury reserved for the rich; water is the source of life.”


    The company is seeking to identify and work with national partners who share a similar worldview and a common interest in bringing clean and safe water to those most in need. “We need partners who have the same spirit and ethics and where money is not the first priority. We all have to earn a living, but money isn’t everything”, he said. “This technology is something that needs to serve the public interest.”

  5. I've heard really good things about CR. There is a raw food guy who was building a sustainable community over there and also raved about it.


    In Sovereign Man Simon has mentioned it several times. There was a link from his ezine to a video called "breaking free" which had stories of

    people who moved to CR as a permanent lifestyle change. Fascinating. I agree with the idea of having alternative countries to flee to should

    the need arise so CR sounds like a good back up to me.


    Suggest you ask Simon his opinion about CR as he is a permanent traveller so very knowledgeable on benefits/downsides of any country.

  6. From http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/4622459/Go...or-house-prices



    Government policies blamed for house prices



    Immigration and tax breaks for investment in residential property are being cited as the underlying causes of steep increases in the cost of housing over the past decade.


    New Zealand now boasts one of the highest rates of home unaffordability in the world as a result of prices rising far faster than incomes, and the government's Savings Working Group blames that squarely on the policies of successive governments.


    Although "the favourable tax treatment of property investment" accounted for about 50% of house price increases between 2001 and 2007, the working group said, there was also strong evidence that rapid swings in immigration brought about price-rise "shocks".


    There was a sharp spike in immigration in 2001, 2002 and 2003 and, said working group committee member Dr Andrew Coleman, it appeared that property prices did not fall anywhere near as greatly when immigration fell again.


    The report added that there was little evidence that immigration boosted local incomes. In fact, the need to build roads and schools meant that net migration contributed to the national deficit.


    "Migration is another issue that the government should investigate further," the working group said. "There are indications that high immigration rates have pushed up government spending, house prices and business borrowing, and prevented necessary adjustments to the economy."


    Coleman said the working group was not anti-immigration, but called on the government to investigate limits in the future, something Immigration Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman does not seem inclined to consider.


    In a statement to the Sunday Star-Times, Coleman said: "Department of Labour research shows there is no strong link between immigration and house prices and migrants provide a net gain to the New Zealand economy of around $1.9 billion a year. If migration stopped today, the economy would contract by 10% over 10 years."


    The working group also laid down the challenge to the government on the subsidies to property investors, calling for fairer taxation of interest income by taxing "real" interest after inflation is deducted from returns.


    If $1000 invested earned 7% interest and inflation was 5%, the investor would pay tax on $50 of real returns.


    The flipside would be that borrowers could claim only "real" borrowing costs as a business expense. A mortgage of 7% taken out to buy a rental property, for example, in a 2% inflation environment, would be considered a 5% mortgage when calculating tax deductions.

    Ad Feedback


    At the moment, those who have cash in the bank – including many retired people – are taxed regardless of the impact of inflation, said working group chairman Kerry McDonald. He called on the government to do the right thing by older voters, many of whom rely on the interest they get from bank deposits and interest-paying investments.


    "In the absence of indexation, the New Zealand government will continue to impose significantly penal tax rates on lenders and offer significant tax subsidies to borrowers," said the working group. This was not the kind of policy to deliver social equity in housing or to rein in New Zealand's addiction to borrowing money from overseas.


    But although the government seems to be ruling out curbing migration swings, Finance Minister Bill English has not ruled out indexation.


    The effect of the tax subsidies may be inflated in New Zealand, which is one of the few countries where there is no capital gains tax. Other countries also offer lower tax retirement savings schemes.


    - Sunday Star Times

  7. http://vimeo.com/16513455


    Facebook page = Farmageddon the Movie BECOME A FAN GEI!


    <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/16513455" width="400" height="225" frameborder="0"></iframe><p><a href="http://vimeo.com/16513455">Farmageddon Trailer 1410</a> from <a href="http://vimeo.com/smallfarmproject">Kristin Canty</a> on <a href="http://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p>


    Ooops, what is with the embedding thing on GEI - I can't get it to work.... oh well, just see the link above. It is only around 2-3 mins long.

  8. Oooh, just found this link with something similar. It involves electrostatic fields to increase yield of crops/grow time (the above uses magnetic field which sounds a little naff, but I would take a try it and see approach BEFORE I decided it was total crap).





    The "Primeval Code" – the ecological alternative to controversial genetic engineering!


    Can the global food problem at last be solved – without using genetic engineering? In his new book the "Primeval Code" (Munich 2007) Swiss journalist Luc Bürgin unveils the secret of a sensational biological discovery at the pharmaceutical giant Ciba (now Novartis), which unfortunately has been ignored by the experts up to the present day. In laboratory experiments the researchers there Dr. Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch exposed cereal seeds and fish eggs to an "electrostatic field" – in other words, to a high voltage field, in which no current flows.


    Unexpectedly primeval organisms grew out of these seeds and eggs: a fern that no botanist was able to identify; primeval corn with up to twelve ears per stalk; wheat that was ready to be harvested in just four to six weeks. And giant trout, extinct in Europe for 130 years, with so-called salmon hooks. It was as if these organisms accessed their own genetic memories on command in the electric field, a phenomenon, which the English biochemist, Rupert Sheldrake, for instance believes is possible.


    The Swiss pharmaceutical group patented the process – and then stopped the research in 1992. Why? Because "primeval cereals" generated by an electric field, in contrast to modern strains of seeds, require hardly any fertilisers or pesticides – i.e. crop protection agents, sold as priority products by Ciba at that time. The discovery was soon forgotten, without the global scientific community taking any notice.


    In collaboration with the researchers involved – or rather their sons, in this book, the author has for the first time now disclosed in detail how the principle of this revolutionary bio-experiment works. Previously unpublished research reports, 64 exclusive photos, English-language patent specifications and interviews document the "Primeval Code" in all its aspects.


    Nevertheless many scientists who think along conventional lines may remain sceptical about this inexplicable biological effect. But now for the first time, renowned German expert botanists such as Professor Edgar Wagner of the University of Freiburg and Professor Gunter Rothe from the University of Mainz make positive statements about it in the book. Rothe even had replicated the Ciba experiments in detail at his university in 2001 – and was successful. And also for the first time, even a Nobel laureate – the world-famous Swiss microbiologist Werner Arber – is taking up the cudgels for this controversial discovery. Back then, Arber had given an expert opinion on the Ciba experiments in person in the laboratory. The professor said to the author: "I was impressed!"


    Indeed, Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch appear to have discovered a biological method of effectively creating antecedents from progeny – without using genetic engineering. Or as both researchers put it: "Our experiments do not involve a mutation of the organism in question, which in the case of genetic engineering involves channelling an additional gene into the organism. No entirely new organism is created. In the electrostatic field, only the gene expression is altered – the retrieval of the existing gene. That is something different."


    In addition to corn and trout experiments, the results of experiments with wheat were also amazing: thus the cereal exposed to the electrostatic field developed new proteins, which people looked for in the original wheat to no avail. Furthermore, it surprisingly produced much larger roots than the control group. This had the advantage of allowing the crops to grow far more rapidly. And occasionally in these experiments, a variant emerged which resembled the genetic antecedents of the wheat. Thus, a meadow grass-like arrangement of ear shoots and small narrow leaves was observed, for example.


    "In the case of our 'manipulated' wheat, growth was so rapid that it was ripe in four weeks instead of the usual seven months", Heinz Schürch recalled. "However one has to say that although the ears and stalks were somewhat smaller, there were more ears per plant. The actual benefit is that we could cultivate this wheat in regions where spring and summer are short – where conventional wheat cannot be grown at all." In this case, one can also cheerfully refrain from using pesticides and herbicides: "The pests that have adapted to the growth process of normal wheat have not yet developed when we harvest our wheat as early as four to eight weeks after planting."


    The Third World in particular could benefit from this method of cultivation that is both environmentally friendly and inexpensive. For "primeval cereals" from an electric field yield more than modern genetically engineered varieties and do not require fertilisers. Furthermore, it is completely natural and thus healthier. It can be grown by anybody at minimal cost.


    After Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch both passed away unexpectedly in 2001, their experiments were continued by Guido Ebner's son, Daniel – himself a biologist – on a private basis. He now wants to export this electric field technology to Africa as soon as possible, as part of an aid project, with the assistance of the former assistant to the UN Food Representative, Professor Jean Ziegler, in order to make it available to local farmers – free of charge, as an ecological alternative to the controversial genetically engineered seeds of the international agro-multinationals.

  9. Came across this and thought it might be an interesting/potientially mega $$$ saving experiment for all you self sufficent types out there. If it doesn't work, you lose a little time and a small amount of money to cover materials. Worth the investment IMHO.




    NOT a sales page, but an article explaining how to build your own anti frost thingy. Key points:


    DeLand Frost Guard


    An Easily Constructed Device that Has Prevented Fruit Trees from Freezing


    One DeLand Frost Guard Protects One Acre of Trees


    Also Reported to Increase Fruit Production






    • Prevent destruction of fruit trees by freezing

    • Prevent destruction of fruit crop by freezing

    • Eliminate fuel cost associated with keeping fruit trees warm

    • Eliminate equipment cost associated with keeping fruit trees warm

    • Increase production of fruit crop by up to 400%

    • Prolong production life span of fruit trees

    • Increase the quality of fruit crops produced




  10. Bears use human graves as giant refridgerators





    Link to here: http://tinyurl.com/SP-chill


    Russian bears treat graveyards as 'giant refrigerators'

    A shortage of bears' traditional food near the Arctic Circle has forced the animals to eat human corpses, say locals


    * Luke Harding in Moscow

    * guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 26 October 2010 15.32 BST

    <script src='http://img100.imageshack.us/shareable/?i=russianbear006.jpg&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>russianbear006.jpg</noscript>

    Bears are reported to be raiding graveyards in search of food in Russia's Arctic Circle republic of Komi. Photograph: Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images


    From a distance it resembled a rather large man in a fur coat, leaning tenderly over the grave of a loved one. But when the two women in the Russian village of Vezhnya Tchova came closer they realised there was a bear in the cemetery eating a body.


    Russian bears have grown so desperate after a scorching summer they have started digging up and eating corpses in municipal cemetries, alarmed officials said today. Bears' traditional food – mushrooms, berries and the odd frog – has disappeared, they added.


    The Vezhnya Tchova incident took place on Saturday in the northern republic of Komi, near the Arctic Circle. The shocked women cried in panic, frightening the bear back into the woods, before they discovered a ghoulish scene with the clothes of the bear's already-dead victim chucked over adjacent tombstones, the Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomelets reported.


    Local people said that bears had resorted to scavenging in towns and villages - rummaging through bins, stealing garden carrots and raiding tips. A young man had been mauled in the centre of Syktyvkar, Komi's capital. "They are really hungry this year. It's a big problem. Many of them are not going to survive," said Simion Razmislov, the vice-president of Komi's hunting and fishing society.


    World Wildlife Fund Russia said there had been a similar case two years ago in the town of Kandalaksha, in the northern Karelia republic. "You have to remember that bears are natural scavengers. In the US and Canada you can't leave any food in tents in national parks," said Masha Vorontsova, Director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in Russia.


    "In Karelia one bear learned how to do it [open a coffin]. He then taught the others," she added, suggesting: "They are pretty quick learners."


    The only way to get rid of the bears would be to frighten them with something noisy like a firework or shoot them, she said.


    According to Vorontsova, the omnivorous bears had "plenty to eat" this autumn, with foods such as fish and ants at normal levels. The bears raided graveyards because they offered a supply of easy food, she said, a bit like a giant refrigerator. "The story is horrible. Nobody wants to think about having a much loved member of their family eaten by a bear."


    The bear population in Russia is relatively stable with numbers between 120,000 and 140,000. The biggest threat isn't starvation but hunting - with VIP sportsmen and wealthy gun enthusiasts wiping out most of the large male bears in Kamchatka, in Russia's Far East. Chinese poachers have killed many black bears near the border, selling their claws and other parts in markets.


    The Russian government is drafting legislation to ban the killing of bears during the breeding season.


    • This article was amended on 27 and 29 October 2010. The original referred to Masha Vorontsova of WWF Russia. This has been corrected. A reference to winter breeding was deleted.


    In 2008 bears surrounded a group of miners. A couple were eaten. . . (how did Hollywood NOT make a film of this?)




    Starving Bears Eat 2 Men at Russian Mines

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008


    MOSCOW — A pack of enormous bears searching for food killed and ate two men at mines in Russia's Pacific Kamchatka region and have kept hundreds of geologists and miners from reaching the mine, news agencies reported Wednesday.


    A pack of up to 30 Kamchatka bears—which are similar to grizzlies—prowled around two mines of a local platinum mining company where they killed the two guards on Thursday, local officials were quoted by the Russian ITAR-Tass news agency as saying.


    About 400 company workers have refused to return to the mines for fear of the bears, which stand 10 feet tall on their hind legs and weigh up to 1,500 pounds, Interfax reported.


    About 10 bears have also been seen near the village of Khailino sniffing fish remains and other garbage.


    Village official Viktor Leushkin was quoted by ITAR-Tass as saying that a team of hunters will be dispatched to shoot or chase off the bears.


    "These predators have to be destroyed," Leushkin was quoted as saying. "Once they kill a human, they will do it again and again."


    Rampant fish poaching in the Kamchatka tundra often forces the bears to seek other sources of food, such as garbage. Bears frequently attack humans in the scarcely populated peninsula region.

  11. DrBubb,


    As mentioned by OP you could set up a fan page on FB. The whole benefit of getting lots of followers is that you can monetize them later, or you can pull people from FB to here. Or you could pay for ads (the advantage is that the psychodemographic targeting that FB allows is freakin tight AND it is still cheap to run ads there).


    *Success notes* Figure out the demographic you want to target, DO NOT attempt to target those you mentioned above. You mentioned their age but that is it. You need to know education levels, marridge status, type of work, age, ethnicity, do they enjoy fishing etc etc. These are who you spend time on and you know who they are when you know the psycho demographics of those already here. Like a tribe of similar people :ph34r:find more of the same tribe.




    I have a place I want to rent out. I want someone over 30, but clearly I cannot discriminate through advertising....but wait a sec! Here is FB that allows me to select to whom I show the ad. Wanting a "good" tennant who is likely to pay me, not wreck the place I go to FB ads and select


    - age 30 or above,

    - no children

    - university educated

    - then I geo target to the location my rental is in. FB will only show the ad to people who meet all these criteria, but possibly the best part is that I don't pay per view, I pay if someone clicks. This is important because if you want someone to click you write something that makes them want to click....but if you don't (eg you are a local bar and have nothing to offer on the internet...or you just want to become familiar) you write information that is unlikely to lead to a click. For $25 bucks you could easily have weeded out people that you didn't want to rent your place anyway saving time and money. (umm, guys that is a good business idea!....soz, off topic again...)


    For getting followers you can use paid advertising in much the same way - a paid ad asking them to join your page with an incentive to get them to do so. Depends on what your plan is long term as there isn't much point going all out like this just for the sake of doing it huh. Another idea - could run a contest for those who join (can go on for months) and write the best response to one of your posts.




    Avoid Twitter - I have a Twitter account with a few thousand followers. Of those I estimate only 1K are legit followers, meaning the others are attempting to make money with Twitter which sadly is the why it isn't worth my time. A well known Internet Marketer quit Twitter and left his 25K followers early this year as the response rate is low. (80% spammers/make money with tweets/mlm, 10% want to kiss/marry Justin Bieber, and 10% normal folks) You may be interested to know how I build my followers - I used a wordpress plugin called "related tweets" that automatically tweeted stuff related to the subjects I selected from my WP blog, and then it autofollowed those with whom it appeared I had a common interest. About 15 mins work in setting up in total (aside from all the WP set up). Of course you can make $ with Twitter, but it is waning and you need software help (big learning curve, not worth the effort for someone like you IMO).

  12. The initial event may have occured, just unnoticed as yet. Watch what/who is reported and (more importantly) who is ignored by mainstream media. If nothing else, it help decide who is credible in the future.


    Nice that someone loved the centinarial enough to keep him around in the bedroom, you know, given the price of real estate per square foot. They probably even dusted him and everything too so he looked fresh after 30 years. Tried to keep the cat off him... : ) awww.


    She missed out the Russian fires and Chernobyl.

  13. *There is always love in the world*


    Here are some 2010 predictions from astrologer Robert Phoenix. I like his easy going style although some of his predictions

    have the timing wrong or aren't gonna happen.



    Jupiter/Uranus In Aries Dominates Predictions For 2010


    <script src='http://img401.imageshack.us/shareable/?i=zcrystalball.jpg&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>zcrystalball.jpg</noscript>


    Look into my crystal ball...


    I’ve done my scopes for all signs for 2010, and when I do them, I do my best to synergize as many astro elements as possible and give them a semi-intuitive narrative. They’re for growth, humor and some form of epiphanous reflection. In essence they’re for levity and food for thought. I have been thinking about some other predictions for 2010, most of which are based on the stars, some of which are simply more intuitive. The heavy hitters this year, Jupiter/Pisces, Jupiter/Aries, Uranus/Pisces, Saturn/Libra all have a major role to play. Let’s have a look at what I see coming in 2010.


    Israel Attacks Iran

    I would be very surprised if this does not happen by June. According to astronomer, Mike Molner, Jupiter in Aries is the alignment for Israel. If that’s the case, then when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in June, if the conflict had not yet begun, tensions will be at an all time high and Israel will be itching to strike. Most of the world will not be in favor of the possibility of a strike and will let this be known through Saturn in Libra. Israel will not likely heed the prevailing global opinion and strike anyway. This will trigger a series of smaller conflicts that will bring us dangerously close to a global conflict.


    Massive Peace Marches

    Saturn in Libra will usher in the return of the peace march, only this time people will hit the streets in upwards of a million people at any given location. This is a world wide phenomenon and will originate in Europe. I see Spain and Italy leading the charge and the movement will take on a world wide significance. As a result, we’ll also see more and more troops deployed in record numbers to make sure that the demonstrations are peaceful. Which leads me to the next prediction


    Martial Law

    For the first time in the history of the US, we will see US troops on it’s soil. This is not very far off at all. We could be looking at 30-60 days and it will not happen all at once. There will be an event that will push US troops onto the streets (likely the crash of the dollar) and their presence will be gauged and determined how much more and how quickly the troops will escalate.


    Fall Of The Dollar

    It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen. I would look for this to occur between the end of January and the end of March.


    Rash Of Mystical Sightings

    With Jupiter in Pisces, we will have an increased number of mystic-religious sightings. The Mother Mary will begin to appear to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Jesus sightings will take place as well, but not like the Mary visions. They will add more speculative fuel for end times signs.


    California Will Have A Major Earthquake

    This quake will be centered in LA and will be in the high sevens on The Richter Scale. It will be one of the more destructive quakes in the history of The US. April/May seem to be the months that this energy is highlighted.


    The Year Of Death

    There will be a record number do deaths due to illness. Cancer rates are going to go through the roof and the new health care system (yes it will pass) will buckle under the weight of increased mortalities. Pet death will also be up sharply in 2010.

    Homegrown Technology Explodes

    There will be a wild rush of new technologies that will start to hit in 2010. It will be a trend started by a group of young people, ranging from 17 to 23. Most, but not all of the new technological developments will revolve around computing. There will be one technology in particular that will involve multi-media transference of files that will revolutionize how we experience media.


    Strange Occurrences In Phenomenon

    The laws of physics will appear to be incredibly mutable. Object will begin to pulse in and out of phase as will people at times. It won’t be that uncommon to be walking with someone and have them disappear for a moment or two then re-appear. Most people will be unaware that this is happening. There will be more contact with disincarnate spirits than ever before. By the way, the above picture was recently sent to me by a friend, from a friend. It was taken in her new apartment.


    Breakaway States

    We’ll begin to see the first real signs of the sovereign movement in The US. There will be major activity around the mid-terms that will begin to address seceding from the union. The states that will lead the charge will be Nevada, Idaho and Oregon.


    Breakaway Countries

    In addition to breakaway states, we’ll see breakaway countries, countries that will not want to be part of some larger order. Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela will be in front of this movement.

    The New Men’s Movement

    Men will move further and further away from the concept of metrosexuality and reclaim their masculinity. These leads to . . . . .

    The New Women’s Movement

    This will be based on the sacred feminine versus the ideal of unisexuality.


    The Fall Of Birth Rates

    We will begin to witness for the first time in decades a slight decline in the birth rate as fertility becomes a real issue from 2010 moving forward.

    A Small, Independent Film Will Steal The Public’s Heart

    There will be a small, indie film that will be a wild success, based on the purely positive power of it’s message. People will see it 2-3 times. It will become a deeply viral event for many people.

    Teabaggers Form Own Party, Candidates In Midterms Run

    The Teabaggers get organized and galvanize a potent, populist movement that challenges the status quo. One Teabagger emerges as their spokesperson, This perosn could quite possibly be controlled opposition.

    The Year Of The Whistle Blower

    2010 will see a number of people come forward with top secret information that will threaten to blow the lid off of some deeply buried stories. In 2010, we’ll see some initial revelations come forward regarding chemtrails. There will also be a few whistle blowers who will be feeding the public misinformation, though they will not know this as their memories will have been implanted.


    Debt Forgiveness Demands

    Countries will begin to question the legitimacy of their debt and the people will start to demand that their leaders default on debt that was for the most part accrued under corrupt regimes.


    Alien Contact

    Most people are predicting some form of this and put me on record as well. I’m not sure if they’ll be the real deal or if they’ll really have our best interests at heart, but the day is coming and I think that year is upon us.


    So that’s it for now. Come back in a year tell me if I’m a prophet or a fool, or both.


    Similarities are there. Note that on prisonplanet .com there is an article indicating that US troops have been deployed to boarders, but not to prevent illegal immigrants from entry to the US. Yikes.

  14. There is a lack of knowledge generally amongst everyone, from architects to installers, involved in construction, as to how really cost efficient many of the technologies can be comparitively in a given scenario and nearly all estimates are quoted as percentage savings based on ideal scenarios rather than true costs and savings presentations.


    Yes, exactly what I have found. Consumers seem to be reverting to their trained helplessness...the only way they can achieve home ownership is

    accumulating lifelong debt. Eco-anything is synonymous with paying extra $$$ which has got to change asap.




    Found this shipping container site - interesting fellow: http://renaissanceronin.wordpress.com/why-...ting-this-blog/


    My goal is to help families help themselves.


    My DREAM is to create an sustainable eco-village, using ISBUs, to demonstrate the abilities of these boxes to the masses, in a way that can no longer simply be dismissed as “crazy or unconventional.”


    I’d hoped that as I traveled this path, letting people become “voyeurs” I’d attract some help. But, it’s not easy being a “pariah.” (sigh!)


    So, adversity or not… we move forward, one step at a time.


    We’ll continue this as long as we can. It’s not getting any easier here, or “out there.” We all have hard decisions to make.


    My goal remains the same: Put families in safe homes, where there was none. Protect our kids (and their future) using steel, and not false-promises from bureaucrats.


    Thanks for your comments.



  15. Link here: http://www.freegreen.com/


    Personally this isn't my cup of tea. I prefer making homes for cheap or free. The idea of getting a 30 year mortgage is something I find quite

    vulgar....but each to their own. Perhaps the plans can be adapted for some kind of cheaper construction like a container home??


    Quote from http://www.celsias.co.nz/article/social-su...ething-nothing/


    Something for nothing is the most popular thing on the Internet. Freegreen offers detailed building plans for sustainability-minded house builders, renovators and remodellers. The business generates revenue by clipping the ticket of the architects, builders, and product and service suppliers featured on the website.


    “It’s an interesting, trackable, and effective way to encourage people to use green products,” says Freegreen chief executive David Wax.


    In order to avoid product bias, Freegreen acts as a transparent platform, offering ratings for each product from established third-party green certification programs such as LEED and NAHB, as well as information about performance through energy modeling research reports.


    Freegreen is also adding a recommendation feature so community members can discuss each product or service, including builders, developers, and other service providers that list on the Freegreen site.


    Essentially, Freegreen is a specialised storefront that provides detailed and usable ideas and information. It’s an elegant and credible introduction to the possibilities of sustainable house design, and the burgeoning industry that surrounds it. According to the founders, “the goal at FreeGreen is not to produce the greenest possible home but rather to provide a variety of different home plans that allow people to create homes that fit their lifestyles in a responsible and equitable manner.”

  16. Being realistic if you're successful in teaching people to trade ultimately they will strike out on their own.


    I would say the minimum that would be fair to you would be at least to take out double your initial stake over 2 or 3 years, assuming the system was that profitable.


    I agree, minimum. Or what about a larger percentage over a shorter time period? It does seem to be a high risk type thing.

  17. yep read that book about 5 years ago - i dont think their performance was that great from memory


    From the blurb on Amazon the book also talks about the emotions when one/some of the turtles did

    better than their teacher. I am enjoying this thread. Have put the book on my wish list.


    Actually on second thought don't like the idea of popstar like contest either.


    Thanks for PDF link denarii x.