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  1. Don't want to read too much into the situation, but we have large gaps on cable and oil.
  2. Silver looking hopeless. Wonder if gold will touch 1200??
  3. I'm prepared to be wrong on oil, but if that's the case then it will be cheaper to run my car lol.
  4. Your options trades have been really on the money so far. Chances are you may be correct about another stock downturn.
  5. Clear downward channel on the hourly - looks like should bounce off the lower trendline now.
  6. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Oil-Prices/Cramer-WTI-Could-Drop-To-40s-In-Ferocious-Bear-Market.html With sentiment like this who is going to want to buy oil? Although fading Cramer in the past has worked before.
  7. Oil staging a recovery. Annoyingly Brent is gaining much more than wti, and it was Brent I was originally interested in. Looks as though Brent leads wti
  8. Decided to buy the WTI contract as it has more liquidity.
  9. DrB, opinions on bidding Oil? Brent seems to have reached trendline support a day ago. Its quite difficult for me to trade oil speculatively from the UK, but I think this fund https://www.wisdomtree.eu/en-gb/etps/commodities/boost-brent-oil-3x-leverage-daily-etp will do what I want.
  10. Worth fading the drop? Seems to have almost reached trendline support. Also exhibits capitulation selling after bad news.
  11. If we were say, bullish on gold but not so much on silver, would we buy FRES since it is a major gold producer, although its mainly known as the top silver miner? I like diversifying into a cheap UK miner w/ dividend but am ambivalent about the fact that if silver underperforms, FRES could sag in the meantime. Also the long-term downtrend appears to indicate support around £7.40, which is why I'm mostly waiting patiently for proper capitulation, after the euphoric buying week of 22 Oct.
  12. The force of the shake out in the silver market is really astounding. I wonder if JP Morgan is playing games with it again.
  13. GRAN COLOMBIA GOLD ANNOUNCES UPGRADE FROM FITCH RATINGS TO B; OUTLOOK STABLE Fitch Ratings has upgraded Gran Colombia Gold Corp. to B from B minus with a stable outlook. In its commentary regarding the rating action, Fitch Ratings stated that the upgrade reflects Gran Colombia's successful refinancing of its 2020 and 2024 debentures through its $98-million (U.S.) senior secured gold-linked notes due 2024, the settlement of its 2018 debentures with shares, and the enhanced mine plan at its Segovia operations focused on cost reductions and high-grade orebodies which are driving cash flow generation. The removal of the sinking funds, which captured essentially 100 per cent of Gran Colombia's excess cash flow under its previous senior debentures, has allowed Gran Colombia to improve its liquidity position, which has enabled the company to invest in its business and conduct drilling programs in its Segovia operations in order to optimize its mining plan. Additional information with respect to this rating may be found on Fitch Ratings' website. ...and yet the stock doesn't move. LOL
  14. Yes as stated am an 'unwilling investor' in this coin since a year ago, thankfully the losses to date are a single digit percentage compared to the overall gains from last year. Most coins will eventually recover provided there is some software development behind them (the same could not be said of common stocks). Such reasons could include increasing usage network effects and decreasing supply curve from mining. At the present moment it appears to be dumping back to the baseline, but still too early to conclude that the upwards momentum has been extinguished.
  15. That's actually a call but yeah looks like Vol is back.
  16. Options sound like a fun game. I've always wondered how to buy them here in the UK - I shall have to ask my trader friend who makes options at Citi...
  17. Now $ 0.003561 +122.01% Only in crypto...
  18. Not suggesting that anyone get into this high-risk coin. But a coin I've been invested in for over a year is finally mooning: Nimiq - https://nimiq.com/en/ Price chart - https://price.nimiqx.com/. $ 0.002219 +40% Exchange - https://hitbtc.com/NIM-to-BTC Again, stress that this is high-risk stuff but this is what a pump (and eventually dump) looks like in real-time. I am betting this has some room to run...
  19. Now looking like a mini bull-flag. Good positive action compared to other watched stocks like MUX and FRES.
  20. Hang Lung looks like its falling right now - maybe towards support levels in the 17s. Why do you think its correlated with silver/gold?
  21. Yes, gold is exhibiting inverse correlation with stock markets - gold stocks could potentially be a perfect hedge. Might be a good idea to buy dividend paying gold/silver producers at support levels.
  22. Despite gold's good day, GCM remains bidless. Not a good look on the chart, MAs could be pierced soon.
  23. If the FTSE wasn't currently dropping I would have put a punt on this one while it was briefly below 900 today... alas.
  24. Good observations. Based on gold's action today, I'm feeling confident again that you're right and that we might touch 2.90 sometime next week.