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  1. I haven't bought silver yet, but after seeing today's move I'm very reluctant to get in to anything anytime soon. Disappointed to see gold breaking the lower trendline, we'll have to see if it holds. Are you still bullish DrB?
  2. Yes I did notice silver. Am already in gold so perhaps if silver pulls back a bit it would be worth a risk Are you getting into silver?
  3. I guess with FX you just need to identify those extremes in sentiment You could quite clearly see that the sentiment in the USD was quite overdone while it was able to consolidate and start recovering The negative sentiment in the EUR I suspect is only just developing. Italy developments not helping. As for gold, you don't want to step in front of any large move either way. The fractal is too big now.
  4. Now is the time to stay long gold Gold is the only trustworthy metal
  5. hector


    On the brink Sterling weakness will send this even higher
  6. hector


    Gold in sterling is making a break for it I think it's finally begun
  7. Do you guys have a stop loss price?
  8. That would be a shame Is there an alternate format you could post to e.g. blog?
  9. Thank you for the technical analysis - something I am not experienced at to the level you are. I think you are right. No real urgency - let bitcoin lead the alts down first.
  10. How attractive do you think Litecoin looks? Can it retest the $400 level?
  11. I don't actually day trade but I've observed the market for over a year like you and have experience holding positions over several months. I think there's little reward for the accompanying stress trading the current market regime. My goal is to continue focusing on strategic medium to long term positions. At the moment the only thing to do is wait, I think bitcoin can go a whole lot lower when the block size issue and the failure of the lightning network is properly priced in. I will go long when mainstream media proclaims the death of crypto once again. Honey badger don't care.
  12. I'd say the trading is still easier than fx pairs. Still, not as easy as last year
  13. You need an idea for your own story in case the market tries to tell you a different one by the time price reaches your zone. It's all about the narratives people tell themselves.
  14. I increased my position in Nimiq today - check it out at nimiq.com/miner Price ticker
  15. Must be very near the top now Only thing that can keep pumping prices is QE4...
  16. One question that is not addressed is how exactly will funds be escrowed? Unless you are using a stablecoin, the value of the funds will fluctuate. Now there are various stablecoins such as Tether and Dai, but no mention is made of them. Also, proof of concepts of these systems do not even exist and why haven't such systems caught on yet since 2014? Ethereum doesn't really make anything new possible apart from giving the cunning the ability to scam people with an ICO smart contract.
  17. I'm not a big ICO investor only invested in a couple in July. Flipped one of them for 60% and still holding the other (it's up over 200% now but at the time it never went above ICO price while Ethereum was still crashing). That experience really put me off investing in ICOs and so far I haven't regretted that decision. From a cursory look at this website it simply looks like a poor investment. I wouldn't bother playing greater fool theory with these.
  18. The real winner is cable Really outshining my gold at the moment
  19. Just looks like a glorified escrow smart contract Now if you're just looking for the quick flip then you may have a point. But I don't have the time to read through all these whitepapers. I can feel myself going slowly insane everytime I attempt to.
  20. Nice slide happening now And so the rout begins...
  21. I haven't really been keeping up with this. Are you suggesting that Hillary may go to jail, for real??
  22. The only way Jim Rogers & co can be right is if quantitative tightening accelerates this year I am personally banking on this happening
  23. Maybe after the fiat system collapses, the new replacement currency will be a fedcoin of some sort.