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  1. Keyword is has been Now it's just shitcoin roulette Can't wait for the bust I'll be on a beach when it happens
  2. This market is going to try to get everyone who cashed out early to pile back in like Isaac Newton. I ain't falling for it. Let the dumb money play with the whales.
  3. Bitcoin's Achilles heel is it's small block size. It cannot sustain the load of new owners all using it. And if you don't own your private keys then you don't really own bitcoin. This would make it very easy for governments to seize.
  4. I think the bulls are squawking too loudly now... the bubble callers have acquiesced A downturn is coming during Christmas Wouldn't be surprised to see it drop to $3000-4000 sharpish
  5. I got my start with Ethereum in Sept-Nov 2016
  6. I completely exited the crypto markets today as I think we are way overvalued now.
  7. Thanks man. Yesterday was a very good day for me indeed. I had hoped that more people would heed my advice, but that's better for me I suppose I think this upswing has the potential to be a very big one for crypto in general, similar to the tech bubble of 97-99, but as applied to money and the accelerated debasement of fiat
  8. Absolute madness. My theory is this was done to stop out long positions on altcoins The incoming public will baghold Bitcoin while alts will perform the same pump one-by-one I'm expecting payday for my Litecoins.
  9. Are you not aware of the custom hash function debacle? Also, I read yesterday that the partnership with Microsoft was a very weak one. Certainly not along the lines of the EntEthAlliance. Just some fake news to pump to.
  10. Iota is scammy as fuck But well done with the gains mate My colleague is seething with envy as he was bullish on it but I convinced him it was too risky
  11. Good. When the wider public comes to the same conclusions it's time to get out
  12. Bank Of France Governor: Bitcoin Isnt a Cryptocurrency https://cointelegraph.com/news/bank-of-france-governor-bitcoin-isnt-a-cryptocurrency This goons comments and Mike Bloomberg's shows we're nowhere near a top just yet
  13. Looks like you're going to be wrong again Litecoin bidding looks well strong today. Inevitable, since its going mainstream with Revolut adopting it as one of their currencies along with BTC and ETH. It really should have a comparable marketcap to those I can't wait to load my Revolut card with litecoin and spending it in stores
  14. Lol So quiet in here We now know that the old fogeys are the ones missing out on the great cryptocurrency trade of 2017. Keep calling it a bubble LMFAO
  15. Check the ETH price again - its now at $473
  16. Litecoins really taking off today
  17. Silver to bitcoin's gold Cross chain atomic swaps demonstrated between bitcoin and litecoin Segwit/LN is the future inter chain protocol Litecoin already has 4mb blocks (effectively) and Charlie Lee will increase capacity when litecoin becomes more popular
  18. Of course. Now here's a tip - buy Litecoins
  19. Bitcoin hard fork cancelled Disaster averted! To the moon!!! - if you still don't own crypto its not too late...
  20. You can't deny the upswing now. Get into crypto before it's too late
  21. Looking more and more likely this recovery is ON
  22. They won't criminalise, just confiscate. Since most people hold their crypto on an exchange, this will be easy to do.
  23. I'm starting to think it was just a correction. Good thing I still have a portion of crypto. We are probably going to enter a blow off top phase.
  24. Hard to say but it seems to be gathering pace Ether should be hit quite bad I would have thought
  25. For the record I cashed out around half as well on the bounce Things looking a bit dicey in the market