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  1. Not sure if the price will keep dropping due to the consolidation (why would it?), but doubled up my position at $6.20. Seems crazy cheap...
  2. A quite compelling technical narrative from ADVFN: tradesmarter 15 Nov '19 - 20:39 - 9008 of 9014 Been watching for a few days and entered this morning, couldn't get filled as the price kep moving price I wanted but loaded up quite a few at 615. I had 610 as support with secondary support at 600 and aware it could spike low to 575. For now I think this is in a long term downtrend BUT a counter trend bounce is due and whilst everything points to SELL, I think a trading bounce is on the cards and very soon this will become a very compelling investment as opposed to a trade...For now this is a short term trade BUT I will be keeping this "on radar" for investment. Whilst the short term news has been negative and broker down grades etc it would appear to me that we are oversold, approaching double bottom, long term support and a whole load of other technical patterns that suggest that a short term bounce is due and that we are probably in the last phase of the long term downtrend A lot of folk dont believe in technicals (and that is fine by me) but for now it does appear a good risk/reward set up in my book...I'll stay long above a 595 close and if wrong try again nearer 575. Looking at long term weekly trend and short term trend they all point to decent returns if you buy below 625 (as usual shares can plummet as well as fall, but lets hope there is method in my madness...betting against the dominant trend) Starting with the long term chart...below 625 looks good for a bounce? free stock charts from uk.advfn.com Potential short term bounce target free stock charts from uk.advfn.com Bearish Triangle...but counter trend bounce due? free stock charts from uk.advfn.com I'll be "flexible on approach to 650"...lets hope we get there and smash thru free stock charts from uk.advfn.com Looks like a bullish "W" bottom to me and as others have stated possible triple bottom...I see 600-610 as support zone and hope it holds (575 risk) free stock charts from uk.advfn.com Bearish long term vs the fight for bullish short term free stock charts from uk.advfn.com Mr Bollinger agrees we are well due a bounce free stock charts from uk.advfn.com Buy signals below 625 free stock charts from uk.advfn.com Short term pivot points free stock charts from uk.advfn.com Below mean average...buy below the line sell above the line free stock charts from uk.advfn.com Oversold hints time to buy was today free stock charts from uk.advfn.com Bullish "hammer" candle...suggests buyers pilled in at bottom of range free stock charts from uk.advfn.com Investors selling on approach to 100 day (bearish trend, but plenty of room to bounce and also to fall, but risk/reward is compelling) free stock charts from uk.advfn.com So technically I hope we bounce short term, we really need some meaty director buys at these low levels to "turn the market view" but down 7% this week, around 20% in 3 months, -25% this year.....it appears we have under performed the sector by around 30% and with the share price down over 50% in the last few years but revenue is up that smells like an over reaction to me and the markdown and downgrades could just be the bottom of the trend. Not had time to do in depth analysis on the fundies but had to react quick this morning on the pullback and that long term bull wedge will give one hell of a meaty return once it breaks to the upside. Best of Luck
  3. You seem to be implying that the silver price has further to fall. I can't blame you for seeing that, but I really think that the Fed's easy money policies have restarted with a vengeance and we're unlikely to return to the $14s or even $15s as in the last tightening cycle.
  4. https://www.mining.com/fresnillos-subsidiary-granted-disputed-land-in-sonora/ Could result in extra ounces.
  5. Still a stupid dog. Dunno whether it's worth adding if it drops to 600.
  6. Added half position at 646. Quite bullish on metals so also added long silver at 16.70.
  7. Love the robo dogs but I didn't see any football kicking by them so misleading headline!
  8. Almost recovered its losses after the silver crash - already sitting at 9.90 now. A lot of people must have dumped out of fright and now we are ready to go up and break $11 and into $12.
  9. That's a crazy finish to the day - during the last minute of trading the price was pushed from 0.84 to 0.91. Not sure what's up with the liquidity there.
  10. Yes I guess you're right, well you've put my mind to ease. No doubt they'll take extra precautions regardless.
  11. Doubled up at .82c. Seems too good to be true...
  12. I have never held but well done to both. Wish I could print money so easily as you guys...
  13. Agreed, best just to ignore it for a while. But an up move is imminent. Probably back into 5.50s.
  14. Don't think we'll see any big moves up on this one or HK in general. Protests still going on and business is leaving HK.
  15. Yeah I was a bit too early on this one. But I guess it's a bull market and there aren't any issues that I'm aware of. Although another mine in Burkina Faso was reported to have their convoy attacked and dozens of their men died and injured. So area not great. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-50326743
  16. Awesome. It was encouraging that it didn't go below my buy in price during this dip. Still I didn't add any more, already have 100k but I guess I'll take advantage if it goes below 40c.
  17. Loaded up on AG today around $10, think this is a good springboard to take advantage of rising silver over next few months.
  18. The Fed is sharply increasing the amount of help it is providing to the financial system The Fed now controls the timing for the next big crash - as soon as the temporary liquidity is pulled. And if it becomes a permanent facility - watch out for the dollar crash.
  19. Off to a good start. Didn't manage to acquire my full position but profit is profit.
  20. Nice one Jerpy glad to see your vote of confidence on this one. I bought abit too.
  21. DrB, are you still bullish on these? Good time to add now?
  22. Think WTI is undecided, the pinch point keeps extending into the future and even shocks like the drone crisis could not decisively break out. I believe it is better not to bet on a direction until at least December.
  23. I have the same trend channel on DXY. I believe we will stay within the channel. FX moving news today with Parliament voting on Brexit deal. Not sure which way it will go but if I had to bet, then it probably won't pass.