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  1. Nobody talking about lower energy demand due to global slowdown? Also I would never class a buy during a downtrend as a great buy. Seems like any bounce is short lived.
  2. Long S&P/DOW will be good for another year yet. Takes time for workers to put their earnings into the market. F*ck the shorts I think (mostly speculators).
  3. Not tempted to offload yet (the benefits of having bought very low). But I think we will see channel resistance above $7.
  4. Funnily enough I also made about 15% (measured against total capital deployed since I had to add). I bought 36k shares at around $1.79. I then added 28k shares at $1.30. Sold off 22k shares as it rose between $1.5 and $1.7. I was planning to hold the remaining shares beyond $2 but that third correction really got me. My reasons for selling were that I feared insiders were offloading the stock that was placed at $1.55 earlier in the year, pointing to maybe less than stellar drilling and earning prospects.
  5. Onwards and upwards. Where do you all think this will top? Any negatives on the horizon?
  6. This stock is really killing it. Have zero shares but taking it on the chin.
  7. > booking a profit You make it sound like it wasn't much of a profit. McEwen really fooled us good didn't he. Oh well.
  8. I have the same upwards channel on my gold chart. It would still surprise me if gold retraces to 1300 over the next two years. How would that even be possible? Would a sudden contraction by the Fed do this? Wouldn't that destroy the economy? Maybe the Fed will do this to get revenge on Trump and make sure he isn't reelected. EDIT: based on these concerns I have sold off 1/3 of my physical gold holding.
  9. Today DXY = 98.32 Dollar still seems suspiciously strong even though we have had rate cuts and flight to precious metals, bitcoin. Could the Fed pull a fast one and contract liquidity just when people are looking the other way?? It's about time for a recession after all.
  10. I think the Hong Kong outlook is markedly different from what it was only a year ago... I think the fear is justified.
  11. Was able to completely sell down my position without loss after I doubled up at 576 on August 1. Playing with the long term trend here and not expecting a fast recovery to £8 although I admit it may well be possible if silver stays bid.
  12. Perhaps on a retrace, I don't chase.
  13. This mine looks so sweet. I'm sad I didn't buy in when you told me about it.
  14. Decided to jump out of this at 1.87, I had enough of the action. I wonder if emotions have got the better of me here? Anyway posting for the record.
  15. On a day like today, seems quite quiet. Even allowing for summer holiday. I think the trends will continue for at least another week. Also the breakdown in crude seems significant. It broke out of the pinch prematurely, and seems like something big on the geopolitical front is imminent...
  16. They are pretty exotic stocks and I'll need to research them first. I would never take a large position on TSXV.
  17. Ok. I must say, I was expecting it to continue falling, but I'll defer to you on this occasion.
  18. Nice one, not for me though. I'm gunning for higher gold/silver prices and short squeeze. Even if I did sell I'm not sure where to place the cash. Even though McEwen diluted the float and took on debt this year, this stock still has room to move higher, I feel. So I'll take the risk and continue to hold the whole. I thought we would see 2.2?
  19. Financial Times: Central banks should consider giving people money. Pretty insane the thinking nowadays. Is this the beginning of the great hyperinflation of the West? EDIT: option 2 where the strategy is for the central banks to buy up company stocks is pretty much what is going on in Japan and Switzerland. Although it widens the gap between rich and poor, I feel this is a better idea than just blanket giving out funds indiscriminately.
  20. Quite a fall on the world stock indices. Well done for calling it. I did not see this coming. How much carnage will we be looking at by the time of the next Fed meeting?
  21. $2.01 ... I'm starting to get excited again. Bearish!
  22. Oil is having a short term bounce according to the pinching formation on WTI. Not sure if that will bounce OIH. OIH seems much weaker relative to WTI over this year.
  23. Oil compressing to a pinch point. The week beginning September 23 should be special.
  24. Lol this has now entered £6.xx. Trash company.
  25. -6% since start of year - maybe that's a lot to some people, maybe not. Always pays to be hedged during these troubled times.