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  1. Still a bit of a dog. I have the same trendlines haha. Wonder what happens when it reaches 1.7?
  2. Gold sterling has reached resistance This was my insurance policy against Theresa May's failure to deliver Brexit. Still hold 30% GBP.
  3. Now that we have appeared above 1294, think we stay within 1290-1320, gold is unlikely to ever go back below 1280.
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    Thank you DrB.
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    If I want to be long silver which is better to buy: long SLV calls or SIL? I see that SLV is for the metal while SIL is for miner stocks. Which silver calls do you hold DrB? Maybe go long both?
  6. ETH up 76% this month. May be a bet on whether Facebook's Globalcoin will be a token on Ethereum. For example Gemini Dollar (Winklevoss token) is an Ethereum token. Zuck wants to join the club.
  7. And then when gold breaks resistance, these traders then suddenly pile back in? I think we are weeks away from a genuine breakout, no time to be pessimistic. To be honest if gold goes, silver will too. Can't really lose.
  8. Still sitting pretty from my bulk purchase at 2.3. Don't know why people are complaining when it has already gained hugely and will continue to do so when gold is ready.
  9. Another heavy day of trading, think I'll watch only for now. Although if correlated with silver, may also make the case of capitulation selling.
  10. Fres looks like it's starting to finally climb outside of its crater. This may indicate that silver has bottomed, or within a couple of weeks at most.
  11. 55 million shares traded on Hang lung today, any idea what it could mean DrB?
  12. We will soon find out how well Farage has done to take votes from the Conservatives. They are guaranteed to be in 1st place - the question is by how much? The pound is set for a nasty fall on Monday.
  13. Looks like this stock has leveled out. Just waiting for silver to reach it's trendline support just above 14 before the next push up.
  14. Took your advice and sold half the DBA calls as it just got ITM.
  15. Coinbase is a good introduction to bitcoin.
  16. Yup for the time being a tiny profit after subtracting all costs. Ah, I'll give that a go next time. It's just that usually when buying shares, your limit only gets filled if it crosses the ask quotation.
  17. Learned today that option spread is wider if vol is lower. DBA fits that bill lol.
  18. Metro Bank (MTRO.L) in the UK has had its share price go from £40 in March 2018 to now £4.75. Do you think its worth the punt (at least a dead cat bounce)? Maybe around £3.90?
  19. After passing up the opportunity to buy puts in SPY, I've decided not to give up on options. EU regs preventing me from purchasing US ETFs stopped me from buying DBA in the past, however today I purchased my first ever option - a call (not just one, heh) on DBA, giving me leveraged exposure to the ETF after all. I chose an expiry of 19 Jul and strike of 16. Cost was 0.23. Hope I did that right. What can I expect to happen as the price of DBA recovers towards 16? Should I sell them out when they get ITM?
  20. Looks like SPY going down. And I'm not short. Drat. Should have could have.
  21. Solid support at 3.12 and high volume bar this past week. Thinking about adding 20-30% more shares to the position if it hits 2.92.
  22. Some more room to go..? Financial Times: Ultra-bear hedge fund manager suffers huge losses as stocks rally. Comments section is interesting.