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  1. Clearly a troll. Now, what about Elon Musk?
  2. Very cryptic. So shorting a little SPY or waiting till 300?
  3. How do you think 'they' will try to bring cryptos down? Will that risk harming economic growth? As long as blockchain doesn't displace central bank fiat I don't see what they would have against it?
  4. Bitfinex Used Tether Reserves to Mask Missing $850 Million Seems just a correction.
  5. TZA wasn't on my radar. But I looked back at your previous option trades and I did see you use calls on it. TBH I'd rather just buy it outright but I can't buy US ETFs due to EU regs. Ok no mirroring then, it was just a thought. I do wonder if there's an opportunity to take advantage of here, or will the stock market go parabolic first, in which case there are at least a few more weeks of this rally to go. Perhaps sell in May and go away?
  6. Ok cool. I'd be prepared to mirror any SPY trade, as I have never done it before, but I still want to try while the index is at all-time highs. Or I can wait till it crosses 300+. Anyhow, I'd need some guidance on how to pick a strike and expiry. Are there charts of the options and are the SPY options traded on exchange or just OTC? So many questions haha. I at least know a smidge from a past job at an options dealer, but never learnt the strategies or read Hull. Also gonna ask my options dealing friend at Citi maybe he'll know something.
  7. Any ideas about buying SPY puts DrB? Or maybe waiting for it to go higher, although it's already gone up so much already. I'm not really familiar with choosing an expiry, strike price and option valuations, how would you choose whether to buy ITM or not?
  8. Societe Generale SFH, the covered bond vehicle of Societe Generale, issued the first covered bond (EUR 100m) as a security token on a public blockchain. On Ethereum no less.
  9. Just bought at £7.86, probably idiotic but still at a lower price than most.
  10. Given that parliament has shown their unwillingness to allow a no deal Brexit, this allows the EU to demand concessions from Britain in exchange for extending the deadline. Well played. This can probably go on for a while.
  11. I'm starting to think property, as it's relatively scarce and is the new store of value replacing gold. You can also live in it and earn yield on it. Now just need to find someplace where it's undervalued, probably not London unless hard Brexit happens.
  12. Perhaps, but I'd say we're staring in the face of an global economic downturn, so demand may not be there.
  13. I was interested in buying DBA in the UK but it seems trading is restricted for "retail" clients like myself - this is to do with certain US ETFs neglecting to provide a Key Information Document. Should I forget about the trade or is there another way to get a similar exposure?
  14. ETH breaking out of long term downtrend:
  15. Not denied but delayed, indefinitely, until the bankers/politicians get the deal they want.
  16. Is anyone long? The last bull run in 2017 there was at least some chatter here.
  17. No reason for good to always triumph. No one cares about this issue anymore just flip a coin ffs.
  18. I'm unable to articulate a reason other than a gut feel that "they" will want to keep the equities rising until July. I could be wrong of course. But I feel that trading is treacherous right now (for casual investors like myself). I'm roughly 40% crypto, 25% gold (metal & miners) and the rest in sterling, I feel that is a good diversification and there's not much need to adjust that until H2. In other news May's Brexit deal is looking likely to pass now and the proceedings will take up best parts of May and June to wrap up. I'm expecting a buoyant sterling market as the money piles back in, but I'll just stick to my cash pile as buying into equities is still toppy.
  19. Nothing is clear anymore. Best not to trade at all until July.
  20. Wow congrats for your city! You recommended I check it out a while ago, and I will get around to it. Perhaps I will make a visit this fall/winter.
  21. McEwen Mining Terminates Equity Distribution Agreement This seems to be raising the price a bit in after hours.
  22. Nice recovery lol... still holding. Not a bad companion to hold during this gold bull.
  23. Fuel The Rockets, Liftoff is Due April 24th
  24. I finally got the time today to sit down with the book. It was pretty much a giveaway which chapter was referring to you. I am impressed by your career background. The investment history and advice is also good. I will also pick up Niederhoffer's book on your recommendation. I have a feeling it will be as instructive as Livermore's classic.