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  1. > But I dont think you can rule out the demise of BTC, & replacement by another Crypto. Haha, good one! I haven't believed in BTC since 2015 when I took a whacking great loss on it, amid the first arguments on the block size. My vision is for Ethereum to become the premier blockchain, and this is what I intend to focus on. Timing-wise could be anytime from now to 2020 for all we know.
  2. Thoughts on crypto slide? Buying now has got to make money over a 5 year horizon, but its always tempting to try to time bottoms. Livermore did say the first and last eighths of a move were the most expensive... he advocated buying on new highs. Not something I do too regularly. EDIT: does feel like there's room below for it to trade at, so not buying at these levels
  3. Hmm, salient points. Its true that its still within the laser beam. It seems to have caught a bid this afternoon so a bit too risky for my liking while its parked there. I haven't been doing well this month so I'll just wait this one out, and save the capital for other opportunities when they become available.
  4. In my opinion I think crude has formed a temporary bottom. There is the OPEC meeting on the 6th Dec where they are bound to reduce output. DrB do you think the laser beam still makes it too dangerous for a quick play? I would be looking to target the 56-57 area. Might be worth a punt on a correction to around 50.5.
  5. What do you think of the Mexico uncertainty around the new President?
  6. Thanks DrB. A laser beam is a helpful analogy - or in other words, don't catch the falling knife. It's especially dangerous in these current times due to the ongoing monetary tightening. === (added by DrB): TOP ... : Chan-GE : MP : PP : Charts2 : Acore : Fringe : : : : 3d : ag : au : 10d-Gvs.UK : >News : DrRp : AJo : Fox : WRH : Arc : RenA : Rvd : FxN :
  7. One thing I learned quickly about oil ETFs is that they don't match the performance of oil over longer time frames. Apparently due to contango when rolling over swaps/futures.
  8. Good thing I cut that crap oil really starting to capitulate I think Cramer is right on this one - $43 then maybe $40
  9. F*ck. Managed to get out at breakeven. Fresnillo shares sink 11% on Mexico uncertainty Shares in London-listed silver miner Fresnillo fell 11 per cent on Thursday amid rising uncertainty about the impact of proposed mining legislation in Mexico. Mexican lawmakers have proposed a series of bills that could restrict mining in the country, as President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador prepares to take power next month following his landslide victory in July. This week a member of the president’s Morena party proposed a bill that would require the consent of indigenous communities before granting mining concessions on their land, and allow the Ministry of Economy to revoke mining permits that have what is deemed to be a negative social impact. It is the latest in a total of 11 bills presented to Congress that could impact mining, according to analysts at Morgan Stanley. Investors have grown increasingly concerned about what the leftwing president will do with his election mandate when in office. The country’s benchmark IPC index has fallen by 16 per cent year-to-date. The proposed bills, if passed, would have an 11 per cent impact on earnings per share for Fresnillo, the bank said. It cut its rating on the stock to “Underweight” from “Equal-Weight.” “The increasing number of bills being proposed in Mexico bears potentially negative connotations for the mining industry and thus Fresnillo,” the bank said. Shares in Fresnillo, a member of the FTSE 100, last traded down 11 per cent to 810.8p.
  10. Yeah. Good thing the badness of oil is being balanced by the goodness of FRES, otherwise I'd be really pissed.
  11. Looks like a down day on SPX looks like luck ran out..? (no disrespect intended)
  12. FRES nicely up now and there has been chatter that the required number of letters to oust Ms. May is driving some of this. Silver price also following through.
  13. As of right now, already up 42p (am I reading this right??) EDIT: may be broker platform issue EDIT2: looks like something weird happened at the LSE. Low for the day is 106.5 ?
  14. Looks like sagging played out. Bought FRES @ 822
  15. No worries DrB. Decided to plunge, Bought FRES @ 822.
  16. DrB, I have been watching your favourite stocks in particular FRES. Silver seems to be turning up while FRES is back down this morning. Worth the punt? I'm already moving the money as we speak. Although if stock indexes are recovering like you say, that may be bearish for mining stocks, but not sure the effect will be that big.
  17. Given what I'm hearing it seems there's nothing to do on this stock until it goes up. Probably 5 CAD, but who knows how long that will take?
  18. Here's my experience. When I blew up 2 FX margin accounts I realised there were better things to spend my life on. I swore off trading completely. 3 years later I spotted that Ether was undervalued and since the Pound was under pressure due to Brexit and QE I was fed up with my meagre savings losing value and decided to bet a third of my net worth on Ether. Ether then promptly lost 50% but you cannot quit (i.e. get stopped out), its all or nothing. Then the miracle happened, the price went above my buy-in price and I remembered to HODL. I multiplied my stake by x50 by Christmas. Now I have invested a third of that in gold, gold stocks, oil and Ether (again). The rest in interest-bearing deposits. I think its important to bear in mind how easy it is to give back what you have gained, and QT sucks up dollar liquidity causing falling markets, so it'll be hard to make multiples for a while.
  19. When I woke up to the news that Raab resigned today, I could not help but just shake my head. Regardless of effect on markets (of which the FX pair has been nearly milked for all its worth) this is the state of our leaders in the UK - and it seriously makes me fed up. I hope there is a big change in leadership soon. I won't forgive my country if they end up suckered into a bad deal. I will move to Hong Kong (or thereabouts) to enjoy the sunshine and low taxes.
  20. Bitcoin is finished Getting mah popcorn..
  21. Haha. Got to feel for mr. justinob2018. I have been there but many years ago. You can't go full retard in this year's market.
  22. Wow. All I can say is I'm glad I wasn't desperate enough to buy oil on margin.
  23. > human race faces extinction Unlikely. Tells you all you need to know about 'scientists'. Or reporters. Glad to see mgtow getting recognition, although we don't care whether others follow in our footsteps, the more cucks the better.
  24. To me however, its still possible we make new highs on the SPX at least. Why write off that possibility?