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    Investing, Trading, History, Human behaviour & the general madness of the Sheeple.

About Me

Married, 2 sprogs.

Semi retired with equity in a couple of small businesses.

Living in Norfolk past 5 Years having moved from Hertfordshire.

Been following Financial markets for 15 years.

Experienced with a range of investment styles, markets and timeframes.

Happy to waste the day away Day-trading/scalping when conditions are right but have made the best gains through longer term holds.

Use TA to day trade where I try to simply go with the noise of the moment. Mostly use Hourly candles for entry and stops for the short term stuff.

For longer term investments I tend to take a contrary view where I feel 'extremes' in sentiment are being expressed. I have my own quirky indicators and feel comfortable (sort of!) taking the other side. Despite the awkwardness of feeling somewhat alone with this approach it has yielded the best results by far.