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  1. Sounds like the sorts of expeditions Dr RAM was involved with in Antarctica, but keeps quiet about
  2. Unfortunately once we stray from truth we end up having to assume, speculate and guess what might be going on. If you wanted to keep your existence secret on earth then for sure you would locate somewhere far away and inaccessible to the vast majority of humans - Polar regions, mountainous regions and oceans. Thule Island (German Occult Thule Society) located in Antarctica has been blurred out on Google maps for a long time for some reason. Courtney Brown and Daz Smith look like they will do a remote viewing session of Antarctica - hopefully soon Dr B are you still into remote viewing?
  3. Perhaps we need a thread about AI, the Matrix and time travel? The Satanic Cabal can construct our future by directing events in the present. If we do exist in a Matrix someone has done a good job convincing us we're real life forms. Can AI truly mimic life as we understand it and can freewill exist in a matrix? Sparky I know you are into predictive software / AI / Borg Matrix stuff
  4. Whilst it is possible we do live in a matrix like existence, it is also possible that we do have physical form but our mind and soul may be influenced and manipulated by AI. As I understand many advanced ET’s use AI widely for the right reasons as opposed to what is going on here. We must also be mindful that if a very advanced form of AI is controlling our thoughts then what is to say all our thoughts are just programs causing us to believe we understand what is or has gone on? We are biological entities with a soul and intelligence, so, even if we were trapped in a Matrix we would at some point evolve to find a way out – as the Borg would say ‘resistance is futile’ ! I take the view that if we can imagine something then it will be possible at some point. I suspect the truth will lie somewhere in-between and any change we want must be driven by the people who come to the realisation that there is something very wrong with the way earth is run and once we cross that threshold many truths will be forced out. Unfortunately any system of Governance that uses lies and deception to control people will lead to human suffering, destruction and evil itself. But, we are clearly in a battle and game for control of our mind and soul by the Satanic Psychopathic Cabal who mimic the Draco Reptilian control system to keep the farm animals in their pen.
  5. Interesting article http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-09-17-john-mcafee-accidentally-revealed-why-bitcoin-is-a-total-fraud-behold-the-logic-of-artificial-work.html?utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fzen.yandex.com "Natural News) In a recent CNBC interview that’s being widely touted by self-deluded Bitcoin promoters as some kind of “smack down” of JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, Bitcoin advocate John McAfee accidentally admitted why Bitcoin is a total fraud that’s doomed to fail. In answering Jamie Dimon’s recent declaration that Bitcoin is a fraud, McAfee replied: (see the video at The Daily Sheeple) "However, sir… you called Bitcoin ‘a fraud.’ I’m a Bitcoin miner. We create Bitcoins. It costs over one thousand dollars per coin to create a Bitcoin. What does it cost to create a U.S. dollar? Which one is the fraud? Because [the dollar] costs whatever the paper costs, but it costs me and other miners over a thousand dollars per coin – it’s called ‘proof of work.’ Behold the logic of artificial work: How John McAfee just embraced Paul Krugman’s ditch digging fable The problem with John McAfee’s explanation, of course, is that it admits Bitcoins can only be created through the practice of computational wheel spinning operations where the difficulty and duration of such wheel spinning is artificially made needlessly complex by the Bitcoin algorithm. In a world where Bitcoins used to be created for less than one penny’s worth of computational work, a single Bitcoin now requires over US$1,000 worth of “artificial work” to be achieved. A rational person must ask McAfee, “Why did Bitcoins used to cost just a penny to create, and now they cost a thousand dollars?” The 100,000 X increase in complexity for generating a Bitcoin, it turns out, is an artificial work algorithm known as “computational difficulty” in mining. This admission should be shocking to all Bitcoin holders for the simple reason that if Bitcoin drops below $1,000, mining now becomes unprofitable, rendering a very large part of the entire Bitcoin mining infrastructure instantly obsolete. The only thing keeping Bitcoin mining profitable right now is the bubble pricing of Bitcoin itself, and because all bubbles eventually burst, Bitcoin mining will sooner or later reach a point where it’s not worth the investment of hardware, electricity and time. (There’s also the 21 million coin limit that’s rapidly approaching, by the way, which will spell the end of Bitcoin mining as it is conducted today.) Furthermore, the “artificial work” aspect of Bitcoin mining and its artificial computational complexity is the digital equivalent of paying people to dig ditches and fill them in again while claiming the activity boosts economic output. This idea, believe it or not, is the classic economic paradox routinely pushed by left-leaning economic myth-meisters like Paul Krugman. Those of you who follow economic news know that Krugman openly and wholeheartedly believes that government could boost the economy by literally paying millions of people to dig ditches and fill them in again. This artificial work generates real-world abundance, according to economic fools like Krugman. That’s why Zero Hedge rightly posts an article entitled, “Why Paul Krugman Should Go Back To 5th Grade.” And yet Paul Krugman’s ditch-digging artificial work is actually no different than John McAfee’s Bitcoin mining artificial work. In both cases, McAfee and Krugman ridiculously claims that work along has intrinsic value, even if little or nothing is actually accomplished in the real world. According to McAfee, computational expenditure automatically equals value, even when the notion is patently absurd to any rational person. If CPU cycles equaled wealth, then no one in the world would ever have to work again because people could just run computers all day and let the CPUs create wealth. Any belief in such a system is, of course, irrational and absurd. There is no such thing as a perpetual wealth-generating machine unless you own the money supply itself and can hoodwink others into trading their effort for your currency. That’s what the Federal Reserve does, of course, and that’s the entire con of the Bitcoin Ponzi scheme: To recruit as many people as possible into the Bitcoin scheme so that they pay you cash in exchange for your CPU cycles. To produce artificial work, Bitcoin consumes enormous resources Bitcoin’s “proof of work,” in other words, is nothing more than artificial work. Yet what is the real world result of such artificial work? While generating absolutely nothing that’s real in the real world — remember as Steve Quayle says, “If you can’t touch it, you don’t own it” — the Bitcoin mining process consumes enormous amounts of electricity, computing hardware and time. Yet in the end, there’s nothing to show for all that work except for carbon dioxide emissions and mercury pollution from the Chinese coal plants that power nearly a third of global Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin, in fact, has become one of the key vectors of environmental pollution that’s causing hazardous air in California’s cities. McAfee claims that “artificial work” is actually “proof of work.” In reality, it’s proof of nothing more than the incredible stupidity of the mining infrastructure which is now burning more electricity than a city of one million people just to keep the Bitcoin blockchain from collapsing. “Surely there’s some value in the work that we did to create the coin,” McAfee stated. But actually, there isn’t any real-world value in it at all. Bitcoin is a digital fiat currency backed by nothing, and all the “work” used to create Bitcoins is actually “artificial work” that’s made artificially complex for no logical reason other than a crude mechanism for artificial scarcity. Yet even that scarcity is a complete failure, since any person can create and launch their own cryptocurrency alongside Bitcoin, instantly creating a massive new supply of crypto coins that flood the marketplace. (And many newer cryptos are vastly superior in design to Bitcoin. For example, Z-cash…) On top of all that, Bitcoin is clearly not a store of value, and recent research by Princeton scientists found that Bitcoin isn’t anonymous, either. Bitcoin is also highly subject to government regulation, as the recent market plunges clearly demonstrated, following the announcement of China’s largest Bitcoin exchanges closing their doors. Liquidations of Bitcoin by Chinese investors are already underway and will continue through September 30th. One by one, all the promises we were told about Bitcoin have unraveled: It isn’t anonymous, transactions aren’t “instant,” transactions aren’t “free,” Bitcoin isn’t a reliable store of value, it isn’t immune to government regulations and so on. Yet John McAfee, in his self-deluded cluelessness, points to artificial work and says, essentially, “See? We’re expending CPU cycles for all this! Doesn’t that have value?” Actually, it doesn’t, Mr. McAfee. It has no more value than the GPU calculations of a nine-year-old kid playing a first person shooter on a Saturday afternoon. Yeah, his rig is running all sorts of complex calculations, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing to show for it other than Cheetos crumbs that fell between the cushions of the couch. Computation does not automatically equal value Computation alone does not equal real-world value. John McAfee’s attempt to conflate the two ideas only shows how deeply he has deluded himself about the future of Bitcoin. And those who falsely believe that computation equals value are only allowing themselves to be fooled by this non-logic for the simple reason that they all own Bitcoin — i.e. Bix Weir and others — and can’t come to grip with reality without admitting they were wrong all along. The bottom line? Bitcoin is headed for failure, but cryptocurrency is here to stay. The most likely long-term scenario in all this is that we’ll see a cryptocurrency backed by JP Morgan and the government — a blockchain with built-in NSA snooping and an identity layer so that all transactions can be tracked by the IRS to enable government confiscation and criminalization as deemed “appropriate” by the crooks in Washington. Once this “approved” blockchain is rolled out, it won’t be long before government finds a way to criminalize all “unapproved” blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. And how hard is it for government to criminalize Bitcoin? Not hard at all: It’s a simple matter to run a false flag dirty bomb operation — the FBI already masterminds and executes terrorist plots every day across America — then make sure the “bad guys” who are recruited into the sting operation are fully funded by Bitcoin. A few hours later, the fake news New York Times will declare, “CHICAGO DIRTY BOMB TERROR PLOT FUNDED BY BITCOIN.” And the house of cards falls like dominoes. The entire media will be directed by the CIA to describe Bitcoin as a “currency for terrorists, murderers and drug dealers,” and Bitcoin will be targeted in exactly the same way the Silk Road was taken down. A few Bitcoin promoters will be imprisoned, the government will claim it’s “fighting terrorism,” and the clueless sheeple of society will applaud the news that they are being “protected” by authorities. Seeing all this play out is as clear as day. And why is this so obvious? Because we are all living as slaves in a totalitarian society run by fake news, fake terrorism and fake authority. Will that totalitarian regime allow all their central banks and government currencies to be made obsolete by a libertarian cryptocurrency they don’t completely control? Of course not. And anyone who believes Bitcoin will overthrow the globalist money / debt cartels is naive and stupid. Trust me when I say a bunch of geeks aren’t going to overthrow centuries of globalist money domination that now rules our corrupt world."
  6. Yes, I cashed my bitcoin in today. Don't like the idea of being at the mercy of Bitstamp. Can always buy some later on once the dust has settled.
  7. Dear We would like to take this opportunity to let you know our plans for the upcoming weeks as we navigate any potential disruptions on the Bitcoin (BTC) network. As always, our focus will continue to be on the safety of your funds. In the event of a User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF) on 1 August or thereafter, it is important to clarify that Bitstamp would not be in a position to support Bitcoin Cash (BCC), the coin associated with the Bitcoin Cash proposal. In Bitstamp's view, BCC is an alt-coin and the decision to list BCC tokens remains at our sole discretion at all times. If Bitstamp chooses to list BCC, we would decide at our own discretion on what course of action to take with balances deriving from the hard fork. BCC would also be subject to the same due diligence processes as for any other alt-coin, which requires time and careful planning. For these reason, Bitstamp is not in a position to support BCC, nor will Bitstamp be liable for any BCC sent to Bitstamp. As always, the safety of your funds remains our number one priority. To this end, as a security precaution, we will be disabling bitcoin deposits and withdrawals on 31 July 2017 at 23:00 hrs UTC to ensure that all BTC funds stored at Bitstamp remain secure. Trading will remain unaffected throughout. Deposits and withdrawals will be resumed only when we deem it safe and prudent to do so. We will leave it to you to decide whether to withdraw your BTC funds from Bitstamp prior to this cut-off date if you would like to access BCC or any other hard fork, and Bitstamp shall not be held liable for any consequences of that decision, from neither a financial, operational nor regulatory standpoint. To be clear, Bitstamp has no favoured outcome to the resolution of the bitcoin scaling issue. Our sole focus is on you and your best interests. As such, we are continuing to monitor developments closely. Please check our Twitter feed, Facebook page and website for the latest news, updates and developments. Best, The Bitstamp team
  8. Post can be found on DollarVigilante.com 07/30/2017 Some people have put the label "Ethereum hater" on me because I recommended selling it when it hit $400 in June. I'm far from an Ethereum hater though. In fact, I was recommending it before most people who own Ethereum today even knew it existed. I recommended it to TDV subscribers at $2 in January 2016. I've been a fan of Ethereum from before it even existed. I met with Anthony Di Iorio and super genius Vitalik Buterin at their office at DECENTRAL in Toronto years ago when Ethereum was just a glimmer in Vitalik's eye. But, when I first recommended it, 18 months ago, Ethereum had a $150 million market cap. By the time it hit $400 it boasted over a $30 billion market cap. And I felt it had gone too high, too fast. And it certainly was getting all the buzz with Vladimir Putin promoting Ethereum and Floyd "Money Maker" Mayweather tweeting about it! And, it turned out I was right that Ethereum had gone too high, too fast as it currently trades below $200. Aside from that Ethereum has a lot of issues. Being the first platform of its type it has had lots of problems (ahem… DAO) and lots of limitations and issues. Some of them are part of the design itself… which means it will be difficult if not impossible for Ethereum to adapt or change. This is where Dan Larimer comes in. DAN LARIMER Dan Larimer is another Vitalik like genius. He has already created Bitshares, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which currently has a market cap of $280 million. After that he created Steem, a decentralized social media platform, which has a market cap of $233 million. I consider Steem to be truly genius. Not only did Larimer imagine how it could be possible but he designed it all from scratch and it has worked nearly flawlessly since its launch about 18 months ago. On top of this, Dan is an anarcho-capitalist with a deep understanding of Austrian economics. On his personal blog and non-violence profitable." He had me at Austrian economics! And now he has created EOS. Suffice it for now to say that EOS competes in the same space as Ethereum and potentially has numerous, major advantages. It could realistically be an "Ethereum killer". Although It is still in early stage development and hasn't even launched yet. But this is where you can potentially get massive gains as an early speculator. EOS has just begun its ICO and you can still purchase as an ICO, and find out more about it here. Note that, as always, it is not available to Americans. It has also just begun trading this month on a few cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitfinex and Kraken are two of the more popular ones. As I mentioned yesterday, I really like Bitfinex (and you can get 10% off your commissions in the first month by signing up using this link: dollarvigilante.com/bitfinex) EOS is still in development and just began trading and EOS is already the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, trading at a $400 million market cap near $1.75. So far, the parent company, block.one, has already raised over $200 million via token sales. An absolutely staggering amount… and also a good backstop for the value of EOS. Barring something quite crazy happening we shouldn't see EOS trade much below its cash value. In the meantime, given the current pullback in the cryptocurrency space, I suggest you try to pick some EOS up at current price levels. At the time of this writing it is trading at $1.74 USD. It was trading at over $5 when it launched earlier this month… and we could see it trading well over $5 very quickly once people find out about it. You can see my recent interview with Dan Larimer on EOS here: CONCLUSION EOS has a star studded cryptocurrency team. Aside from Dan Larimer, who I consider one of the top minds in the space and inventor of the delegated-proof-of-stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm, there is also Brock Pierce, creator of the first ICO token, Mastercoin and Ian Grigg is the financial cryptographer. If they can follow through on their plans to create this platform there is nothing stopping EOS from being as big, or bigger than Ethereum. Ethereum currently has a market cap of $17 billion while EOS has a market cap of $300 million. In other words, we could see EOS increase in value by more than 50 times if they succeed. If they don't, however, it could go to zero. So, that is the risk/reward. For those who wished they had bought a few thousand dollars worth of Ethereum 18 months ago when it was $2 this may be your second chance. If you do buy some I recommend subscribing to The Dollar Vigilante newsletter (HERE) as we regularly cover and update on all the cryptocurrencies, including EOS. Here is our track record on cryptocurrencies to date: We will see in the coming year if EOS is yet another massive gain or not.
  9. Watch "Why is the Queen Funding The Clinton Crime Syndicate? Wet Works... Eugenics... Or Both?" Also:- Britain wanted to threaten Saddam’s Iraq with chemical weapons https://www.rt.com/uk/396969-thatcher-chemical-weapons-saddam/ Britain tried to free Hitler’s first deputy from Spandau imprisonment https://www.rt.com/uk/396952-nazi-prison-hess-release/
  10. Russia-US missile treaty should be bypassed by helping allies make nukes – GOP Senator - pushing for a new arms race to support the military industrial complex https://www.rt.com/news/396734-russia-us-inf-nuclear-cotton/ MPs demand truth on hidden costs of £150bn F-35 warplane deal - How money is siphoned to black projects https://www.rt.com/uk/396696-mps-f35-hidden-costs/
  11. Afghanistan civilian deaths hit record highs as US airstrikes reach 2012 levels https://www.rt.com/usa/396624-afghanistan-air-force-airstrikes-civilian-casualties/
  12. Iranian FM says ISIS, Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda get their money & ideology from US allies https://www.rt.com/news/396501-iran-us-terror-isis-trump/
  13. Indonesia blocks access to Telegram over ‘terrorist propaganda’ concerns https://www.rt.com/news/396444-indonesia-blocks-access-telegram/ “Loser” terrorists mostly from broken families – former High Court judge ................ha, ha More smoke and mirrors to hide the main banking cabal funders https://www.rt.com/uk/396230-family-breakdowns-terrorist-extremism/ Donations from British public funding Islamist extremism, govt report finds - more smoke and mirrors https://www.rt.com/uk/396236-donations-islamist-funding-terrorism-extremism/ Saudi Arabia funding terrorist-breeding mosques – ex-UK ambassador to Riyadh https://www.rt.com/uk/396245-saudi-arabia-extremist-funding/ UK Government criticised over 'suppressed' extremist report http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40581819 US troops inside ISIS stronghold Raqqa in Syria – military official https://www.rt.com/usa/396159-us-troops-inside-isis-stronghold-raqqa/ Condemnation as govt bans report into who funds Britain’s extremists https://www.rt.com/uk/396137-extremist-foreign-funding-report/ Cozy relationship between Blair govt & Gaddafi regime uncovered in secret files https://www.rt.com/uk/396010-libya-gaddafi-close-relations/
  14. Deadly Investments UK bank complicity in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people http://media.waronwant.org/sites/default/files/Web%20version%20pdf%20WoW_Israel_Deadly%20investments_July2017.pdf?_ga=2.80029335.108251349.1499861927-1464470796.1499861927 2017 marks 50 years of Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights, and a decade since Israel cemented its blockade on the Gaza Strip. The impacts of the occupation and siege on Palestinians have been devastating, an ever-intensifying system of human rights abuse and imposed poverty on millions of Palestinians.Israel’s militarised repression of the Palestinian people extends beyond the scenes of checkpoints and bombings we have unfortunately become accustomed to. The Israeli military, security services and police maintain an intense regime of surveillance, physical violence on people, and destruction of Palestinian homes and properties in all of the areas under Israeli control, including against Palestinian citizens of Israel. This violence and destruction is made possible by Israel’s trade in arms with dozens of countries, including the UK. On paper, the UK has strict rules and regulations about trading arms with regimes that systematically abuse human rights. In reality, legal loopholes and a lack of scrutiny enable the regular export of military technology and weaponry from the UK to repressive regimes around the world, making the UK government complicit in the abuses and war crimes committed by states such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and our focus for this report, Israel. The deadly trade of arms is facilitated not only by the UK government; UK banks and financial institutions participate in Israel’s militarised repression by holding shares in companies that sell military technology and weapons to Israel, and by providing and facilitating loans to companies producing such military technology and weapons.
  15. Off topic a bit but it does apply to most information and if people are dealing with misinformation they will come across as a bit dumb to those in the know more, lol Perhaps we need a thread listing what we consider are trusted researchers. The problem with whistle blowers is that any genuine ones will be threatened, ruined or eliminated. Older whistle blowers are probably more reliable because their secrecy agreements have expired and probably allow certain information directly related to their experiences to be releases but will be 50 years out of date. Presumably most whistle blowers need to disclose through a respected researcher