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  1. I am going to update this BLUE CHIP Paper Portfolio, to see if it outperformed the PSEI index BLUE Portfolio PortB. : # shs : 07/15: value : Pct. : 09/25 : value : % chg. CASH : ——— : ——— : P1,060 : 1.1%: -- -- -- : P1,060 : AGI : 5,500 : P6.00: 33,000 : 33.0%: P7.06: 38,830: +17.7% - DrB’s pick AC. : 45 : 732.0 : 32,940 : 32.9%: 692.5: 31,163: - 5.40% SMC. : 330 : 100.0: 33,000 : 33.0%: P98.5: 32,505: - 1.50% ===== ==========> : 7/15: 100,000: ====>: 9/25: 102,499: +2.50%, thnx to AGI = PSEI Index> : 7/15: 6,017 : ====>: 9/25 : 5,839 : - 2.96% Only AGI was up. That was DrBubb's suggestion. It is hard to beat the market averages. In this case by buying an undervalue stock when it was oversold, it was possible for the paper portfolio to beat the index by 5.5%
  2. HOW MANY WARRANTS? = 17.71 Million @ C$2.75 + CGC Shares: 2,222,222 special warrants sold at an issue price of $2.25 (1.11Mn wts) 2,222,222 new shares + 1,111,111 new warrants, with strike price at $2.75. Expiry: until July 29, 2025. Caldas Gold may accelerate the expiry date of the Warrants after July 29, 2023 in the event that the closing price of the Common Shares on the TSX Venture Exchange (or such other exchange on which the Common Shares may principally trade at such time) is greater than CA$2.75 per share for a period of 20 consecutive trading days + CGC Gold-linked Debs: $83.1 Million with 200 wts (at C$2.75 strike) per $1,000 Face / (so US$83.1 Million = 16.6Mn wts (footnote on CL's hldg.: 30k + 300k x200= 60k : 90k x$3= C$270k)
  3. Will CGC BREAKOUT? Or slide... Now that the placement shares sold at $2.25 -wts, start trading? CGC group: YTD.: 10d / CGC: $2.85 (45.4%), GCM: $6.28, wtB: $4.15 - @ 9.25.2020 GCM group: YTD.: 10d / GCM: $6.28, wtB: $4.15, CGC: $2.85: GLDX: $3.65, ESV.h: $0.56, WA: $0.155 @ 9.24.20  (Adding ESV in late Sept., "Group" valuations may look like this): Gran Colombia related Companies & Enterprise Value of Deposit - (4/16/2020 framework) @ 9/24/2020 Company ————— (symbol) $ Price: shsOS: MktCap. : Gcm%: $-Value (%GCM): 02/24: vs. Old Peak Val. Caldas Gold Corp. (CGC.t. ) : C$2.85: 106.M: $302.1M: x57% : $172.2M: (44.3%): C$2.00: $212.0M, $157M Gold X Mining Corp. (GLDX.v): C$3.65: 58.9M: $215.0M: x21% : $45.15M: (11.6%): C$2.34: $137.8M, $ 29M "Denarius Silver". (ESV.h.v): C$0.56: 71.2M: $ 39.9M: x47% : $ 18.75M: ( 4.8%): C $0,00: $. 0.00M, $ 00M Western Atlas Res. (WA.v. ) : C$.155: 80.0M: $ 12.4M: x20% : $. 2.48M: ( 0.6%): C$.085: $ 6.80M, $ 1.4M === : Four GCM co’s ====== : =====: =====: $569.4M: ==== : $238.6M: (61.4%) =====> : ======> $187M (44%) Gran Colombia Gold (GCM.t): C$6.28: 61.9M : $388.7M: ==== : ======= : (100.%): C$6.94 : C$422M (100%) --------- vs. 4/16/2020 (GCM.t): C$5.70: 60.8M : $346.6M: ==== : ======= : (100.%): C$6.94 : C$422M (100%) Wow. Over 60% (ie 61.4%) of GCM's MktCap is covered by investments in these four companies RATIO: CGC to GCM looks like a "SELL" at about 50% - Now 45%
  4. Special Wts, Will be split & trading on Monday (Sep.28th) Caldas Gold files final prospectus for offering / 2020-09-21 18:20 ET - News Release Mr. Mike Davies reports CALDAS GOLD FILES SHORT FORM PROSPECTUS IN CONNECTION WITH OFFERING OF SPECIAL WARRANTS Caldas Gold Corp. has filed and obtained a receipt for a final short form prospectus in each of the provinces of Canada, except Quebec, in connection with its $50-million bought deal private placement of 22,222,222 special warrants, completed on July 29, 2020. The prospectus qualifies for the distribution 22,222,222 common shares and 22,222,222 common share purchase warrants, issuable for no additional consideration, upon the deemed exercise of the special warrants. The offering was conducted by a syndicate of underwriters co-led by Scotiabank and Canaccord Genuity Corp. As a result of obtaining the receipt, the special warrants shall be deemed to be exercised and the common shares and warrants underlying the special warrants will be issued, effective at 5 p.m. Toronto time on Monday, Sept. 28, 2020.
  5. GCM group: YTD.: 10d / GCM: $6.28, wtB: $4.15, CGC: $2.85: GLDX: $3.65, ESV.h: $0.56, WA: $0.155 @ 9.24.20 (Adding ESV in late Sept., "Group" valuations may look like this): Gran Colombia related Companies & Enterprise Value of Deposit - (4/16/2020 framework) @ 9/24/2020 Company ————— (symbol) $ Price: shsOS: MktCap. : Gcm%: $-Value (%GCM): 02/24: vs. Old Peak Val. Caldas Gold Corp. (CGC.t. ) : C$2.85: 106.M: $302.1M: x57% : $172.2M: (44.3%): C$2.00: $212.0M, $157M Gold X Mining Corp. (GLDX.v): C$3.65: 58.9M: $215.0M: x21% : $45.15M: (11.6%): C$2.34: $137.8M, $ 29M "Denarius Silver". (ESV.h.v): C$0.56: 71.2M: $ 39.9M: x47% : $ 18.75M: ( 4.8%): C $0,00: $. 0.00M, $ 00M Western Atlas Res. (WA.v. ) : C$.155: 80.0M: $ 12.4M: x20% : $. 2.48M: ( 0.6%): C$.085: $ 6.80M, $ 1.4M === : Four GCM co’s ====== : =====: =====: $569.4M: ==== : $238.6M: (61.4%) =====> : ======> $187M (44%) Gran Colombia Gold (GCM.t): C$6.28: 61.9M : $388.7M: ==== : ======= : (100.%): C$6.94 : C$422M (100%) --------- vs. 4/16/2020 (GCM.t): C$5.70: 60.8M : $346.6M: ==== : ======= : (100.%): C$6.94 : C$422M (100%) Wow. Over 60% (ie 61.4%) of GCM's MktCap is covered by investments in these four companies
  6. WILD.t vs DIS / Disney ... update: 10d / C$1.48 vs $124 : ratio- 1.19% Ratio: C$1.48 vs $124 = 1.19% ... 1.5% x $124, would be: C$1.86
  7. WILD TIMES for the old stock this week... as the news flow gets better WILD.t .... 5-yr: 2-yr: 10d: Last; $1.48 +0.17, +13.0% : 10d: Last; $1.48 +0.17 NEWS Date ET Symbol Price Type Headline 2020-09-25 08:30 C:WILD 1.31 In the News Globe says Wildbrain seen to have "turned the corner" 2020-09-22 18:53 C:WILD 1.15 SEDAR Annual Information Form SEDAR Annual Information Form 2020-09-22 18:53 C:WILD 1.15 SEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements SEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements 2020-09-22 18:39 C:WILD 1.15 News Release Wildbrain loses $236-million in fiscal 2020 2020-09-22 18:36 C:WILD 1.15 SEDAR MD & A SEDAR MD & A Improve Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Positive Free Cash Flow of $9.3 million in Q4 2020 vs Free Cash Flow of $4.1 million in Q4 2019. Fiscal 2020 positive Free Cash Flow of $27.1 million vs Free Cash Flow of $10.4 million in Fiscal 2019. Net leverage ratio3 was 5.40x at June 30, 2020 vs 5.92x at June 30, 2019. In Fiscal 2021, we will continue to create premium kids' content with priorities focused on growing key brands, monetizing our large audience on Wildbrain Spark viewership and improving cash flow and the balance sheet. Financial Highlights Financial Highlights (in millions of Cdn$) Three Months ended June 30, Year ended June 30, 2020 2019 2020 2019 Revenue $92.9 $108.8 $425.6 $439.8 Gross Margin $39.6 $48.0 $187.8 $186.8 Gross Margin (%) 43% 44% 44% 42% Adjusted EBITDA attributable to Wildbrain $18.7 $20.2 $81.8 $79.6 Net Income (Loss) attributable to Wildbrain $4.0 $(62.8) $(236.0) $(101.5) Basic Earnings (Loss) per Share $0.02 $(0.47) $(1.51) $(0.75) Free Cash Flow $9.3 $4.1 $27.1 $10.4 Q4 2020 revenue was $92.9 million compared with $108.8 million in the same prior year quarter. The decrease was primarily driven by declines at Wildbrain Spark, resulting from changes in "Made for Kids" content policy made by YouTube and the negative advertising impacts of COVID-19, as well as Consumer Products-Owned revenue, which were also impacted by COVID-19. These declines were partially offset by higher Production revenue. Fiscal 2020 revenue was down 3% to $425.6 million vs $439.8 million in Fiscal 2019, primarily due to decreases at Wildbrain Spark and in our Consumer Products-Owned business. === Globe says Wildbrain seen to have "turned the corner" 2020-09-25 08:30 ET - In the News The Globe and Mail reports in its Friday, Sept. 25, edition that RBC Dominion Securities analyst Drew McReynolds says Wildbrain's fourth quarter results brought "a turning point on visibility." The Globe's David Leeder writes in the Eye On Equities column that Mr. McReynolds removed the "speculative risk" qualifier from his "sector perform" rating. He reiterated his $1.50 share target, which exceeds the $1.18 consensus. Mr. McReynolds says in a note: "We believe the company has turned the corner on a period plagued by execution challenges, a sooner-than-expected shift in content demand and a levered balance sheet following major content investment and M&A. We continue to have greater confidence in execution under the new management team and see the potential for upside in the shares in a successful turnaround and de-levering scenario. While we remain patient for more attractive and/or timely entry points balancing the lagged impacts of growth initiatives with ongoing COVID-19 headwinds and still high leverage, we are encouraged by the progress to-date." Elsewhere, CIBC World Markets analyst Robert Bek upgraded Wildbrain to "neutral" from "underperformer" with a $1.25 share target.
  8. Charts ... update: 10d/ Last: I own the GCM.wtB and shares & wts in CGC (thru the recent placement)
  9. Re: Bluestone (BSR) valuation @1.92 bsr. ... update : vs-gcm : looks about as cheap as gcm, based on these figures... Compare with GCM: trading at how many years production, at $1500/oz gold BSR : 143.2M x$1.92= $275M: 146k oz x$1500= $219M ($ 579: $84.5M)= $134M: +++ : +Capex $230M= $505M: 146k oz x$1500= $219M ($ 579: $84.5M)= $134M: 3.8 yrs GCM: 61.92M x$6.46= $400M: 220k oz x$1500= $330M ($1000: $220.M)= $110M: 3.6 yrs
  10. Gran Colombia Gold to spin out Zancudo project to ESV 2020-09-24 17:10 ET - News Release Zancudo comprises a historical silver-gold mine (the Independencia mine) located in the Middle Cauca gold belt. Gran Colombia acquired Zancudo in 2010 and completed a 14,000-metre drilling program carried out in 2011 and 2012. + ESV will issue 27 million common shares to Gran Colombia + 6.67 Million shares: at a price of 45 cents per subscription receipt. Gran Colombia intends to subscribe for $3-million of the concurrent financing. = 33.67 Million x0.45= $15.15m ESV chart : soon to be: Denarius Silver Mr. Mike Davies of Gran Colombia reports GRAN COLOMBIA ANNOUNCES LETTER OF INTENT TO SPIN OUT ITS ZANCUDO PROJECT Gran Colombia Gold Corp. has entered into a letter of intent dated effective Sept. 23, 2020, with ESV Resources Ltd. to spin out its interest in the Zancudo project to ESV. Gran Colombia will also subscribe for $3-million of subscription receipts in a non-brokered private placement being completed concurrently by ESV as described further herein. Serafino Iacono, executive chairman of Gran Colombia, commenting on the news, stated: "In light of the bullish outlook for silver, we see the acquisition of an investment in ESV as a tremendous opportunity to participate in a new vehicle that is turning its attention to becoming a silver-focused company looking to offer its shareholders exposure and leverage to the precious metal. We also see the spinout of our interest in the Zancudo project as an opportunity to create value for our shareholders in this undervalued silver-gold asset. We will be providing in-country operational expertise to ESV to advance their projects in Colombia, including an exploration program planned for the Guia Antigua project following completion of the transactions and financing by ESV." Zancudo Project spinout The Zancudo project consists of a 1,052-hectare mining concession area located in the Titiribi mining district in Antioquia, Colombia, about 27 kilometres southwest of Medellin. Zancudo comprises a historical silver-gold mine (the Independencia mine) located in the Middle Cauca gold belt. Gran Colombia acquired Zancudo in 2010 and completed a 14,000-metre drilling program carried out in 2011 and 2012. In March 2017, Gran Colombia signed an option agreement with Iamgold Corp. for the exploration and potential purchase of an interest by Iamgold in Zancudo. Under the agreement, Iamgold was granted an option to acquire an initial undivided 65-per-cent interest in Zancudo by incurring an aggregate of $10-million (U.S.) of mineral exploration expenditures over a six-year period, subject to meeting specified annual work commitments during this period. From 2017 through 2019, Iamgold has completed a total of approximately 16,224 metres of drilling at Zancudo and has incurred over $4-million (U.S.) of its exploration commitment. However, due to COVID-19, Iamgold has suspended its drilling program thus far in 2020. Iamgold was also granted an additional option to acquire a further 5-per-cent undivided interest, for an aggregate 70-per-cent undivided interest in Zancudo, by completing a feasibility study within three years after exercising the first option. Upon exercise of the first option or the second option, as the case may be, the parties will form a joint venture to hold Zancudo, to advance the exploration and, if feasible, to advance the development and mining of any commercially exploitable orebody. Under the terms of the spin out transaction, ESV will issue 27 million common shares to Gran Colombia in exchange for its interest in the Zancudo project. In addition to any escrow restrictions imposed by the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange, all common shares issued to Gran Colombia will be subject to a voluntary pooling arrangement from which one-quarter of the shares will be released on each of Dec. 28, 2020, March 27, 2021, June 27, 2021, and Sept. 27, 2021. ESV has also agreed to be bound by the terms of the option agreement with Iamgold. ESV private placement ESV has announced that it has also signed a letter of intent with 1255269 B.C. Ltd., a company not related to Gran Colombia or any insiders of Gran Colombia, to concurrently acquire all of the outstanding share capital of the Guia Antigua vendor. The Guia Antigua vendor owns the Guia Antigua project, which encompasses the exploration, development and mining rights to a 386-hectare area located in the eastern part of Gran Colombia's Segovia mining title focused on the high-grade silver-gold Guia Antigua vein, which falls outside the areas associated with Gran Colombia's mining operations and exploration activities. As a condition to completing the acquisitions of both the Zancudo and Guia Antigua projects, ESV has announced that it intends to complete a non-brokered private placement financing to raise up to $7-million through the issuance of up to 15,555,000 subscription receipts of the Guia Antigua vendor at a price of 45 cents per subscription receipt. Gran Colombia intends to subscribe for $3-million of the concurrent financing. > MORE > https://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item?bid=Z-C:ESV-2967273&symbol=ESV&region=C
  11. CA:GCX / Granite Creek Copper Ltd. (TSX) ... fr.2019: 5yr: 2yr: 1yr: 10d/ Last: 0.17 +0.01 xx === Announced August 31, 2020 Granite Creek proposed to acquire all the issued and outstanding shares of Copper North by way of plan of arrangement. ▪ Exchange Ratio: Granite Creek will issue 1 share for every 2.5 shares of Copper North based on a closing price on August 28, 2020 of $0.05 for Copper North and $0.15 for Granite Creek this represents a 20% premium to the share price of Copper North. ▪ Share structure the resulting company will have approximately 84 million shares issued and a market cap of 12-15 million based on Sept 1 share price. ▪ Closing deal is subject to approval by the shareholders of Copper North and TSX Venture, expected to close 4th quarter of 2020. Granite Creek Copper is a Canadian exploration company focused on the southern portion of the high-grade Minto Copper District of Canada’s Yukon Territory. On August 31, 2020, Granite Creek announced it had entered into an agreement pursuant to which the Company will acquire all outstanding common shares of neighbouring Copper North Mining through a plan of arrangement. Upon completion, Granite Creek will control a land package of approximately 176 square kilometres, including the PEA-stage Carmacks Copper Project and the highly prospective Stu Copper-Gold Project on trend with Pembridge Resources’ high-grade Minto Copper-Gold-Silver Mine. > https://www.gcxcopper.com/
  12. Store closures, digital pivot costs push Jollibee deeper in the red www.philstar.com › business › 2020/08/05 › store-clos... Prinz Magtulis (Philstar.com) - August 5, 2020 - 10:05am ... As a result of the push for more food deliveries, Jollibee said it is shutting down 255 branches and ... / 2 / Philippine fast food giant Jollibee loses US$240 million and ... sea.mashable.com › Article › Culture Aug 6, 2020 - Crunching Jollibee's numbers. ... The fast food giant will also be opening 338 more stores in 2020 and aims to make Smashburger and The ...
  13. If this story is fully true, the slimming down of POGOs will be a huge deal for the PHL Property Market Chart >> EROSION is showing (from viber chat): "PRICE EROSION: Maybe the "POGO EXODUS" story is fully true. Property stocks are beginning to show erosion. MEG slid back under P3.00, down 2.7% to P2.91" Pogo exodus seen to empty more than a tenth of Metro Manila offices, condo units Joey Bondoc, senior manager of property advisory firm Colliers Research, told the Inquirer on Wednesday that “in case all Pogos leave, we will see a double-digit office vacancy in Metro Manila.” “As of the second quarter of 2020, Pogos covered an estimated 11 percent of total leasable office space in Metro Manila, or about 1.34 million square meters,” Bondoc said. “In the second quarter, office vacancy in Metro Manila stood at 5 percent. Hence, if all Pogos leave, we will see a 16-percent office vacancy—leased space by Pogos plus vacancy as of the second quarter,” he said. Bondoc said the last time that Metro Manila suffered double-digit vacancy in office space was when the Asian financial crisis left 12 percent of offices vacant in 1999 while their lease rates dropped by 16 percent. ”We are seeing the impact of slower Pogo absorption on lease rates,” Bondoc said. . . . He said as a result of “dampened demand for condominiums,” his company expects developers to be “more aggressive in offering bigger discounts and offer more flexible payment terms for pre-selling residential projects.” Discounts could range from 10 to 15 percent of total contract price. “In the secondary market, which covers completed units, Colliers is projecting average prices to soften by 13.8 percent in 2020,” Bondoc said. For Bondoc, “business districts that mainly cater to Pogo firms are likely to feel the pinch for the remainder of 2020.” Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/307986/pogo-exodus-seen-to-empty-more-than-a-tenth-of-metro-manila-offices-condo-units#ixzz6YwpaPdX2
  14. Jollibee has a US quote (JBFCF) JBFCF vs MCD, JFC.ph... fr. 9.30.2010: 3.1.2013: 5yrW: 2yr: 1yr: YTD: 10d/ $2.805 / $215= 1.30% JBFCF ... 5yr JBFCF -to MCD ... ratio: 1.31%... Low was near 1.2% x php50= 60% Valuations Stock-: Price: MkCap: E.P.Sh.: PE-R: BVal: %-BV: $Debt: EntV.: EV/Eb RR’s: EV/ RR MCD -: 215.0: 165.6B: $ 6.33: 35.3: (12.7): -N/A-: $51.9B 214.B: 23.5 38.7k $5,53M JBFCF: 2.805: 3.05Bn: $0.137: 47.9: $0.80: 214%: N/A.B: 4.04B: 0.36 1200: $3.36M
  15. MCD/ JFC Pairs: "Got started last night... with some near perfect execution"... - (picked up from DrBubb's Viber chat) The idea of trading MCD/ McDonalds against JFC/ Jollibee came to me last week, and when I looked into it, I found there is presently a great set-up, so I jumped in to my first trade last night, starting with the Short side in MCD puts MCD / McDonalds Corp*... 10d : JFC-10d : MCD: $214.90, JFC: P138.10, 64.3% MCD MCD/ JFC PAIRS: Got started last night... With some near perfect execution... BOT Oct.220 Puts Paid average of $5.90... As MCD rallied to $219.68, near my ideal target of $220 (Top of Gap) Then MCD slid with market, closing at $214.97. The MCD puts closed at 8.30-8.60= 8.45 Mid. (Puts are already up 43%, while I was sleeping) Nicely in profit. Will aim sell half at $12 if poss. And keep the other half as a “free” hedge, $220 x1cts = $22,000 x 48.6= Php 1.07m MCD: P1.07M /138 = 7,750 JFC shares to buy. MCD ... YTD : $215. Next big support level is $200, with some minor support at $210 *McDonald's Corporation operates and franchises McDonald's restaurants in the United States and internationally. Its restaurants offer various food products and beverages, as well as breakfast menu. As of December 31, 2019, the company operated 38,695 restaurants. McDonald's Corporation was founded in 1940 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. : MktCap: $215 x 744M= $160 Bn / 38,695 RR;s = $4.13 Million per RR JFC’s MktCap: P138 , JBFCF: $2.805 x1.11 B= $3.11 Bn /1,200 RR= $2.59M per RR
  16. List of Hopium promoters : Beware of these people and their egos ( Hopium - or Hopeium - can be addictive, like a powerful drug - It preys on those with narcissistic tendencies. ) The scams should be fairly obvious to most people. But in case you are not familiar with some of these people and the schemes they have promoted, here is a brief guide The RV: TNT Tony, ..., ..., Dave Schmidt (DS) OPPT: (Founder: Heather Tucci Jarraf): Lisa Harrison (no more), Dee, Brian Kelly, RVD Swissindo: (Founder: Mr Sino), Mel V (no more), Cindy k Currier (until recently), RVD QEG -Free Energy device: (Founder: Hopegirl, Naima Feigen and family): various OPPT "graduates", possibly NC Skywatch (see below) TVOP and The Ambassador's Red Dragon Family: (Founders: "the ambassador" and "the Red Dragon"): Ron Van Dyke (RVD), DS, Reve. Radagast, Chrystal Gee This starts out like an example of a full-blown "promote video" by Mel V, an useful idiot who was pushing Swissindo Global Initiatives Review, July 2015 It gives a history, sounding like a promotion, and later becomes... an expose. "We were told we would all be going to... on 11 March 2014." "As time grew closer, nothing materialized. Secret meetings were hled and only some delegates got prior knowledge of events, and others were left behind." "We were absolutely devastated, after having worked for so long." "A number of delegate went to Indonesia with no resources, expecting money from Mr Sugih." "Several delegates got stuck with no money and ended up being deported." Mel V was one of the key people behind the full blown promotion of the Swissindo scheme, about 1-2 years ago. Some of the tricks, used by Founders and promoters are exposed here. She talks about the common "hurry up and wait" pattern. The way that Titles, like "Emperor or Empress of...." were used to manipulate people is very funny. There were also crazy things that SI did, like making a dressmaker, the "Global Head of Banking and Finance" Mel uses this long video to settle scores with various people whom she did not like. The ego on display here should help to reveal how Awake and Aware these people really are.
  17. The Dragon Bloodline and the Illuminati Tracy Twyman: http://www.unravelingthesecrets.com/hidden-history-merovingians-dragon-kings-and-bloodlines/ Tracy Twyman, The Mystery of the Royal Meroviagian Bloodlines on FarOutRadio 11-13-13 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtF7732rCVg = Published on Sep 15, 2014 Tracy Twyman was back for another visit. She's a writer and researcher of ancient history, the occult, and secret societies. We talked about her 2004 classic book,“Meroviagian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau.” The topic of royal bloodlines has been popularized by books and films such as “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” “The DaVinci Code” and others. It's a complicated story with numerous secret organizations and people that go back thousands of years to the time of Jesus and Mary, and long before then. Tracy gave us a broad and insightful overview of this fascinating, timeless topic. will add more later, when I find it, and have finished listening to it Tracy R. Twyman on Ground Zero tonight, talking about ... quintessentialpublications.com/twyman/?p=2350 By Tracy R Twyman On November 8, 2012· I will be a guest on the Ground Zero radio show with Clyde Lewis on KXL in Portland, OR tonight as well at 10 PM PST to talk about my appearance tonight on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura where I talk about the Dragon bloodline. See this link to listen online. That’s the same time that the show airs on TruTV so be sure to record one show and watch/listen to the other. Link to here : http://tinyurl.com/Dragon-Fam
  18. Ringing Cedars and the Anastasia Obsession What is it about these books? Why do people become obsessed with them? Ron Van Dyke has banned me from his channel for simply asking whether or not Anastasia is a fictional character. I have not read them, but I was told she "gave her children to bears" to have them looked after. Really? Would a real mother do that? Ron's obsession with the books goes back sometime... FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE: ANASTASIA'S STORY And the obsession continues - and is especially strong now since he is using the books as an explanation for why he wants to ignore external realities, and things like evidence that his "friend" the Red Dragon Ambassador has backed his claims with forged documents. 11-06-15 - ANASTASIA & RINGING CEDARS AUTHOR VLADIMIR MEGRE Even though the books may be used by Ron in this strange way, perhaps there are some important messages in them
  19. "The Awakening is Everywhere" - Zen G. The Awakening – Star Across the Bow of Illusion by Zen Gardner ... ( bigger Awakening Beach photo ) What I’m seeing take place in front of my eyes is so inspiring. What is going on, people ask. How can you see the awakening taking place that you talk about when everything seems to be falling apart and getting worse? Glad you asked. The awakening is everywhere. From massive cracks in the dystopian news façade to profound alternative revelations, it’s here. You just have to look. And you know it in your heart if your course is on the right track. We are the star across the bow of deceit that they’ve feared and are fearfully recoiling from. Know that. That they are scrambling so desperately to cover it up is the greatest testament to this truth. WHAT a Great Start to an article by Zen !
  20. DO YOU TRUST in those Trusts? Ron does ! Or so he says : Here Susan Joy Worker Ron, what do you think of this comment?: "I think we should all face the probability that a Magical RV is not coming. Sure, there may be some shifts in currency values, like the drop in the Pound we saw after Brexit. But I do not think there is going to be a big currency change which will suddenly put money in everyone's pockets. Where would that money come from? If we shook down the Rothschild family and distributed their $1 trillion or whatever among the 7 billion on the planet - that's only $143 per person. It would take a long time to sell off their assets, and then distribute it. Is this amount spread over 5 years, that's $28.57 per year, going to solve your problems. I don't think so." paradoxman316 You have no idea how much wealth there is in various trusts, like the St. Germaine Trust for example. There is sufficient wealth to make everyone a millionaire, including the children. The earth is not over populated, it is simply poorly managed. If we were all empowered with true knowledge, everything could change quickly.
  21. "Jason: On a practical level, the private currency exchanges have been delayed due to hackers hacking into banks and changing codes that are needed to release the funds. This not just cabal, this is a battle going on at the Dragon Family level...." Haha. that's hilarious! Anyone who has ever worked for a bank, will know how silly this sounds. Bizarrely, they seem to keep using this limp excuse when there are RV "delays" "Energy vibration" in the money? That's even more ridiculous - this whole thing vibrates with personal greed, and nothing else
  22. I listened, and posted this comment: Friar Newborg Ken is his own worse enemy here. He jumped in with an aggressive tone, and accused RA of being a "shoddy journalist" That's not smart; since Richie's audience would be expected to be on the host's side, and not wanted him attacked. I think Richie started off somewhat negative, but was trying to be neutral, and if KOK has not been so aggressive, this might have gone much better. What Ken seems to have on his side was some evidence that he did not buy land with the money and protected the funds. Why did KOK not steer there? It is curious
  23. Well done to Cleve! Ron simply will not accept the rather truthful and gentle criticism he gets from Acore Would he prefer to deal with THIS GUY's less gentle remarks, as he calls Ron "a 400-year old man acting like a 13-year old" paradoxman316 is really pissed off at God - and dammit, he wants answers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl5QSUCtx5s youngster Omni-Eros sees through him easily: "you're just upset because you do not have a big share of the wealth" "Stop pretending to be a humanitarian, because you are not!" Meantime, your friend here (FriarN) seems to have acquired a strenuous critic in Merlin. Here is a part of the discussion (with her?) from RVD's channel: merlinhadninelives I have been inundated with the Friar making comments to me about Ron. The Friar defends himself on his Acore forum, not exactly an inability to defend himself on a public forum. Yes, Friar said to me in a comment that many of you attempted to help Ron financially when he was strapped in Austrailia and Friar says Ron spit in your faces.... his terms not mine. I have experience with people who have had strokes and serious medical conditions. I see nothing positive about attempting to have Ron carry the cross of the Friars accusations, nor bear the attempts to nail him to it (stop Ron in Friars words), just to have those empathetic to Rons physical challenges and heart surgery recovery not notice it as an attack upon a weakened (flesh and blood) body. In fact, Ron isn't even fully recovered and I am amazed he survived the heart surgery, the eviction from his house and stroke.... just to have the Friar endlessly accuse him is: predatory. Be logical for a moment and get away from the pots and kettles mind-bait. Friar is blocked here. He sends me many messages and I respond clearly. It is the Friar instigating, so it is rather interesting that you make Friar sound as the victim of a kitchen where he's the chef, chooses his ingredients, does all the cooking and serves up whatever he dishes out about Ron. Friar Newborg Weird. Merlin, you ignore so many things that Ron has done: lied, stolen from banks, been negligent in paying takes, taken expensive medical care and NOT PAID for it. You are full of compassion for this wrong doer?. But you have none for me, who is merely guilty of seeking the truth. I find this to be very strange. Are you simply ignoring Ron's transgressions, or are you prepared to actively defend them? I am sure you would be welcome to do so on Acore. But I am not allowed to defend myself from accusations on the public forum here. That is simply unfair. In the corrupted way you handle things, you remind me of FBI Director Comey. Do you think Ron is above the law, and above basic principles of fairness? merlinhadninelives Friar, I do not bite for mind-bait. I remind you of the FBI Director? Thank you, I handle things in a corrupt way? Flattery is fickle. Are you a knight in shining armor or what? You are so generous in defamatory misinterpretations of those who pray for Ron, that if you stepped in it you’d slip and fall… and then, somehow, you’d blame it on him. Do I think Ron is “Above the law? No. He answered any and all bank charges against him, appeared in courts for years on end. He was arrested for no driver’s license and jailed… he was evicted and lost his only home. Do you call that above the law? Have you become lost in your own maze of accusations against him? “Seeking the truth” differs from avenging the conclusions you project. Ignoring Ron’s prolonged illness, stroke and severe heart surgery while placing stress upon him deliberately by stating that he is a liar, fraud, delusional or a promoter of scams, is no different than continually hitting him where he is already wounded with the intent to do harm. I find your motives to go far beyond truth seeking... and into a vigilante mode. Now that you mischaracterize me, I see your heart knows not why the Son healed many nor why His workers, seek not transgression and faults in others but wellness and the grace to allow them the space to align with harmony, peace and truth for have we not all transgressed? Lest one error be magnified as us vs them, forgetting the grace of forgiveness. Friar Newborg My final word on this here follows: You have chosen the wrong "victim" to defend. (Using his illness as an excuse, you did not see through? Really?) Ron does not defend himself well, because what he has done is indefensible. His arguments quickly fall apart, and he has nothing to do but delete comments and ban people. You are still here, because you have fallen for his lies. But you are part of a fast-shrinking tribe, Good luck to trying to live happily in a has-been's delusionary dream. And don't forget to switch off the lights when you eventually move on,
  24. RON's SAD CYCLE of Hope and Depression, The Stages defined From under today's Video: 9-2-16 – GOD IS ENERGY … AND MORE! May I comment? Define Troll, and then I shall answer if I am one. If it is someone who disagrees, and sometimes dislikes what Ron says, then I am one of many: 18, and now #19 on this thread. But guess what, I rarely vote Like or Dislike at all these days, and then maybe 1/3 of the time that I do vote, it is thumbs up. To be accurate, I would like to see Ron move on to something more positive, rather than criticizing God when he is not getting what he wants. But maybe Ron is too old to change, and we will just see him running through his same Old Cycle of: + finding something new that is too good to be true, + swallowing the Hopium, promoting it beyond its reality (without doing any research), + banning those who warn him it is a scam, and then + watching it come crashing down. And then at the last stage, + he will blame God, rather than himself, for any failure. Is there anything more to learn from RVD? Probably not. That leaves me as one of those who just come here for some odd entertainment, rather than possible enlightenment. Meantime, Acore seems ready to move on to more interesting Dramas than Ron's sad cycle of Hope followed by depression. +++ ELSEWHERE 1./ 1Infeqaul1 Aug 29, 2016 I can not believe those people spent that much time and effort to debunk Ron wow crazy man. What the puck is wrong with these people? Are they mentally insane? You have criminals running USA country, killing people ,starting wars, destroying entire countries,and you are on Ron.s case over a stupid 250 k holy shit ... Why the puck don't you people get on the bloody criminal banker's shit? Ten's of thousands of people get ripped off buy the criminal government every bloody day,and these people spend over a year discussing Ron's shit? I do not know what the hell to say? tell these people to go after real criminals that steal from everyone every bloody day. Just try to carry cash in your car and drive through a check stop , see what the hell happens to your money. 2/ Friar Newborg It is all about learning Discernment. After some months of watching Ron and the lies and delusions, people sharpen up. But I think most of the 40,000+ views on that thread on from people now moving on, RVD has become very boring, and soon we will abandon him, and his views will drop further
  25. Who dislikes Ron's videos? When I woke up and signed on, I saw this: 58 views / 4-likes, 13-dislikes But not to worry. Ron says: "Over half of those dislikes are from one person" - I think he means the Friar ====================== Here is the absolute Truth, which I would swear on the Bible, or a stack of Bibles. ONLY 1 of those Dislikes came from me, and that includes Friar Newborg, and all the other names I use. Please, someone give this message to Ron: The Friar says his is not trying to push the dislikes up on your videos. If you get a stack of dislikes, it must really mean that a large number of listeners are not liking that particular video. Please accept the Truth on this and stop demonizing me. You should accept the reality of how your message is being received. Here's an old message, with other sentences blaming "the Hong Kong group" for negative things, that are untrue 4-14-16 – APPARENTLY, I'M TOO GULLIBLE Hey, Ron, it's time you manned-up, and accepted some reality, painful as it may be for you.