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  1. BREATHE EASY, Ron ! This is a completely genuine and rather graceful offer of Peace that Ron Van Dyke has made today ! 10-12-15 - EXTENDING AN OLIVE BRANCH (I am sure his Olive branch extends to many people he may have blocked. Everyone who feels this was meant for them too, should send him an email too.) from under the video.... Liberty 4 All 2 hours ago Great video Ron. This is the opportunity to speak out. I once wrote a question of concern to Rad. It got never answered; it was a question of concern; however, it was removed. Rad never blocked me; so I reposted my question back up. Once again, it was removed. There after, I realized they don't like people that ask questions. The same process our gov't hates. I don't want to come in between your decisions; however, Friar seems to me as a individual with great concern regarding TVoP. By asking innocent questions that deserves answers; now he is viewed as a troll. I don't want to get in the middle of it, but many viewers that ask questions are viewed as the enemy. Why? That is why viewers are moving away from their site as well as yours. I personally understand; TVoP don't like to be questioned. Why? What are they afraid of? The truth! I really don't want to get to involved because I can decide for myself that I don't support their vision; what ever that vision is about. I think TVoP are looking for the sheeples that follow without question. Well, it's the awaken ones that are looking for the truth. To find the truth; questions have to be answered. Enough, I think you understand what I am saying. I still support your vision Ron; however, I am still trying to figure out TVoP. When the ambassador first came on, you used to get on the first day over thousands of viewer; now, look on his channel. TVoP hardly breaks one hundred when it first comes out. Why? Peoples questions are not being answered. paradoxman316 34 minutes ago +Liberty 4 All TvOP does seem to be like a lightning rod for many people. I'd like more openness myself; yet I do realize that there are limited people there to respond. They have to prioritize, I guess, just as I do - just as we all do. They concentrate on those who do not make waves rather than those who do. Friar Newborg +Liberty 4 All : Good post, which I make +1. I have posted this separately, but it may not come through to the Public: "I have responded by email - in a positive way." I don't have any big issues with Ron. The minor disagreements can be sorted out pretty easily. But I think he may be closer to a certain person than is good for him. But that is his choice. (added later) Liberty 4 All +Friar Newborg The reason why we follow Ron, we all have the same vision. Ron, in my opinion, has a good heart. I respect Ron's decisions about the ambassador because he is provided with more information than what is truly disclosed. However, when an honest and innocent question is asked; it should be answered. People are the power and I feel that is what the ambassador is afraid of or at least that's the way I understand it. When questions are avoided, then the message becomes distorted. We are the awakened ones. We don't want to be deceived any longer. Liberty 4 All +Friar Newborg That's all I want; the Truth and Peace on earth. Everybody's heart will heal if the truth is free to travel amongst the universe. Liberty 4 All +paradoxman316 Thank you, he is willing to work with you. Please understand Ron, we are the power, we need answers to reach a decision. I think you will agree. I have always admired Friar's comments when I first viewed your video. Very intelligent individual. I think he was frustrated because his questions were being answered. I think we are all looking for the light. Once again, thank you, you have a great heart! CanWeTalk +Liberty 4 All It is because a liar fears inspection and despises the truth. Proverbs 26:24He who hates disguises it with his lips, But he lays up deceit in his heart. 25When he speaks graciously, do not believe him, For there are seven abominations in his heart. 26Though his hatred covers itself with guile, His wickedness will be revealed before the assembly.…
  2. Swissindo was a gigantic Time-waster! Why did this happen? Mel Ve was another person who recruited as a delegate in 2013. She and her partner helped to build websites and promote the Swissindo enterprise: "A TOTAL of about 10 videos" . Global Initiatives Review with Mel Ve - SWISSINDO 03 Jul Published on Jul 4, 2015 Her account has loads of details regarding things that Swissindo hoped to achieve, but were never accomplished. It helps to elucidate how much human effort was wasted by this scam - which relied very heavily on voluntary efforts of non-Indonesian people. Clearly, there a big need for greater discernment on our planet - especially BEFORE people hand over money, or make large voluntary efforts. What I find ODD about Mel's video is that she somehow seems proud of all the time and effort she invested, rather than being apologetic about how her efforts actually helped to inspire others to waste time, and lose money. (If there is an apology in her video, I could not find it !) Her main purpose in making the video seems to be to SETTLE OLD SCORES, not to get the truth out. / People who are looking into GMOP, and the Red Dragon "Ambassador's" enterprise, take note ! /
  3. Meantime, Reverend Radagast, is trying to silence those asking questions and raising issues under GFR#22: FIU FILE 14 hours ago This will all end in tears from our experience it always does.Those subscribing to this are heading to the Boulevard of broken dreams.In this arena its almost certain.Our twenty year experience of groups of this nature is they take fees offer the earth,produce nothing and end up with many disgruntled and upset followers.Then those masked and hidden will dissapear and reinvent elsewhere. Friar Newborg 12 hours ago (edited) +FIU FILE : If people read the Acore thread, they can read the questions that are being asked, and left unanswered. Don't we who have been following this enterprise deserve some answers? And especially those among us who have paid some money Modwiz125 1 hour ago +Friar Newborg Thsoe who have paid SOME money? You have one person who paid for a business class and received it. Transaction satisfied. Bought a copy of said plan and received it. Proper transaction satisfied. I have provided answers personally to that person. Person was not satisfied but no transaction was made. Service was provided free. You are a muckraker and bottom feeder currently. We do invite you to change your ways and be a force for good in the world. Otherwise, you will wallow with other unhappy people who contribute nothing to a dialogue but the dissatisfaction in their lives that is then expressed in their public communications. Friar Newborg 9 minutes ago (edited) +Modwiz125 : "you have one person"?? I do not "have" anyone. People who post on Acore are not compelled to do so. They are free, without any authoritarian pressure upon them. By comparison, GMOP and its Code of Conduct silence people with fear of retribution - they are not free to speak. (Have you modeled this organization on Scientology?) Of course, people will look for a place where they can have free speech. And Insiders are now coming forward through Acore, I am sure there will be more. "A force for good" in my book is someone who pushes for the Truth behind lies, exercises discernment, and treats those who also aim for the Truth with respect. I have asked some profound questions about GMOP, the RDF, and the "Ambassador" some months ago. When can I expect some answers, please? Instead, you and your people just label me a "troll". I am sure that thinking and intelligent people, who are not mind-controlled, can see through the GMOP spin to the truth,
  4. Unanswered Questions: = The Ambassador's Q&A ought to be a perfect place to get these Questions answered. Let's see if it happens
  5. The Question-4-GMOP campaign starts NOW: http://tinyurl.com/GMOPlies
  6. Those who want to put an end to this scam, might consider asking GMOP this Question: Please tell us which of these statements are True: #1:10-17-2014: "the Family is now the lawful owner of the Federal Reserve", or #2: 10-09-2015: "We are moving funds back and forward ,back and forward for the projects and then being blocked all the time by Swifts" Or explain how such contradictory statements can both be true. ============ > You can SEND this Question to the Global Mission of Peace: http://www.globalmissionofpeace.com/contact-us.html Or by email: E-mail: gmopmedia@gmail.com Let's KEEP ASKING until we get a clear answer
  7. GMOP's Excuse - On why it cannot move money - LOL This one is... frankly, not credible. and is truly ridiculous. These same people told us one year ago that they own the Fed. Now, 12 months later, they say they cannot move money in the banking system. If ever you needed prove that they are liars, it could not be more obvious Published on Oct 17, 2014 This is one we've been waiting for! Yes, the Ambassador confirms that the Family is now the lawful owner of the Federal Reserve that has waged war on humanity for over 100 years. ( the following exchange happened under GFR report #22 ) FIU FILE 11 hours ago The Ambassador quote:- We are moving funds back and forward ,back and forward for the projects and then being blocked all the time by Swifts.What exactly does that mean????? Friar Newborg 10 hours ago +FIU FILE : Either: they are lying, or they are on record as a criminal or terrorist enterprise. Legitimate businesses will not have this problem. Which is it GMOP panel? Please answer this one ! Modwiz125 5 minutes ago +Friar Newborg This is painfully ignorant. Does ISIS have any trouble selling oil and keeping a huge army supplied? No. It is the banks that are criminal and terrorist enterprises. We are blocked because of the paradigm shifting efforts we are engaged in. Standing up for the banks as good guys standing against terrorism is not going to work. Now you have you answer to this statement of yours. May be my last also. Dealing with you makes me want to shower afterward. You are a creepy fellow with no good intent. You stand as a ringleader for other troubled people who have nothing positive to contribute to the conversation. Like ISIS you attack but build nothing good in your wake. The Brooklyn Bridge - often sold to those who will believe anything Friar Newborg 1 second ago +Modwiz125 : You really believe that? I have a bridge in Brooklyn, for sale and its cheap. It would be a great investment.... If it were true, and its not, then you can move money using Bitcoins. I do caution people: If these folks cannot move money through the banking system, then you cannot consider them to be a reliable source off funding.
  8. What is Love? What is Truth? Ask the Reverend, and the Goldfish panel... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhrBDcQq2DM Some talk Love, while just wanting submission to their advances Message for Rada: ======== Who says: "It's not about the Money... its about the Love" Look, all the scammer group that started off promising money, and failed to deliver on it, shifted to talking about love. I saw this pattern with OPPT and Swissindo. You should be more honest, and say: "We have no money. But if you are lonely and confused, and hungry for love, then we can offer you some." Frankly, this brain-dead, lying to the suckers brand of Love - and insisting on submission to authority form of "love" feels false and empty to me. I prefer collegial respect, cooperation and honesty. That seems more real that what GMOP is offering Message for Louisa: ======== She asks others to comment/answer right at the end of GFR#22: "What are you doing for humanity?" A: We are Battling bullsh/t and those who feed lies and fake emotion, while failing to answer basic questions, and act in a transparent manner. If we measure GMOP on the Amba's standard: "Judge me on what I do, not what I say," then: It falls far short, delivering on no promises, while changing its stripes almost every month. Look who the Amba has shed: RVD, DS, Gwen, the malaysian hypnotist whats-her-name, Charla... Why? I reckon because they each in turn saw thru his BS, or stopped being useful. I wonder how many of the present crowd will still be there in 6-12 months? Meantime, Acore is a rock of stability.
  9. It gets worse... GoldFish Report NO. 22, The Ambassador Announces Q & A Segment on the GoldFish Report I posted there: Friar Newborg I wonder how many minutes I will manage to listen this time... <4 minutes. Maybe I should better spend my time reading Zero hedge, or VT But actually, i went back and listened to the "Ambassador" between 22-25 minutes. My strong reaction was: This is total horsefeathers! I think anyone who has the ability to distinguish when someone is lying should listen. To me, I hear nothing but insincere lies. (If you want to listen to someone speaking truth from the heart, then listen to this: Confession for a former Swissindo Insider.) People now have technology that can be used to discern liars - maybe someone should apply this to the rants and pitches from the fake Ambassador: BTW, let's assume that they are genuine in calling for questions. Certainly, there are many hard questions that should be asked
  10. Is this Ron's Peace offering?? Yes indeed: "all these FANTASIES should have taught us discernment." 10-08-15 - IF I'VE OFFENDED YOU IN ANY WAY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME Ron says here: "We've got to expose the criminals" I agree! But the Ambassador appears to be a part of the problem, not part of the solution - and Ron has unwittingly been dragged into supporting the wrong side, because of his unwillingness to do research, and because of his ongoing addiction to "hopeful messages" - too much "Hopium" has impaired his ability to exercise discernment. (I do not think there is any chance the RDF will make sure "all our financial needs will be met", without having to work, as Ron said - that's a pure pipedream - Wake up, Ron! Please.) Even though I am still somewhat miffed with Ron, I do hope he gets his sleep, and returns to health, and a more stable frame of mind. It cannot be easy. WHAT? Did he say he would "unblock people, if possible" near the end??? Good old Ron ! Merlyn also had a positive message here, under the video: merlinhadninelives 34 minutes ago Thank you for extending the hand of grace to your community here... and I hope that you unblock and allow freedom of expression, a hallmark of your channel...For your community here is yours regardless of your affiliations or friendship with the Ambassador... who might also learn grace in understanding your community instead of profiling people while not answering their questions which has led into the great divide that can be easily bridged with communication.I appreciate this video and the heart resonance from it...
  11. Linda Moulton Howe | Embedded Beings, Self-Activating AI, Mutilations, & The ET Agenda Published on Oct 6, 2015 One of the finest journalists on this island Earth joins THC to discuss the latest in her ongoing investigation into the ET agenda. We talk about a fairly new phenomenon that's being reported where alien Greys seem to be hitching a ride inside unknowing human husks for the purpose of "learning." Could this be one step closer to hybridization?
  12. GMOP - What are they aiming for? (beyond a Rehash) (After almost two days, there's still no response to my "Peace offer" - see post #401) Meantime, they are back reviewing the news, and I managed to listen to 20 minutes, before getting bored with it. GoldFish Rehash Rant No. 21, The Ambassador proclaims "Its Time to Destroy the 666 Beast" I posted this, reasonably positive comment: Friar Newborg A decent rehash of the news - with some help from Kev Baker, though I prefer reading: VeteransToday, or listening to WhatReallyHappening, or referring to a number of other sources. I do continue to wonder what sort of audience this is aimed at? If the truly Awake and Aware, they may like something a bit more revealing. They should actual talk to each other, and maybe challenge each other more, rather than pretending that they are giving us "revealed truth" or "inside information" I do not know if I have been banned, or if my comments are readable by people I also picked up on a recommendation that BML had made: Nicholas Gaston 3 hours ago Where is the video for the way the financial system works the ambassador was talking about??? Friar Newborg +Nicholas Gaston : Scott Pollack: The Critical Post - Chicago Report - 6 OCTOBER 2015 - Taxes - Socialism And The CAFR's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcY81D5HJYI Will the supposed Insider-Amba ever offer up anything genuine on the Inner workings of the machine that he claims to be part of? Here's a better way to spend your time than listening to another GF Rehash Report: Empire Files: Inside Saudi Arabia: Butchery, Slavery & History of RevoltBy Abby Martin on October 5, 2015 Podcasts & Videos, The Empire Files Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 27:12 — 12.5MB) | Embed Abby Martin takes us inside the brutal reality of this police-state monarchy, and tells the untold people’s histo
  13. x Richard Hoagland Ancient Ruins on Many Planets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnUere9XMG8
  14. I agree - but there's more to GMOP than offering services There's the Kowtowing to Authority, that seems HIGHLY REPTILIAN to me. I just noticed their Code of Conduct - here it is: Code of Conduct: • To treat all others the way you yourself want to be treated: with respect and kindness. • To seek first to understand before you seek to be understood. • To express yourself in a calm, concise, well-thought out manner. • To respect the roles of those that are chosen to exert some leadership function. • Not to undermine those in position of responsibility and to make suggestions for solutions through inner channels of communication, rather than by making critical arbitrary complaints. • To express concerns and insights with the appropriate people • "Servant leadership." That is, to establish a framework where willing contributors will be helped and nurtured so that they may flourish, grow and express their individual talents. == > http://www.globalmissionofpeace.com/our-values-ethics.html Sorry but some of these phrases seems to have been written by a tyrant (with Reptilian Blood). Hitler might have composed some of these items! This one really got to me: "To respect the roles of those that are chosen to exert some leadership function" Chosen by whom, and for what role(s) ? BTW, if I communicate with the "Ambassador" I will promote myself to Head Abbot, and I will insist he call me "Your Eminence", if he wants to be called "Your Excellency". Maybe I should also try my hand at predicting false news...
  15. Wow. I think some of the latest GF Report was directed at me. (Listen at 4- 12 minutes "One person lives in Hong Kong ... doesn't believe") Here's my response: ================= If some of your comments today, were directed at me, I have this response Honestly, I would like to make peace with GMOP and the Ambassador. However, I do not see how, because: . 1/ I have been treated shabbily in the past. Do you recall Rev. R posting this to me?: "Friar Newborg Who cares that you have run out of patience. What are the consequences of that? You turn hostile and get removed from the comment area? Patience is a virtue and one cannot tug on the grass to make it grow. It is the people who will be funded to build a better world that are our concern. You are a spectator, not a participant. Watch with respect or take a hike." Nevermind, I am happy to forget that, provided I thought I was dealing with people who were genuine, and were not intending to rip off the public. And these concerns bring me to the following: . 2/ Louisa cheerfully says: Give us your questions, and we will respond. I have done so, giving FIVE key questions, and had no response whatsoever. Please do respond - at least to the first two* - and it may put things on a more positive footing, . 3/ If people truly think the Ambassador's remarks on YouTube had anything whatsoever to go with geopolitical developments, I think you folks are delusional; Or you have access to information that has not been shared on your channel . 4/ In the interests of transparency: Who receives the fees paid by your funding-seekers? How are the panel compensated for the time they devote?, and How much funding has actually been handed out by the RDF so far? (If you cannot answer these basic questions - Do we really have anything to talk about? I do not want to put my name and energy behind a possible scam.) BTW, if you think I am paid to post these questions, please advise me how I can tap into this form of support for truth-seeking, I can always use a bit of extra money, and meantime I think I (and many here) are providing a very useful services, helping people to avoid a possible scam. We have not received money to fight this apparent scam. It isn't first time we have done battle with scammers. If GMOP is not one, then please begin to demonstrate (at last!) your bonafides. If I see solid evidence you are for real, i will back off. === === . *TWO of the Five Questions - see post #211 for all Five + What actual hard evidence, if any, can you give us to show that you or the Red Dragon family have access to "real wealth"? (ie. US$10 Million or more: If your family has billions, then surely you can show us evidence involving <1% of the wealth your "family" group claims.) . + Where did this Dragon Family wealth come from? (My own research suggests that some Chinese families made big money from the opium trade. Certainly Skull and Bones, of Yale is connected in with the opium trade. What portion of the DF's wealth came from the Opium trade? If small, what were the top 2-3 actual drivers of family wealth creation.)
  16. What a stunning drama! I suppose it had to come to this, given the combative nature of Mr Lindstrom Here's the latest from Lou Lee, who has been a member of Ron's Facebook page for over 4 years: (She posted it on the deleted thread, and I picked it up in my buffer): lee lou Yesterday 1:12 PM I truly understand. I too am one of Ron's face book friends, 4+ years now? It has taken quite a bit of reading, listening and processing of many years for me to build up to the level of conversation today.. I intentionally am reacting as sarcastic and to the point as possible presently. A last ditch effort to hopefully wake Ron up.. For I have been very gentle but to the point the past 5 months or so, until today's video with the ambassador.. After listening to this specific video, well my patience grew thin.. My gut flips listening to this. Flags are flying, lights are flashing... It is so cheap and lacks any authentic honor. It is embarrassing to listen to, actually.. Uncomfortable.. Sigh, very sad, but I am done... I hope viewers do not waste resources on this project.. For myself, it's so "see through".. It advertises so cheaply. "for $100.00, a life time membership! Get it now, ok? you understand? (over and over and over, the ambassador asks that... Ugh...
  17. It's funny how that works, isn'i it ! What he (BML) is doing is called "psychological PROJECTION" : Projecting your own negative traits onto others, so you can imagine that THEY have them, and not you. Ron's such a dreamer that he falls for it. Also, the Amba is good at stroking Ron's ego, and Alithea and I only give praise where due
  18. A better-than-usual message from the Goldfishers Maybe because they focused on a man of action, Putin, rather than the man of inaction, BML GoldFish Report No. 19, The Voice of the Dragon Makes a Plea for World Peace But after 15 minutes, a familiar voice came in, to spoil it. Maybe if the panel dropped the silly "goldfish" name, and cut back on the BML rants, it might be worth a listen (I simply did not understand why Bo was going on about transvestites and gays - did anyone undertand ? Nor did I get his point when he was talking about chihuahuas. Note for BML: STFU !) Here's another video from Geologic: The fake Ambassador is no savior. Nor are the fund-less Red Dragons. Funnily enough, Putin is looking a bit like a real savior. Will he deliver something really spectacular for his birthday on October 7th? Maybe Russia will release some info on 9/11 or on ET's (one can hope, I suppose)
  19. When does an Impossible Dream become a Delusion? The REAL Man of La Mancha : Ron Van Dyke ? Ron's latest: 10-02-15 - IS MY DREAM AN IMPOSSIBLE ONE? Published on Oct 2, 2015 : I dream of a world run by sane people. Of course sane people would not even try to "run" the world. They would operate on principles of truth and justice with freedom for all who honor the most basic of principles, like do no harm (at least not intentionally). Of course that principle grows out of the prime directive: LOVE. Love yourself and your neighbor as yourself. And everyone is your neighbor. Too simple? Maybe I'm too simple. That's the world I've envisioned as long as I can remember. Will I see it come true in my lifetime? - Yes, that's a worthy message, but... (I commented under this post LoveVanillaRose: "Dreams without action do not produce fruit.") An "impossible dream" or improbable delusion?? These "saviors" start out feeding Ron (and others) a dream, but he does not research it. When others do the research, they find a lack of evidence and/or evidence against "the dream." But Ron switches off to the Truth and the Questions that the researchers share, because he doesn't want anyone messing with his pretty Dream - that's when it becomes a delusion
  20. I am more comfortable with Corey and David Wilcock that a deceiver like The "Ambassador" I do think that Corey and Wilcock mean well. But I no longer think that BML (the "Amba") has good intentions. If he did, why does he belittle and abuse his audience, and tell them to beware of schemers when he is scheming on them? Even a self-deluded old kook like Ron Van Dyke, mostly means well. He only switches over the self-protective delusions, when someone points out that he has (illegally, it would seem) exploited the system into giving him a free home that he thinks he is entitled somehow, to live in with someone else paying the property taxes.
  21. Ron's old "friends" are Ignoring him (until he wakes up from his silly Red Dragon Dream) Meantime he has just blocked genuine old friends: Lee Lou and Alithea Kella !! That's my quick assessment of this video: 09-30-15 - MANY STILL WAIT FOR THE BIG CHANGES TO OCCUR Published on Sep 30, 2015 All right, I admit it. I get a bit impatient waiting for changes that we can easily see happen on our planet Herein Ron complains about the drop-off in views that he is seeing for his videos Comments - some of these cannot be seen on his channel lee lou 12 hours ago I can only say for myself Ron, that I too along with many people in my real world, have a lot going on in life and do not have the spare time to view video's like in the past... Computer problems occur for all, illnesses, financial issues, etc.. I don't know a soul that is not also dealing with huge challenges these days... The impact the energies that are effecting you effect many... Life on life terms.. During your illness process, yes you changed, being in pain, effects ones entirety, outlook and certainly tests the patience level. At that time boundaries were gone.. You did lose or block many long time viewers.. Again, watching you from this end, objectively speaking was also a test of patience.. I think sometimes you forget "other's" have problems and life challenges.. Having 5000 friends on face book or a large number of subscribed viewers is meaningless .. Just numbers... You mentioned the number of views on you video.. That alone I would hope could be a wake up call for you. You want a loving world? All not some? Well, start loving people by responding to their questions, needs and desires then. You cannot have what you yourself do not give.. Many have noted this over the last 6+ months to you, but you wouldn't have that as an answer. I hope you take the time to take your inventory on occasion. For just because we want love for all, does not mean we are loving.. Actions speak much louder then words. A good start might be when someone professes love, blessings and healing to you, you might on occasion say "Thank you", and wish them well. It's a start... (Paradoxman's comment I could not see - had to find it another way) paradoxman316 11 hours ago +lee lou Before my stroke and time in the hospital, I was virtually living on the internet. I made a decision to set priorities that would restore my health ASAP. I simply do not take the time (for obvious reasons to me) to even read comments that are more than a day old...rarely, at least. If you expect me to go back, I'm so sorry. It won't happen. lee lou 10 hours ago +paradoxman316 No, going back is not an option Ron, just daily maybe starting now, today... Can't keep it, if you don't give it away... Give and you shall receive.. you know the drill paradoxman316 6 hours ago +lee lou You and Alithea Kella are spammers. You have nothing on you channel all. There is absolutely no evidence that you interact with anyone in a positive manner. I have blocked you; and somehow YouTube removed Alithea completely. Even her comment disappeared along with my response. Friar Newborg 44 minutes ago +lee lou : Ron needs to go for TRUTH, not some silly, lovey-dovey notion of Loving each other - which is so easily faked - just look at the Ambassador Friar Newborg 40 minutes ago Ron's 5,000 facebook "friends" won't UN-friend him, they will just ignore him, because his message is no longer relevant, and interesting to them. The truth in it has fade for them, as the Amba grabbed the silly fools that could be grabbed from Ron, and Ron has been left high and dry, and kiccked out the real truth seekers, who helped keep him honest
  22. "$50 per month..." What? People pay that to listen to MORE of the Amba's ranting? And to the panel regurgitating news they haven't properly understood?? The mind boggles ! I thought the RDF was supposed to be giving people a monthly bonus by now! Not taking from the poor, to feed the rich. Where's Robin Hood? Maybe the Amba needs to meet with him
  23. LOTS of HEART... but where's the head in this material? I zoned out, and switched-off to the (false?) saccarine at less than 9 minutes GoldFish Report No. 17 Here are my notes as I started to listen. / Is this OPPT v3.3? Buy some new kneepads, Reverend. The ones you are using now are showing signs of wear. "There were no egos... Radagast might agree." If the RR was in the room, there was probably only space for his. haha "You're not the weirdo" is the feeling RR promises Does being surrounded by other Goldfish, make you feel less like a Goldfish? It's great to share social times with friends, but what has happened to to serious mission?
  24. Message to Ron Van Dyke: You blew it, my friend! You have chosen the pathway of B.S. and deception, and walked away from the Truth. You believed the Ambassador's promises, and swallowed his lies, and you promoted his scams without bothering to do the research. For the 2nd or 3rd time that I am aware of (OPPT, and Swissindo were before) you not only ignored those who tried to WARN you and set down some good questions; You also banned them from posting on your channel. There will be a price for you to pay. The best people in your audience will lose confidence in your message, and you will be left with an audience of sycophants and fools. Is that what you really want? Well, in the end, you get what you deserve - isn't that the Truth? You had a chance to take a decent and better path, and go after a greater Truth. Some of us suggested that you aim to interview Simon Parkes. Look and Listen to what you have missed out on - see below. If your audience shrinks down to nothing, do you really think you deserve better ? How many chances do you think people will give you? If you compare Simon's message, with the silly rants of the fake Ambassador - I think it should be clear who deserves you time > MORE on the SP thread: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=18697&page=14