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  1. I haven't read all the foundation books. Just the original first three, and that was decades ago in my early twenties. But I found this thread intersting and want to add my two cents. I'd like to observe that the manipulations of the current "behind the scenes engineers of society" is both secular and "esoteric". Social engineering, in my opinion, is an ancient practice that originated when very gifted individuals decided to work together and bring humanity to a level beyond a state where it was more or less at the mercy of nature. There is no need to assume it was a power play. Psychopaths are clever, but not known for their creative originality. Ideas are usually stolen, as it were. I would call it misplaced idealism that eventually became corrupt. It's not far-fetched to consider that prehistoric shamans could sense each other, if one concedes that their alleged abilities to some extent have basis in reality. Then again, even this view is a linear model of "people affecting people" (or whatever affecting people), like a particle hitting another particle as billiard balls are wont to do. In truth there may be forces that some such as mystics and shamans understand in their way, that science has barely scratched or even begun to comprehend in a way that covers any kind of bigger picture. In addition, if there is generational influence to keep human perception bounded and conditioned, then it is likely our very speculations are conditioned as well...unless perhaps we undergo training as shamans and mystics have... More to the point, my observation is that the manipulators are more like Foundation 1...and "obvious" to anyone taking a few steps outside of operant ("matrix") conditioning. However, Foundation 2 may indeed by concealed among the populous in a manner not traceable in any obvious fashion, such as trying to uncover cults and "factions". This would especially be true if the "foundation" dynamic is more a natural evolutionary strategy than the product of any individualized species of any corporeal or non-corporeal manifestation. If conditions result in a body being riddled with cancer cells then it may be the body is capable of enacting an immune response that neither the cancer nor any under its influence can comprehend. In other words, the "force above the manipulators" might just be hidden in plain view. Not a movement, nor an ideology, but a minority of disparate individuals awakening to certain abilities consciously or spontaneously, with no quantifiable identifiers to the fact. The manipulators may sense their presence, because they have algorithms that seem to measure patterns of probabilistic outcome (predictions). They may see perturbations and so keep trying things to detect them, where many alleged manipulative acts are experiments to track the cause of variables that seem to derail their plans. We may see thier plans unfolding, and they certainly won't admit otherwise to those they know realize their presence among the populace. Just as the more general populace may completely deny the manipulators exist. But the manipulators themselves may wonder if the perturbations are people or something else or even not worth notice. What I see are signs and patterns that there is more data mining and experimenting and variable tweaking in the social manipulation zone than I would think necessary to just get on with the job of taking over. In the end, I think there are also signs that 'it all has to go according to plan' so if the experiments are inconclusive, things will be pushed forward by force. Only the alogorithms probably (and I do emphasise the "probably" as my own speculation here), indicate that too much force will backfire.... Just some thoughts on the matter.
  2. Really, I don't know if it's all planned by all parties or if the "powers" are just threatening and buying out everyone. Interesting the above woman was constantly harassed by the mainstream media because of being vocal against austerity. Essentially, this is nothing short of a war masked as economic bla bla. Either everyone sold out and it is pre-planned implosion or any honest voice is being snuffed along the way. I think it's the latter. It may be there are exit plans that can work, but if so nobody would want to say it. That might make them a target. In any case, the Speaker of Parliament is intelligent and seems idealistic. She was approved for speaker, given she was an unknown before, by pro and anti austerity parties. At this time, the Greek people do not like what happened. They feel betrayed, but they also cannot just blame Tsipras. When the powers say: "we will destroy you", will you risk everything (country, people, land) going down in flames? Will you be like the Jews who stood up to Rome only to be dispersed all over the world for 2000 years? Where is the rest of the world? I am sure Europe knows they are "next". You can be the most honest, hardworking and impeccable person or group and they will still attack. In fact, the more impeccable you are, the harder the hammer will fall. Right now Greece is not really part of the EU. It isn't a former Eastern Block country either. It is balancing on a razor's edge, and what Greeks need to do is realize that we are right where we were at the onset of WWII, only without any superpowers countering. Knowing this, THEN we can chart our course, being ready for anything and still moving to build an economy before water, air, food, land and underground are possessed and turned against the people, who will then be considered expendible tenants on land owned by the bankers and their bosses. At the same time, they are ushuring their cashless society. Nobody can take more than 60Eur per day, but credit cards work fine. Now that Greece is under maritime law the banks can do whatever they damn well please (according to rules that most who are not sold out or in on it seem afraid to defy in any effective manner). I think the idea is that no war is needed (unless the fighting spirit goes beyond certain limits), and no outward appearance of slavery. With water and food poisoned and weather manipulated and electromagnetic and nuclear toxins abounding, it's just a matter of efficient extermination. At least that seems to be the plan. Then again the best laid plans collapse with applied.... As for Greece. We shall see....People are still swimming at my local beach. Still having parties, still dancing and singing. That is not the way a defeated people acts....
  3. Technically, I'm only pro Syriza in the sense that everyone else is more or less a traitor or looking for chaos (like people who hope the apocalypse arrives). The referendum said NO to austerity. But it also pushed a YES to remaining in the Euro. Tsipras tried to work with both mandates. The bankers and politicians of Europe, however, were simply giving the ultimatum of cutting off everything NOW. So IF we remain in the Euro we remain as vassals of the banks. The compensation prize is that wages and pensions are not touched (for now). But public auctions are still not in process (yet). The previous memoranda from the banks placed Greece in British Maritime Law, meaning all assets in banks can be siezed, even if the land remains the people's. So people would have nothing in terms of currency but whatever they managed to put in their mattresses. Then we have the American factions ready to start a coup or a war or unleash the Muslims or whatever. So who in their right mind would rush to that? Buying time, even if things are constantly getting worse seemed the only option.The Syriza party, however, is not all on the same page about this. Some wanted a return to the drachma. Well and good, but nobody seems to have a detailed plan. Just vague rhetoric. So I would surmise there is constant spying to make sure nobody comes up with a plan (at least from the political spectrum). The psychos want chaos. They want it either in terms of raping the land and destroying the people quietly, or impoverishing and starving out the people first, or via blood shed. So really, the people have shown now indication they are ready to be REAL Spartans and go out in a blaze of glory, or sacrifice a portion for the rest. They are, however, not giving up. Because if the face gets even uglier the people have less and less to lose. And even though the beaurocrats do go on and on about causing chaos (informally at least via alternative media outlets), but also as neo-con types from the US, they still prefer effeciency in my opinion. The world would do well to pay attention because this is the path for the west at least. This all sounds bleak, but one thing I don't underestimate is that people that are doing something in a grass roots fashion would probably be avoiding the public eye or any kind of overt surveillance. Again, the media likes to project stark and simple conclusions and "done deals". The reality is more dynamic I would say. It's ain't over yet. Doom has been heralded on and on for Greece since 2009 when we joined the IMF. Things are not good, but much of that is the psychological media terror factor. People are dumster diving, but so long as they still have some source of income in the family, they can make due. That is probably the real reason why the deal focused on public assets. Once they control those they can do anything (like spike the water supply or hike electric bills to the "impossible" level). But if they cut wages and pensions, there would have been a revolution. So I cannot say if it is ALL a grand theatrical conspiracy and everything we see and hear is orchestrated. Somehow, however, that seems strange with all the trouble of such theatrics. IF it's all planned then simple taking over is not enough. Take over has to be in a certain way.... But that's too convoluted. Even if it is theater, it is theater with a purpose, and we may as well treat all the drama as real because the result is the same: we either capitulate or resist. If we resist we had better do it smart or we will fall in to one of a number of pre-calculated think tank scenarios. Not just Greece, but everyone. Any event can be interpreted as being "planned" by the "powers". Anyone can be bought, martyred or implanted into the system to rise through the ranks until they are called to play their part in the conspiracy, as it were. But even if that is so, there are also uncertainties and wild cards. In this case the bankers and royals (or whoever plans all the crap) are playing chicken, with a lot of them wanting a crash and burn because they think they have all the bases covered. In the case of Greece, what's one more little country being trashed? It won't even cause a collapse as they say, but it may move other countries to defy the NWO out of fear that they will be next. So in closing the Greeks I think are driven by one consideration at this point beyond others: They (we) will not be the next Lybia or Syria or "expendable" little country that gets trashed and forgotten. Even if the tightrope is unravelling, the end result of falling into the abyss is the same. So may as well keep walking over the coals, since alot can happen if one buys time (however high the price of that time might be).
  4. Greeks do not want to hand over assets. But they want war even less. Going to the drachma would not have resulted in impoverishment to a degree greater than say what happened during the last German occupation when Greeks fled to their villages and lived close to starvation until they could plant and harvest. That was because the Nazis took all the food. Those that stayed in cities starved. My point is that childred were raised on their grandparent's stories of this and it's not unprecedented. What is truly HORRIBLE is war, civil or otherwise. That is what the Americans threaten. Europe doesn't want that because it's too risky, but even riskier is allowing a precedence of a country with resources and a central geographical position to stand up to them. So the deal was this (according to my observations and understanding): Mr. Tsipras, we will let you save face so as to not stimulate further upstarts. Instead of raping the country in one go, we will do it slowly. We will even lighten up on the terrorism and austerity. Just give up the land piecemeal so we can begin the raping. Otherwise we'll take it by force. Russia doesn't seem to care since unlike Ukraine, any kind of unrest that assumes to protect from Russians intervention is actually assuming there is intervention. Russia just has to live up to the paranoid assumptions. All in all the point is to rape the land and destroy the people, without overt violence because that would create unpredictable instabilities. For these the factions seem to THINK they are ready. In truth Greece is actually a far more free country than Britain or Germany since GMO projects have barely begun and people still own their property without morgages. Also no smart meters or crap in the water or accepting everything shoved down the people's throats. It's just that the hype is promoting that Greece is being beated so the world can learn and be dismayed. It's mostly for show. They did not want a NO vote, but the attitude is that "we don't care". We'll destroy it all if we have to and live in a hole rather than let the world thrive. In my honest opinion, these loonies will NEVER give up. The "weaker" will be gobbled by the more ruthless factions until only the truly insane are left. I think somewhere, the human instinct is aware of this and is very careful about resisting too overtly at this stage. I also think it "they" lose now they will never have another chance. The collective mind of humanity (yes, I believe in the concept) has experienced the full cycle of historic psychopathy enough to instinctively not allow it to grow if there is a 'reset'. Something that drives the psychos seems to know this. If they fail now, they will never have another chance. Humanity is too mature, even if they do their best to make us all look like drooling idiots. Another thing. I would say all authorities today are part of some cabal or other, either subjugated by one or allied to one, and that all cabals seek power. Some think they are saner, while others just hate life and anything not of their techno making. The NO vote may have been ignored but at some point Greeks will fight back if they see that sitting and playing it safe is worse than that. So will everyone else. Their mind control and poisoning is NOT as effective as the so-called alternative media (working for them or being disinformed by their agents) portrays, in my opinion. But I do not see easy solutions of simple system changes just because a few good actors put on a show of "humanity" and the same old same old game of the benevolent autocrat (religious, financial or otherwise). I do not think Greece will plunge into chaos any time soon. The cashless society thing is not slated (as far as I know) for at least a few years, and major crises will probably not be pushed until the next decade. The aim now, imho, is to poison people and weaken them so that terrorism (of the media mostly) does the rest and mass extermination can be as efficient as folks just signing up for suicide. All this does not mean I don't believe that organized benign change cannot happen. I just don't think such organizations, if effective, would be out in the open for us "common folk" to debate about.
  5. There is a concerted campaign of disinformation by the pro-banker media. The newspaper you quoted regarding greek drachmas is one of those media outlets that lies blatantly. Even the poll companies provided false gallops predicting the day before the referendum either a YES victory or a marginal NO one. They fell off the mark by 20-25%, which is not credible for a poll company (allegedly independent). So be very careful regarding what comes from the outlets. I myself am not aware of any outlets of English or non-Greek content that speak truth. So the world is subject to a disinfo storm. Even interviews with alleged people from the street (let alone "experts") are often set ups. The push is to make things seem worse then they are on the one hand and to make things worse via terrorist stress induction. For example they claim impending civil war when there is no such thing. Even tourists don't see any change, and of course credit cards can be used. That, in fact, supports the cashless society concept so it's not going to be discouraged. The banks are simply punishing the populous for daring to "vote" against the EU master's wishes. So we shall see where this game of "chicken" goes. Comments regarding IOU's and parallel currencies have been denounced as "made up". Even Varoufakis (who I consider to be an agent of Soros) claimed he never said such things. If he did and then lied he probably IS an agent. Before the PM (Tsipras) won the elections (which the former PM called) he was called to Lake Cuomo in Italy to meet with undisclosed elites, after a meeting with the Pope. I suspect that a deal was made then, and Varoufakis was one of the conditions. The elites would have a shot at breaking Greek morality. Call it an experiment, or a wager if you will. Elites like those kinds of games, and may even honor them because they play them with each other as well. That's my opinion, however. The media disinfo campaign isn't. As for Germany, they claim the NO vote is well and good, but 18 countries (the rest of Europe) "disagree". Thing is the leaders of most or all EU countries are on the take. Spain in the Fall may vote for change, and THAT is what is making them sweat. Calling their bluffs is making them sweat. No need for "Global" revolutions in my opinion. Just for local groups to sustain moral solidarity and be on the same page and resist locally at the same time. Nobody needs to fight for anyone else, but their own immediate space. They just need to do it together, and the national arena in Europe is dangerously close in my opinion to doing that. So then, considering that at the same time China's markets plunge and the US has a glitch with its Stock Markets, is the EU crisis a smoke screen for other things going on or are these other crises trying to take attention away from the EU crisis? Or is it a case of dominoes falling? I don't believe in coincidence though. And I am VERY suspicious of all media although still listen critically...always with the thought "who benefits?", when I do.
  6. This is Aristo. I was the one who expressed a desire to halt the videos for now. Let's just say it's not convenient for me at this time. It so happened that his own crisis came around the same time (after I had already told him my plans). Since I'm here, however, let me say a few things about the "Greek situation". First: why the majority (62%) NO vote? That's not so hard to understand. Just consider if someone said: We will take your pension, increase unemployment to over 80%, raise taxes across the board, devalue currency by replacing the Euro with a second "lesser" Euro or IOU notes. We will buy all utilities, including the water, we will then jack with whatever chemicals we want. We will force GMO cultivation on you. We will buy all your land so you willl have to pay to go anywhere, and then we will take your homes. We have concentration camps (Didn't tell you about operation Zeus did they?), so your families will be put in storage containers with toilets until the chemical toxins do them in. That's about the just of it. These were the "measures" that they don't seem to be making all too public. All the media seem to talk regarding austerity are vague generalities. This is not about "tightening the belt". That has been already going on for five years, and more than enough I would say. We are talking about survival, and a small scale operation that is planned to expand to the rest of the western world. So look at what was proposed and ask yourself if a NO vote to that was really all that strange. What is next is uncharted territory (officially). The IMF and Central European Bank is still keeping people's accounts regulated to a 60 euro withdrawal per day. They have cops at every ATM because they think Greeks are just another human statistic that riots whenever their buttons are pushed. They WANT civil war here, but they ain't gonna get it. If they try to stage it, they will be unmasked. Just because people are still holding back doesn't mean they don't have the number of those out to destroy them. And I mean those who had the temerity and courage to vote NO. Some could not because they worked in different cities (and most employers threatened them with being fired if they dared go vote- or take time off) or had no money to travel to the city where they were registered. So really the majority is actually much greater than 60%. More like 80% with 15% scared and stupid, and 5% sold out big time. What's next seems to be a game of chicken. Does Europe want Greece in or out? Greece is not going to go for those inhuman insane measures designed to kill us here. So either the economy builds with a Euro or there are other options. There are Russians, for example. But then the US comes in with its own project NEMESIS http://www.sott.net/article/298725-Will-Greece-become-Ukraine-2-0-Yes-if-Nulands-hubby-has-his-way. I read that the end of the Euro is slated for 2018 according to a Rothchild publication from 1988. So I think this crisis is a dry run to see what is necessary on a larger scale. For the record, Greece cannot be ousted from Europe nor from the Euro. They simply need to stop paying an increasing debt that is mostly derivatives and bank bailouts as well as a set-up, and focus on economic development. This is what the powers that be do not want and may resort to a Lybia/Syria option if civil war or banker games don't work. But that means all Europe must be like Lybia. I think folks will see that coming and there may be a much needed local purge of authority structures. Those arrogant fools in think tanks do tend to get cocky and sloppy in their Yes-man ass kissing enthusiasm.
  7. Ron's been back doing videos for some time. Not the same as before since he's still recovering from his health ordeal, and may be for the forseeable future. His videos are of a more personal nature, and it seems he's still finding his groove. It's a challenging time for the man, as it is for many these days. Here's his latest that I am sure is easily accessible on youtube:
  8. I would say that the audience interested in what the Ambassador has to say is too small for any major operation to be involved. I agree with the view that something is going to be sold to us in the future and that different ways of getting the attention of the public that don't involve false flags are being beta tested. People who lust for power are usually very clever and persistant, but not creative. What they usually do is trick creative people from the general populace to give them ideas straight from the horse's mouth to tame the horse, as it were. I found this recent commentary of Fulford's interesting. https://www.facebook.com/paradoxman316/posts/10153195858274555 It assumes the west is more or less purged, and that a global system is benign at this time. The war is won, so to speak, and now it's time to build our new world. Nothing to see here but a "win/win" global alliance. I don't know about that.
  9. I agree Friar N's implied assertion that it serves us to keep the pragmatic basics front and center so we don't lose track of the events that immediatly affect us, as well as their more historic backgrounds. I would add, however, that history is written by the victors and that much of the weight or blame is constantly falling on those amounting to glorified servants. As if these "innocent" families were so gullible as to just let their wealth be taken. These are people who hold power with a very tight fist, and that includes anything they deem theirs. How were they seduced? Was it because somehow they thought their wealth would be secure or could multiply easily via being held in trusts? They didn't pay taxes to anyone. They didn't answer to anyone. But they did want power, and perhaps that was the carrot that led to compromises with "servants" and wealth managers (be they human or "other"). I do not believe the manager/trustees are the cabal and only. Let's look at a western equivalent. There is this emphasis on Jewish bankers being the first. In truth the first European bankers were the merchants of Venice, scions of Italian noble city state families. Venice managed the money of other city states I think and then expanded. Around the same time the Templars chose Jews because they weren't affiliated with the Church or the status quo of European nobility. Is it so hard to imagine that this "cabal" is not a coherent entity, and includes different factions, only one of which is used by the full grouping as the "public face" where the people are concerned? If you look at the current noble families of Italy they are officially noted as wine growers and such. There is virtually no association with finance. So are things as they seem? Is the 'cabal' really the Cabal, or a scape goat that publically manages money and may even strive to control more than originally agreed. Is the 'plan' of this Cabal coherent or are there bumps in terms of who gets what? I just think the presentation is a bit too "clean", where there are clearly "bad guys" and these naive royal types that somehow can be fooled so easily even though they maintained so much power for millenia. As someone asked (George Lincoln, I think), why now and not decades ago?
  10. There are those who cry out "give us our wealth back". I think they do this because someone is making false promises. Because if those of European descent want their "wealth" they would have to consider those of Native American descent (especially Central and South American descent) who had their gold taken by European forces. That gold circulated and literally created modern European civilization out of the ravages of the black plague. So how can it be returned? And to whom, when so many Latin Americans are of mixed native and European blood? Look at the problems establishing a country of Israel caused in the name of giving the descendants of former inhabitants back their land? If he give back the Native Americans their land, where will the descendants of immigrants go? All of this doesn't even take FN's arguments about throwing "free money" at people into account. Many ask for debts to be cancelled. Well, maybe this has to go all around. And as this happens, maybe we do need to consider that many people are suffering injustice to the point that giving them some "free money" is actually making reparations in a realistic manner. How can the world start moving in the right direction with so much of human society (and the very psyche of whole collectives) damaged by the crimes of the "elite"? Can people even come to realize that making reparations is an investement in human social stability, peace and true progress? I think FN raised a very fundamental issue: Money value is based on confidence. This leads me to think that it is not some metal or other standard we need, but a standard of confidence. Fiat money is false confidence. It's a con job. Electronic money is ok in a society of healthy and ethical people, but that is not where we are. It is, in fact, the most dangerous form of representation of value since it can not only be hacked if not under central control, but it can be wiped as easily as it can be created depending on the whims of an allegedly "dependable" central control. I am not educated in economics. All I know of it is what amounts to my version of common sense. Since we live in a world of people conditioned to economies of oppression and authoritarian manipulation it may not be viable to come up with a "solution" that can be applied accross the board. Not unless selfless authoritarians somehow take control and dedicate their lives in self sacrifice to deal with the mass trauma and confusion raging in humanity. It might, however, be viable to set the clock back several decades to return to a gold standard, provided the stolen hoards of gold are reclaimed and used to invest in projects to restore creative social stability as a long term investment in humanity rather than a specific group's profit. In other words, to do what the US, United Nations, IMF and World Bank claimed they were doing, but obviously weren't since WWII. Then we can think about creating a system that really works. But that would mean that the current holders of wealth need to be brought to justice if they are criminals and what was stolen to be repurposed, and the middle class be encouraged to grow world wide. It means that humanity is rather comfortable with a Nation State scenario where International decisions can be made under a group effort of bodies such as a true UN where arbitration would be impartial and just. Am I too idealistic here. I think this is functional since it worked for at least a part of the world even as a lie. For me the above would be step three. Step two would be organizing to neutralize the current autocratic system in some way, and step one to acquire the mindset, attitude and organizational capacity and courage to work toward that end. Many blanks obviously need to be filled, but these are some basic thoughts of mine on the subject.
  11. Here's my [A C George] reply to the last long post by keymaker on that same youtube thread: +Key Maker One thing that I wondered about is that it seems a cashless society is being pushed, and that factions in my opinion are either vying for control of this outcome or this game of good cabal vs. bad cabal is being played so the good cabal can win and we can bow to the outcome. If, for example, people resist the cashless thing if it is pushed through terror and fabricated crisis, then maybe a more subtle transition with a background of constant threats that never seem to fully materialize may be more successful. Apparently they tell us we have no power, but they still seem to want more than just a majority to willingly comply with whatever "new deal" is promoted. Either way, whatever this funding project may be, an experiment, the beginning of something important, or a pet project of some minor faction, we still can benefit by learning via our very cautious engagement. I was just wondering what happens with these project if the world suddenly goes cashless? I mean, "cashless" is actually just more convenient than a standard whose value is controlled by some central command. The bottom line is still centralized value control. Perhaps these projects can be a step in trying out decentralized value control, by establishing "markets" within the existing centralized system that might just give the people experience to take it to a more collective level. After all, if a few can organize here, the process can spread. So long as some creative goods and services dynamic can slip through the cracks it is still precedence that might end up spreading more than any Christian cult in the old Roman Empire. And just as the establishment takes the best ideas and twists them into curses for us, perhaps even if this is a plot of sorts, we might be able to turn it around by transforming the pretense into a reality. ----- Thinking a little more on this and looking at some online comments, I too see a polarization between believers and nay-sayers, with maybe a group that is still trying to make sense of things. Personally, I would like to see more people in the third group. Not so much because I think a few funded projects are going the change the world per se, but because our main problem in my view is that we have a hard time structuring confusing information (and you can't really blame people for that). Part of the problem is that we are conditioned that way, and most of this so called information age is all about destabilization of perception. Part of this problem, however, is our habit of falling into set and simplified responses. We can't do squat unless we can think straight no matter what is thrown at us, that much at least is obvious to me. We can learn to think straight by engaging in examples of applying our thinking, far more than turning arguments round and round. In other words we need something to help us organize our minds, so we can learn to organize our actions. Engaging in a proposal such as this, even if to go through the motions of clarifying everything can be very educational in that regard. Right now it's confusing, but if a few people "get it", even if projects specifically funded don't get off the ground, then others can get the basics. If projects do get off the ground, then we may push the envelope further and see if two or more different projects can interact and even complement each other. All of this would of course be pointless in a centralized authoritarian society, since the toil would benefit not the toilers, but their controllers. The point to which I am striving is rather different: I am intrigued by any opportunity for people to learn to organize and set into motion "projects", and for coordinating a multiplicity of such projects in a synergistic fashion. I realize it is a far cry to compare being funded by a centralized benefactor to sustaining a self regulating project, let alone a synthesis of many such operations, but that is how a viable economy is established isn't it? In a way, it is how revolutions happen, and might just happen under the proverbial radar during this phase when tyranny is tight but not quite absolute. Just a few thoughts.
  12. I always thought Civil Disobedience to be non-violent action by definition.
  13. I think it's important to consider a rather recent quote by Zbigniew Brzezinski: “Today, it is infinitely easier to to kill a million people than to control a million people.” I recommend looking up and pondering the quotes of this master strategist of psychopathic controllers. We shouldn't shy away from getting into the head of the tyrants, and ZB expresses many examples of their mindset. In any case, I feel it is important to consider the impact of this quote when pondering the pros and cons of "civil disobedience". This 100,000 English cannot control the millions of Indians, but today the few who call the shots among those 100,000 are becoming much bolder in just wiping out the millions...and with "infinite ease". History actually tells us truth has not always won...unless we are speaking of a long term process that is still to reach its culmination. And the Injustice is already Visible, but spun to create fear rather than inspire action. Indeed the function of Civil Disobedience (CD) is to provoke a response. And the role of tyrants is to set an example so the response goes their way. This is not to say that CD is useless. On the contrary. What I am suggesting is that to me it rather resembles a martial arts strike to specific pressure points. It needs to be well thought out, well executed and applied with precision at the right time and place so as to have the desired impact and not trigger disastrous consequences by an increasingly arrogant yet constantly calculating group of "thinking psychos". Something like exposing the method and lies in False flags, however, is effective on a more subtle level. This is an example of promoting understanding as opposed to just regurgitating raw data. Knowing things are going to hell in a handbasket is hard to put into a viable context of response by most people who feel isolated from any sense of organized and effective solutions. But teaching them how to think around psychopathic conditioning is a different story. This can lead to cultivating confidence and to establish a mind space for people to take initiative in small things at first (like reinforcing and sharing the understanding as opposed to trying to convert people with raw data and "researched facts" of neutral understanding value at best). Eventually some will get more creative and share that. We are not chipped yet, meaning conditioning is reversible. And if that is true natural human ingenuity can be ignited. This includes the ingenuity to organize under the psychopathic surveillance radar.
  14. Thank you for the warm welcome. I probably should have introduced myself before just posting. AC represents my first two initials, and djinn is just a mythic being of "smoke and fire" according to Islam. It is a kind of link between Human and Angel (earth and clay for humans and light for angles). Djinn are also largely demonized in religious mythologies even though their characteristics, traits and motives are technically as varied as those of human personalities. So call it a name that encourages to not be swayed by demonization or ideological misrepresentation when we are called to forge bridges between what we are and our highest ideals. I would also like to thank FriarN for inviting me here. He knows me mainly from the youtube videos where I am hosted as a guest of Ron Van Dyke once a week (as my own person and not as a mouthpiece of his own views). Expressing opinion in such hot topics is always a challenge. It's hard not to generalize and sometimes we need to. It's also not always easy, in my opinion, to back up the emphasis that each case should be taken on its own merit when we also desire solutions that affect everyone and aren't restricted to special cases of conditions. Often it's not easy being objective without alienating one's self from the situation. So indeed, there is no such thing as the perfect human, although many of us do tend to aspire to ideals of our being and potentials that evolve us beyond our limitations. On the other hand, I think and feel that trying to understand things deeply need not be a quest for a perfect state, but one of adequate degree so we don't make the mistakes of the past, especially now that we face an establishment with a bag of tricks the past probably did not have to face. As such I am more urging we take nothing for granted, especially our various assumptions; that we dare examine our givens and options to the point of "ad nauseum" while being observant and discerning enough to recognize if and when we chase our own tails or enter blind alleys. That may take hitting a wall and backtracking or ramming an obstacle until our heads crack and we wise up. But we also have intuition, a gut sense and a heart that can be a touchstone of truth for us. Gandhi may have been sincere and his methods useful in a world of a certain level of corruption, and civil disobedience has its place...but it tends to fall flat when the "other side" actually wants to exterminate most humans and all who aspire to freedom. Yet I do believe in the power of love, the effectiveness of wisdom and the value of human creativity and courage. I would like those resourceful qualities to be focused on both understanding the depth of our predicament and toward solutions regarding it as a result of our understanding. For example, I agree regarding the proposal of councils of wisdom (even though that's another thread), but not to just spit out procedures of direct strategic and tactical response to problems, but as think tanks to inspire growing numbers of people to cultivate discernment, to organize and face and overcome their mind control and inspire even more humans to do so. As yelik said, seeing something is wrong is not enough to trigger effective change. Spreading knowledge of the problem has been and is still necessary, but before we leap from knowing the problem to proposing solutions, cultivating and then spreading understanding is a bridge that may need a stronger commitment for now. Personally I feel it is something humanity needs sorely at this time. The establishment is not afraid of knowledge. They can twist, conceal and confound the facts, but they can also use unadulterated facts to their advantage. They can also tag knowledge promoters for future reference without rushing to sanction them. Understanding is a different animal altogether. And much harder to pin down because it is fully dependant on the response of the one receiving it, whereas facts are simply facts, and if well presented will eventually sink in. They do not, however, necessarily lead to action. They may even lead to avoidance because fear is the only response some people know when faced with difficult truths. Understanding, however, allows for the digestion of facts into a useful dynamic that can lead to wisdom: the context of the pragmatic application of understanding. Understanding leads to a stance of empowerment, whereas wisdom inspires the actions one can effectively take from that stance. Without the stance, however, any move can lead to a fall. And any fall can be very "bad press" for those who are scared out of their wits already. Just some additional thoughts.
  15. I would go with the "none of the above" option. Send our Love eh? Who among us has such a power of Love to "send" as can affect the empty soul-space of a diabolical psychopath? And who among us can even "send" Love as if it were an email, and to affect the global consciousness? And even if we could, how many are really "out there" who can muster and then expertly "send" such love? In my opinion, such notions are really lacking in understanding as per Love and understanding as per "sending". They seem to attract people like some college students I knew who thought they could get straight A's in literature class by just copying Cliff Notes. So, in my opinion, any arguments on the subject are not based on much of a foundation. To put it another way: did Gandhi's level of "love" really do anything? Britain planned to let India pretend to have its freedom (while still pulling strings behind the scenes). In fact, when Gandhi really tried to go against the plan by attempting to reconcile Muslim and Hindu factions, they just "offed" him. How about the Love of the Cathars? Got them killed in really nasty ways. How about the Love of Jesus and the early Christians. They all became human sacrifices to eventually build a medieval religious tyranny. I am not saying Love is useless or that it cannot be a vibration that makes a difference. It's just that people seem to think Love is something apart from them that they can just throw somewhere like a hand-grenade and expect the "enemy" to fall to its magic. What I see is that "sending Love" is treated like casting stones to "loose women" we don't like, as they did in the days of Jesus. It seems more to make us look good rather than to make any real change. In any practical problem, solutions come from examining our original premise in defining the problem, our resources and how or if they relate to the problem (or only appear to do so), and if we are limiting ourselves in our alleged motivations. Often it is our very reality frame that condemns the problem to be unsolvable. After all, some problems in physics just could not be solved until the whole classical paradigm once conisdered unalterable "Truth" was expanded into formerly untenable horizons. Let's take logic: The premises of Logic, no matter how you argue it, are based on Assumptions that lead to conclusions along a straight line, the shortest distance between two points of reference. It usually works, or seems to do so, unless we consider that a reality frame might have a relativistic geometric space. It can rest on a larger or more encompassing reality frame that sports a very different geometric space, and one where there are no straight lines. In other words, logic alone is very specialized and thus limited. Our conclusions are also based on the level of knowledge regarding the given situation where logic is applied. In an age of disinformation, relentless and insidious conditioning (where you are only properly conditioned when you don't know or believe you are), as well as information overload and confusion, keeping the record straight to effectively apply logic is no small feat. This is true weither we have truckloads of love to support us or not, in my opinion. Yeah, yeah, I know. "What's your solution smart guy?" My solution is to focus first on getting to a place where we can responsibly orient toward solutions rather than being mere rats in someone's think tank experiement of brainwashed Matrix zombies who think they're waking up. Yes, a bit harsh, but well meant nevertheless. Just consider history and that the tyrants are those who wrote it and studied all that we don't know about it as well as shelling out billions into studying us for a long long time. They may not have a clue about Love, but they are masters of chess-like strategy and tactic, as well as manipulative psycho-button pushing. This is just a single post offering a bare bones view. But I would say that if we want to "oppose" we need to first define our arena of opposition. Should it even be in the public and surveilled domain? Or can we use that domain to our advantage, at least to a point in our deliberations? Can we use the means of tyrants to our advantage? One more thing: there is mention of heart and mind, but what about body? What about instinct in terms of non-cognitive and trans-emotional faculties such as sensate (energy) awareness and body-level "gut feeling"? How about the body-mind/heart? That's not just technical nit-picking. After all the tyrants are going a long way to disrupt our hormones, electrolyte balance and immune systems. They seem to know that the way to mess with the mind and heart is not just directly, but through the body as well. So perhaps we need to be more focused on really really really getting our houses in order in more ways than one, and setting some firm foundations for exploring solutions that assure we are actually outside the box and not in a fancier and upgraded version of the old rat maze; one that may be designed to trap those who dare reach for hope.