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  1. Well, like many of you I was hoping that Keshe discovery was legit and would change the world. But after viewing these 2 videos, that appears to be genuine first-hand witnesses, sadly it appears to me that it is a scam. Here's my brief summary : Sousan Alexander, an IT technical professional with many other degrees, is one of the five who build one of the plasma generator with Keshe published blueprint last fall. It didn’t work. She still believed in it, and had already enrolled to Keshe foundation as a student training program, and was already distributing Keshe’s healing pads on ebay. She went to Italy and all the evidences leads told her that it was a scam. Part 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duLPevpy0VU Sousan's background, how she heard about Keshe, her involvement in distributing the pads, building a device, and the process to get accepted to Keshe institute. Part 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7oJeNfUmS4 What happened once she arrived at Keshe institute in Italy to be trained for 3 months and what she found out. I believe they(circle Healing Network) are currently working on producing a part 3 that ties in two other ladies and their first-hand experience and investigation of Keshe.
  2. Good info & hypotheses...(minus the insults & degradation which I think are never necessary to make a point --- respect inspire faith and hope that can lead to a change of heart.) 'till the truth is made fully transparent to the public, all these comments are speculative but can be part of a fraction of the truth. Always keep in mind that the RDF and the Ambassador, despite all their faults and shady history, may be genuine and are out to help us as best that they can right now. I think once the gold backed currencies will be re-instated, America and the Western countries might be one of the most impoverished nations. We will need some help from other countries. I would like to bring forth some more history that suggest the origin of these gold trust, its purpose, and the so call "M1" that we are hearing about. To preserve the context of this article, I've included the paragraph that brings the role of China and Russia who are currently overthrowing "Mystery[secret] Babylon". This extraction is written by Stephen Jones and the full article can be found here. Stephen was the son of a missionary couple who was raised in the Philippine. Afterwards, throughout his life, Stephen kept good ties with the Philippines knowing lots of their history. Anyway, the following extract may give you other pieces of the puzzle and key words to further your investigation. The underlines are my emphasis. Something worth mentioning is King Solomon had 700 wives by which were foreign princesses of all the different nations, producing a child with them to send them off back as "ambassadors" in their countries like it was done with Queen Sheba. Solomon was on a mission to unite the world. ........................ Blessings! ================================================================ The Kings of the East The actual overthrow of Mystery Babylon is taking place even now at the hands of the kings of the east. These “kings” are mentioned in Rev. 16:12, 12 And the sixth angel poured out his bowl upon the great river, the Euphrates; and its water was dried up, that the way might be prepared for the kings from the east. This “bowl” (of wine) is poured out by the sixth angel to prepare the way for the seventh angel that overthrows Babylon in the next verses. Drying up the Euphrates was the manner in which the Medes and Persians overthrew the original city of Babylon. John understood this and wrote that we would see a similar overthrow of Mystery Babylon at the end of the age after all the beast empires and their extensions had come to a full end. Since we are now at the time of the end, we should look around and see how this is being fulfilled. We should also look to see which nations from the east are opposing the Babylonian west—in particular, the banking system. Banks are also the boundaries of rivers. It is clear that China and Russia are God’s new “kings of the east,” which He has raised up like Cyrus and Darius to overthrow Babylon and to set us free. This is taking the form of a conflict between two distinct monetary systems. The Babylonian banking system that took control of the US monetary system in 1914 through the Federal Reserve Bank is now being undermined by an asset-backed banking system advocated by China and Russia. For this reason, those nations who see that the gold standard is returning to the economic world are purchasing as much gold as they can at current low prices. The US government backs a fiat currency, where money is created out of nothing and has value only according men’s “faith” in it. They are working to keep the price of gold low in order to make the US dollar look relatively valuable. This only makes it easier for other nations to buy more gold, and thus we see a huge amount of gold being drained from the Western countries, as it flows east. At some point there will be no more gold to sell to the buyers, and that will be the crisis point. We are near that point today. King Solomon’s Mines Scripture tells us that King Solomon mined gold from “Ophir,” and brought back 450 talents and 666 talents of gold (2 Chron. 8:18; 9:13). In 1 Kings 9:28 we read that 420 talents of gold were brought from Ophir. Obviously, many mining expeditions were sent out from Ezion-geber on the Red Sea (1 Kings 9:26) to bring gold from the Indonesia, Borneo, the Philippines, and other countries in the Far East. Over and beyond this, the Queen of Sheba gave him 120 talents of gold (2 Chron. 8:9). Solomon used some of the gold to build the temple and its vessels. What most people do not realize, however, is that Solomon did not bring all of the gold back to Jerusalem. Most of it was stored in what is now Indonesia, and it was overseen by one of Solomon’s sons who began a ruling dynasty. Their descendants today are the Majapahit tribe. Their capital was the city of Solo, named after Solomon. Many years later there was a Majapahit Empire, based on the island of Java, from 1293-1527 A.D. Of course, Java is pronounced “Yahwah.” The influx of Islam during that time caused them to move east from Solo to Bali, “Little Java” about the year 1500. During this time also, they earned a huge amount of gold from the sale of spices to China and later to Europe. There is much history about Solomon mining gold in the Far East. That is also where the Solomon Islands got its name. There is a large gold mine there even today. According to the guardians of this gold—which has been accumulating for thousands of years—it was established by Solomon and was to be used at the end of the age “for the betterment of mankind.” We know it as building the Kingdom. In the past 500 years, as the European explorers came into contact with the Far East, they soon heard rumors of huge stockpiles of gold in the Far East and in China. Naturally, they wanted to find it and take it for themselves, much like the Spanish conquerors did in Central and South America. The guardians of the wealth eventually moved much of the gold through the Sulu Sea to the Philippines. It is estimated that about 80% of the gold is in the Philippines, awaiting the time when the Western bankers lose their power, and this gold can be used to rebuild the world that Babylon has impoverished through its debt-money system. Another source of the Philippine gold traces back to the Mongol empire in the 13th century. Their conquests in Asia made them the largest empire in history, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to Eastern Europe and to Baghdad. They brought with them inventions like the printing press and gunpowder, which the Europeans adopted. But they also took back with them a lot of gold. In time this gold, known as the White Mongolian Account, was brought to the Philippines for safekeeping and put in the hands of King Bernardo Carpio of Luzon (the island where Manila is located). He has since been relegated to the legends category, making him the supposed cause of earthquakes. But at one time he was a real person. In the 19th century, the Filipino hero, Jose Rizal, was studying ophthalmology in Madrid in Spain when he was given the White Vatican Account. This was another very large gold account which he was to oversee. Many of the wars in the past few centuries have been fought over these gold treasures. Though governments always give the people other reasons for their wars, they were really trying to conquer land where they believed the gold was hidden. This includes World War II. Unification to M1 About the year 1750 the dynastic elders of 128 families realized that they could not fulfill their destiny as long as they were splintered by family interests. So they agreed upon a plan to begin an interbreeding program. One family’s son married another family’s daughter for some generations until finally in the year 1901 “M1” was born. He was the single descendant of all the families, who was to be entrusted with the ownership of the wealth. When he was 21 (in 1921), the families consolidated, and in 1928 they drew up their plan of action. M1’s father, known as paku Bueno X (or PB X), called for a meeting in Solo, Java, of the 9 main families and drew up “the plan of the experts.” Their intention was to bring unity in the world and to do the most good for the most people. But how could they accomplish this? Rather than just working through one man (M1), they decided to create checks and balances through a world body of nations, called “The United Nations.” It would rid the world of colonialism and give each nation one vote. To finance this objective, they would set up a financial infrastructure through the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) and the World Bank, along with a world court where international disputes could be resolved. The top 25 banks around the world would also be funded and backed with gold, so that the gold standard would be maintained to settle trade imbalances. The USA was also to take on the role as “the world’s policeman,” to enforce the peace, if necessary. It seemed like a good idea, assuming this arrangement was respected by all nations. But when the US dollar was made the world reserve currency in 1944, it paved the way for excesses, and the Vietnam war, along with trade imbalances, soon depleted the US reserve of silver (1964) and by the late 1960’s half its gold was gone. Eventually the US broke the agreement by going off the gold standard in 1971. From then on, trade imbalances would have to be settled in more newly-created dollars, rather than in gold. The Fed began to create money without restrictions and hijacked the plan of the elders. Appeals were made, lawsuits were filed in the world court, decisions were rendered against what the US was doing, but all to no avail. Western oligarchs had no respect for international law, and they tricked many “patriots” into backing their position. This resulted in many currency wars, where nations devalued their currencies in order to boost exports. In the big picture, however, the real war was between fiat currency (having no backing) and asset-backed currency, now pushed by China. This issue now defines the battlefield in the war between the Babylonian West and the Kings of the East. Meanwhile, in the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944, the World Collateral Accounts were given into the hands of President Sukarno of Indonesia, who may have been M1 at the time. This is uncertain, however, because they created many M1’s to hide the real one due to “security” concerns. He saw the excesses being done in America, but he could do little about it until President Kennedy came to office. Kennedy understood the problem as well. The two signed the Green Hilton Agreement on November 14, 1963, by which Sukarno would give a huge amount of silver and gold to back a new US currency and to put America back into the original plan. Kennedy was assassinated 9 days later, and within two years, Sukarno was forced out of government by a CIA-led coup. It appears that his son, Dr. Edy Sukanto, inherited the M1 position from his father, but the real identity of M1 today is somewhat murky. The public figures are probably not the “real” power brokers but are hired to act in the name of their hidden masters. If nothing else, this shows that US presidents are not the most powerful men in the world. They are controlled by oligarchs who remain behind the scenes, buying politicians and blackmailing them into submission when necessary. People should always keep this in mind when opposing the policies attributed to US presidents (like “Obamacare”). The bottom line is that the kings of the east are turning the world back to the gold standard. The US government, which is the tool of the American oligarchs, is fighting to maintain the status quo with the fiat dollar as king. It is a losing battle, however, because the dollar is being shunned more each day. It is only a matter of time before gold and silver emerge once again as “money,” and power will pass from those who hold paper to those who hold gold and silver. Because the western governments, led by the USA, has chosen to fight to maintain the supremacy of fiat currency, they are putting the people of the west in danger of losing untold quantities of wealth. Those who stand to lose the most are those with paper money or bank accounts denominated in fiat money. Let us be prudent so that we are not destroyed in Babylon’s collapse.
  3. I don't understand why Dr.Bubb closed the other thread. He must have good reasons. I guess we can always use this thread to continue sharing. I'm looking forward to read what Janus might reveal about the Ambassador, the RDF background, and hopefully what's currently going on in the world financial system? As far as I understand from the conversation @ modwiz youtube dated June 7th, Janus (real name Mark @ Pay it forward foundation Global and more interesting info here) did accept the Ambassador's invitation to talk prior to coming in public. Looking forward to seeing some transparency and hearing more from Mark. I do believe that sooner or later we will come to know everything. For the time being, let's be patient and cordial, yet vigilante in searching for truth and working for each other. Blessings!
  4. +100 Tx for letting us know. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family while you are recovering. Blessings and hugs!
  5. Well, I think what we've all been understanding is wealth in general is mainly in terms of Gold holding. Not fiat money or other paper forms. I don't think anyone really knows how much Gold a particular country is holding. I have seen some declared numbers, but countries are not revealing their true numbers. Based on history, I can see that China did accumulate much wealth(gold) in the past 4000 years. 95% could be exaggerated, but I could see a number above 70% as realistic. That statement is general. Let's stay away from getting personal by implicating Ron's personal life. What I understood Ron meant by "creating wealth" is the people of the world have been under slavery for a long time by which the Masters(Anakims descendants, Royal Families, Cabals, etc...) benefited mostly from the wealth that the people produced. For sure the Masters(& government) can reap 10% of this work, but anything above that is unlawful and theft. And usury is unlawful and theft. I think the families with their 90% earned wealth are to care for their own sick, poor, and elderly. This should not be the responsibility of the government. I don't know Chinese(or other Asian) history to say if the Eastern Royal families treated their subject fairly by not incurring large taxes and stealing from the people over the past 4 millennials. If I were to make a guess based on the fact the average person in China seems to be as poor as the Americans; I would think that most likely all this wealth that the Royal Families and Elders have accumulated over the years largely comes from theft taken from their people too. I think, in general, the Chinese were more wise by focusing on trading and avoided conflicts and wars with other nations. So if my understanding is correct, they have largely earned this wealth with honest trading. It just ended up in the Royal Families vaults with time. So largely this wealth would belong to the Chinese people. I think it is arrogant of us, western people, to say the RD Families gold possession is our wealth when our ancestors hand's were very bloody from enslaving the blacks, killing & raping the Native Americans, and have supported our government & Western Royal Families agenda to destroy and conquer other nations including bringing communism into China and other wrongs our government have done to them. Our hands are quite bloody and we cannot all blame it on the Cabals to avoid accountability. We, the people of America, had an opportunity to bless the whole world. When we came to America in the 1600s, we should of been more honorable and watchful in not letting the Cabals in our country in the first place. So if there's someone to blame for the Cabals doings and our world condition, it is largely, us, the American people.
  6. Tx for bringing Ron's message to my attention. It was good for me to re-watch it. Ron gracefully address the vital issues to bring about a Jubilee and new beginning for everyone. Basically Ron's appeal to the Elders is " to fund the things that need to be funded so the infrastructure supports the Awakening" (see details below). I think Ron is right and it's worth repeating in a written form. Maybe the TVoP was truly a good personal effort from the Ambassador while waiting for the big guys(Elders) to establish the new infrastructure. Maybe it was not to be confused or mistaken as the BIG PLAN to set humanity free. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and let time tell the truth. It's too bad the Ambassador and the Red Dragon did not make this more clear to us what is going on and give us some transparency. This would of avoided much disheartening and produced a better response. If this is the case, then I see the reason why the TVoP needs to be a business type model, working in the context of the "old Corporate system", expecting profits and funds re-reimbursement. However I see the TVoP (Ambassador) effort is different than the infrastructure setup that Ron is proposing to the Elders. I see the coming Elders effort (see Ron's proposal and more should be added) as a non-profitable and no refunds should be expected for these effort. These infrastructures is to belong to the communities and to the nations. I believe that the Elders and the Royal Families should take their share of responsibility for funding the Cabals(see Notes under obstacles #1) efforts that created this corrupt system that brought much damage & chaos on earth and all the people of the nations. I guesstimate that it will take 50 to 100 years to clean up, deprogram, bring healing, reconcile, re-build and bring peace back on earth before communities can truly get back on tract to be fully productive and free. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16-03-2015 : Ron Speaks to the Chinese Family Elders Introduction : 1. (.40-1.10)Ambassador putting his own funds to overcome 666 (financial tyranny of human debt-slave system) 2. (.50-.56)War on ignorance (555) begin to educated people of 666 system so to empower & liberate humanity. 3. (1.11-1.46)Ron saw TVoP as coca-cola light because it’s creating new debt & new debtor. 4. (3:05-3:30)After Chinese communist revolution, many elders lost their priviledges and had to do things themselves instead of relying on servants. 5. (3:90- 4:05) Ron was told (by those he’s in contact with : Amba, RD, historians, etc…) that 95% of the world wealth is controlled by the RD family. 6. (4:05-4:17)RD family has roots in Europe too, if that’s true, then the Europeans roots are illuminati and not honorable. 7. (4:50: 5:30)This wealth belongs to the people who created it and produced it while they were enslaved against their will. We the people have enriched you. 8. (5:30-5:55)Divine mandate is to set the people free. You(Elders) hold on your shoulder the capability to liberate humanity. Obstacles in front of Liberating Humanity 1. (6:00-6:50) Creation of Corporation : Business structure on earth that allow people to escape accountability and responsibility for their action. It allows them also to deceive and to lie. +Note: (6:50-8:39)Cabals always came to you(elders) for their lies(to control people) and you didn’t bother checking and have funded them inadvertently. But now you know. +Solution: a) (8:48-9:16) Set up a mandate for corporation (including the corporate governments) have to tell the truth and be held accountable. b.) (9:16-9:46 )Set up courts that the people can bring action backed by actual authority and actual means of implementing the action. Pay the police, military, and enforcers to force the Elites to tell the truth and become accountable. 2. (9:50-11:30) Financial Fraud : Corporate contracts can only exist with other corporation for contracts are made with two parties or more that are equal. So you had to change all humans into a corporation without telling them. That’s an invalid contract on its face. It’s based on fraud. 3. (11:30 – 12:30) Disinformation : All (government, Education institution, corporation, all major institution on the planet from East and West) are nothing more than disinformation mills. +Solution : If the war against ignorance to be won, you need to be setting up major major media networks all over the world – funding them and financing them with the mandate to tell the people the truth. Conclusion (14:00-14:50) -I was praying that you would see your mandate of heaven and have the courage to actually exercise it and put your money where your mouth is. Find it in your heart to fund the things that need to be funded so the infrastructure supports the Awakening -unlike the Cabal which does everything in its power to create infrastructure that keeps the people from awakening -because the Elites in the West and East know that once the people are awakened there’s an egalitarian system put in place where everyone is free. -Even the Elites as you’re just as much in bondage because you are living a lie and lies always hold you in bondage…lies do not liberate.
  7. Tx for expressing these. This resonated highly with me and I was coming to the same impression as your first two points. Your remaining 4 points are quite insightful too. It does appear as this could be what's going on. However, I don't think this applies to everyone, but certainly with most (my guestimate 95% fits FriarN's assessment). They all knew that their black magic didn't work anymore and a shift was happening, so it brought a situation that they find themselves forced to go with it to survive. This makes a true Jubilee difficult to bring about. Despite, I believe God will still bring about a Jubilee. He's the one that is really behind in bringing them to an end and making their plans continuously fail. So I'm not concern by seeing this. What I'm happy to see is the old system is crumbling down. That's major. Think of it, they have build a major infrastructure. I agree it is quite corrupt, but all we need to do is pull out the corrupt and adapt it for the people good use. Since I know the Jubilee is coming, my main pre-occupation is to focus on what part I can play to help setup this new millennium. I know this might sounds too "wishy", but the signs are before us. We need to grab it, believe in it, go with it by using it for the purpose of the people. Time to dream and get "wishy" ;+) I'm Christian and was very pull with the Red Dragon Gideon's spiritual messages. I have always been more in tune with him than the ambassador. From the messages I've heard, my intuition tells me the Red Dragon is a genuine new convert with his heart at the right place. I did get that he is still young in the faith however was quite impress with the spiritual level and revelation He was expressing. Not very many Christian speaks from revelation (if you know what I mean). For him to speak 5 hours straight for several of these spiritual meetings, was showing me that he was on fire like a new converts are. 'till this day, I still believe the Red Dragon is very genuine in his intention and direction. However, the problem I perceived, it is just one guy(maybe a few others) among many that have not reached a true change of heart yet. The Ambassador , Ron, and Dave S. were not in the same wave length with the Red Dragon. My hunch is I think the RD pulled away for a time letting the Ambassador and the others do their own things while knowing in faith that God will do His own things. What I got from listening to Ron and seeing that the Gideon's group disappear and other many signs --- there are a lot of discord within the different royal families and of course, the Cabals. So this discord is also another major factor and layer of what is going on above. It's like the Babylon Empire is experiencing the Babel confusion of tongues that can only result in all plans failure.
  8. Cassandra that’s very insightful. I haven’t thought of this before reading your post, but I must agree with you….perhaps the real underlying agenda is preparing the ground for us to accept the Anunnaki as our creator or as our leaders with a divine mandate. I'm not sure if they would want the common people to have these genes. According to history and their practices, they interbred among themselves (the royals) so to try to preserve these genes which gave them the right to rule over others. It's been years I've been interested in this subject and wondering who were the Anunnaki. I've started to read two very ancients history books: The Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilee. Both accounts are very similar than the one found in the Bible. The Book of Enoch gives a lot of details. If anyone is interested in the subject, read section 1 chap 6 to 15 in the book of Enoch http://www.forbiddengate.com/BookOfEnoch.pdf , and chap 4:15, 22; chap 5:1,6,7; chap 7:21-25; chap 10:1,2,5-11. in the book of Jubilee http://www.godrules.net/TheBookofJubilees.pdf It's worth the read. Basically, 200 Watchers [Angels from heaven] took woman as wife and produced Giants(Niphilims, 1st generation offsprings)]. These Giants were very notorious and enslaved man and were eating man's and beast flesh according to the account describe in the book of Enoch. These 1st generation Giants eventually all died because they were half human; however their angelic side didn't die. Their spirit did not return to God (as it is so with man); their spirit is said to be bind to the earth and was known as an “evil spirit” (Enoch chap 15:9). From the account of the Bible, the Anakims (aka Anunnaki) are offspring of one of these Giants whose name was Anak (Deut 9:2). So it appears that the Anunnaki were really only 1/4 part angelic and 3/4 humans sometime after the flood and Moses. So my deduction is the oldest surviving Anunnaki offspring living on this earth today (perhaps like the picture of one the Ambassador was proud to make public) would have very little angelic blood left. I didn't expect TVoP to be perfect but I did hope that their intentions were honorable. Anyway I don't believe they will go very far with their Anunnaki plan. Let's keep up with our homework, remain open, be watchful, and continue sharing with each other what we understand.