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  1. As far as I know, Dave has submitted his currency to the buyers along with thousands of other folks and they have been waiting about 18 months for the exchange to take place. Over the last few months he has stated that paymasters were receiving funds, preparing to send it on. On his broadcast last week, he stated that that was inaccurate, and the funds have yet to be released! Dave has stated that since this is a private exchange, it is in no way related to the market price of the Dinar/Dong and what is going on in those countries, yet, the exchange still has not taken place because the funding sources are waiting for the "right time" to release the funds. What is the right time? Dave goes New Age and says Dave's story is becoming more confusing: Money is going to be a solution to help fix and heal and change this world. This whole RV/GCR process was never designed to be something that was supposed to make me and you rich. Never. Ever. All the money sources I am in touch with will say that. (Yet the folks who are said to be funding this will be giving millions of dollars to people to spend on whatever they want) The G7 countries are bankrupt and beyond their ability to be able to get out of debt and if there isn't something that is going to step in and help alleviate that we're heading for a complete global financial crash almost a global financial armaggedon Dave has stated on multiple occasions that they won't give out money like candy, and now he says, " Yes, you will be rewarded handsomely for participating in it, but it's designed to be given away, that's what it's for." You can pay off your family's mortgages, their debts, student loans, etc. The release of funds is tied to the psychological state of the recipients (how will that be assessed?) For all his great connections his information is quite vague and indefinite. The explanations for the delay in completing the exchange sound preposterous (i.e. the banking system is not safe, infighting in the Dragon Family, bank codes being hacked, waiting for the recipients to attain peace of mind around money). Yet, people continue to go to his workshops and thank him every week for all his great "work". What exactly has he accomplished? Evidently, when large sums of money are involved, you can keep people on the hook indefinitely as the whole RV/GCR phenomena shows. I don't think his workshops would be of much interest if he didn't have the "large sums of money are on the way to help liberate us" angle.
  2. Dave Schmidt's radio program on November 2: As far as the big announcement Dave was hoping for, the information didn't come through The Round 1 exchange will proceed, but if Hillary gets in Round 2 could be delayed by six months or a year - she does not want it to happen. As for the election, if the race is close, cabal hackers will be able to "flip" the result if it isn't what they want. Dave predicts Hillary will win the election, but there is a blessing in disguise. Hillary being in office will put a spotlight on her and her whole corrupt system that has the ability to expose it all. Dave doesn't think Hillary will make it to the inauguration. Dr. Steve Pieczenik has been an inside man in Intelligence for 25 years. He put out three short youtube videos and he was recently on Infowars with Alex Jones. Dr. Pieczenik states there has been a coup going on inside the american intelligence community that are the white hats really wanting to end the corruption. They have said the Clintons are corrupt as you can get. They have been giving all this information to Wikileaks. "This is so serious, we are in the middle of America's Second Revolution." They have all the evidence needed to put Bill and Hillary into prison. They are going to do everything they can so that Hillary won't make it into office. Impeachment or other charges will be brought against her. Obama is aware of all that is going on and has been covering it up. Internal Coup Against Hillary has Begun The banking system is corrupt, the government systems are corrupt and they can't really bring the money from the top down. What they can do is change the financial system from the bottom up using everyday people like you and me. Many different sources are saying they are doing everything they can to get all of the first round money pressed out and pushed out before the election on Tuesday because if Hillary wins, she will do everything she can to stop the exchanges and RV.
  3. The Truth About America's Survival | Demographics and the 2016 Election Stefan Molyneux shows with facts and figures why the Republican Party is on the decline - immigration policy. Immigrants from other countries that want big government are outnumbering the folks who want smaller government.
  4. This is interesting - Dave Schmidt walked away from the Red Dragons because they were all talk and no action. He then met with the Golden Dragons - the same group that Jerzy Babkowski and Landa China Global say they are connected to. This could explain why Dave's story sounds more and more like that of Jerzy and co. Dave now says that the funds are on the way, and just like Landa, that the banking environment is not quite 'safe enough' to release the funds. People win the lottery each week and I have never heard the lottery corporation say they will hold on to the funds until the banking environment is "safer". Some people do self destruct after winning the lottery or receiving a big inheritance (Sudden Wealth Syndrome), but I have never heard of someone claiming the cabal stole their funds ! Criminals and con artists find it easy enough to get the money after someone has received a big windfall than to "hack the banks" and prevent them from getting it in the first place. Both Dave and Landa talk about common sense. Their explanations on this have none! My guess is they would probably say that because the amounts are much higher, and therefore the need for caution, but I don't buy it. If people only receive 20% and it amounts to tens of millions, that is no different than a large lottery win. Dave's new mantra is that the goal is to hydrate the banking system and get the money moving. It is already moving, it is the choices that people make every day with their money that determine what kind of world we live in.
  5. Meanwhile, in other news, Dave Schmidt is hosting a new friend, Dr. Cohler on his radio show, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-sedona ... -this-week Landa China Global has had Dr. Cohler on their last two calls. Dr. Cohler claims to be the asset manager of the Rodriguez Trust. What is that? According to Dave, More here: http://esojable.blogspot.ca/2010/02/tru ... about.html In 1826, the Crown of Spain awarded the Titulo Propiedad de Terrenos Royal Decree No. 01-4 of 1826 to DON HERMOGENES R. RODRIGUEZ being the Gobernadorcillo de Maynila as a gift from her cousin QUEEN ISABELA II. Since the death of Rodriguez, there has been an ongoing dispute between elites and Royals over land claims in the Philippines. Dr. Cohler is claiming that ownership of this land is private property and therefore the gold and or bonds in boxes on that land are the property of the Rodriguez Trust. He spins quite a tale, but the bottom line is does he have any money? Dave believed the Ambassador and his financial documents, but that ended up a dead end. Is Dr. Cohler the Red Dragon Ambassador 2.0? Dave's contact with the Red Dragon Family and their humanitarian funding was a bust, will this new contact turn out any different? Landa China Global / Humanus and Dave Schmidt seem to think so.
  6. This is where the mythology of the Anunnaki gold, King Solomon's gold and the "screens" of the banking system comes in. It is off market wealth. The challenge has been bringing these funds forward from the back screens to the front screens so they can "bless" humanity. The story is that the cabal doesn't want this to happen, hence all the delays. We heard all this from the Ambassador, and Dave S said the Amba once showed him a document that indicated the wealth available to the Dragon Family had digits with 18 zeroes behind it (quintillions of dollars if they were monetized). So the money doesn't exist right now, but it will soon, and we will all benefit from it. In his most recent video, Dave says he is was told by someone he considers of high integrity that he knows of a group with 250 trillion dinars. That would have cost them 250 billion dollars. It also means they bought lots of counterfeit dinars as that is far more than the CBI reports are in existence. Of course, those on Dave's list will get funded, but as for the others, he keeps asking where the money will come from and says the Dragons won't be funding them, so the folks with 250 trillion dinar are out of luck. These prosperity folks sure like to craft grand stories. I suppose not so different from the religions that propose a savior will soon arrive.
  7. Yes, that is for Round 2 of Dave's private currency exchange. Round 1 participants parted with their currency a year ago and have yet to see anything in return. The latest excuse is that the banks were hacked. It will be interesting to see how long they can drag this out. If it follows the pattern set by Jerzy Babkowski and Landa China Global, it could go on for years, waiting for those Royals to send the cash. The curious part is that Dave says Round 2 won't proceed until Round 1 is completed.
  8. These folks look legit: http://www.safefunds.com/paymaster.html but I bet the folks Dave is working with are shadowy, like the Ambassador. Little to no public presence and likely hard to track down if something goes sideways.
  9. On yesterday's radio show, Dave tells us it was last summer when Round 1 started, so whoever has the currency now has had it for 10 months to a year already. If they are collecting interest on the Dong, they could be collecting a nice monthly income. Of course, Dave and co. were expecting the exchange to happen in a short period of time, and here we are one year later and the exchange has not taken place. Dave keeps saying the Dong is safe because you can take it to the bank and get USD back, but that only applies to the folks that are holding Dong, waiting for Round 2. The Round 1 folks are now out of pocket for however long the folks they gave the currency to keep them hanging.
  10. They have nothing to show for it yet. They have been given a form of receipt - SKRs or a Paymaster Report in exchange for their currency. Dave says the funds are moving, they reached Paymasters, then they stalled. Then he tells us about the hacks in the bank resulting in changing the bank codes to stall the funds which is part of the Dragon Family dispute. He also got into the woo, saying that subconscious blocks on the part of the participants will slow down the exchange. He buys every excuse they come up with, as he really doesn't have any other choice. He has "followed the money" and he feels he is at the top of the food chain, there is nowhere else to go, no one else can fund this exchange, so he has to take what they dish out. He assures his listeners that Round 1 (the 10,000+ people) will be funded, but instead of being within a week or so, will now take a couple of months. I think Dave and Jerzy Babkowski of Landa China Global are drinking the same Kool-Aid. Their stories are becoming more and more similar as time goes by, especially the shifting time lines and delays caused by all kinds of things.
  11. As far as I know, Dave and the other 10,000+ have turned in their currencies, they are now waiting on payment. The new holders of the currency could be collecting interest on the Dong right now. The longer they delay, the more they can collect. I think Dave said the other day it could be two months before the exchange is completed. They could drag this on for a while, but I wonder what their exit play might be? They can't pay out, so they either have to return the currency or disappear.
  12. This is the part I don't comprehend. Over 10,000 people have submitted their currencies, but what good is it to collect trillions of Dinar/Zim? There is value in the Dong, as it is a market currency, but was there enough Dong to make this a worthwhile exercise? The only play I can see here is that enough Dong was collected to make it worthwhile. They could exchange it and then put it somewhere to collect interest or just spend it. This could go on for quite a while, giving excuses, but at some point Dave will get impatient, won't he? Could they really drag this on for years? They are probably protected from legal action as part of the NDA, but if it is a scam, why does Dave keep insisting that Round 2 won't start until Round 1 is paid? Why do the people behind this not collect more Dong from the Round 2 people? I assume the Dong is the play here, as it is a market currency and Dave keeps saying it is a better return than the Dinar. Unless there are fees they have yet to announce, I really don't see the game plan of the folks behind this.
  13. Dave: This is not primarily about you and me getting a bunch of money Dave: We are to be used as vehicles to help shift and change this world, but in the process we are going to be rewarded very well. Dave's newest friend is Jason Hill, a member of a very secretive elite group working on advanced technologies that, among other things, can read and heal people. Dave: We are told the funds have been released, have reached the senior paymasters and then the junior paymasters. They say the funds will be there in 3-5 days, then the next week rolls around and nothing has changed. What is going on here? Jason: On a practical level, the private currency exchanges have been delayed due to hackers hacking into banks and changing codes that are needed to release the funds. This not just cabal, this is a battle going on at the Dragon Family level. There are 13 factions of the Dragon Family fighting for who is in control. (Sounds like cabal on a different level). Dave says the benevolent factions want to release the funds and honor the Bretton Woods agreement. Others want to prevent that from happening. We are the pawns in their battle. Jason: The battle will end. The money will come through. How fast it will come through is dependent on the mind/conscious states of the recipients. When you as a collective group become singularly focused about why this money is coming to you and what its purpose is that will set the energy free that will stop the blocks. You are the ones collectively who are determining when you are going to get it. ========= So it is not a simple business transaction in which currencies are exchanged. It has a degree of woo to it. ========= Dave: The funds themselves have their own source of energy vibration. When we are in alignment with it, we flow with it. If we are out of alignment with its purpose, because its purpose is to heal, shift and change the world, but we're still thinking about "what am I going to get for me?", the energy of your thought is out of alignment with the energy of the funds. As we line ourselves up with the purpose and energy of the funds, the funds will flow. In the same way that water can exist in different states depending on temperature, gold can exist in different states depending on consciousness. Some people can see and touch the gold that exists in a higher vibration, some cannot. When we reach the vibration of the gold intended for helping the world, we will receive it. Its not like its coming to us, the funds are waiting for us to get to them. =========== Then after all the woo, Dave says he thinks the exchange will happen in the next week or two !! So which is it Dave, a metaphysical exchange, or a business transaction?
  14. What puzzles me is that Dave says Round 1 of his private exchange will be completed before they start Round 2. Completing Round 1 means paying out those folks. If they don't intend on paying out, why delay the second round? They are accepting Dinar, Dong and possibly Zim. My previous thought was if they collect enough Dong, it would be worth it, as the Dinar and Zim aren't worth much. If they had 5,000 people who submitted even $200 each of Dong, that could be worth $1M to them. So why hold off on the second round? Or will they let it go a few more weeks and come up with a story of why Round 1 is not yet complete, but they have decided to start accepting submissions for Round 2 to at least get the process started.
  15. Of course you are right, the Dong or the Dinar will not increase by 125,000x. What Dave is proposing is a private exchange. The currency holder sells their currency to the buyer for an agreed upon price. There is nothing illegal about this. The main question is why would the buyer buy currency at such an inflated price? Dave's answer is: it is a legal way to get funds into the hands of Dave's listeners who are highly conscious it will honor the original intention of the Bretton Woods agreement (Keenan mentions this as well) it is a way to spread the money around to stabilize the economy it will rehydrate the global financial system with clean money versus the fiat it is part of the restructuring of the global financial system it will soften the coming economic crash it will create jobs it is a way to bypass corrupt governments and corporations and get funds directly to people with humanitarian projects (via an escrow account) You asked - Why reward speculators? Dave says this is something that people have been waiting for. It is already within their frame of reference. There is less fear in doing it this way than through other methods. Does this make sense? No, it sound like a politician / salesman talking. Lots of buzz phrases and feel good terms. What will the buyers do with the currency? Dave says that is a private matter. You are right, if the Dragons did exist, they would just set up their own foundation, which can grant funds to other already existing foundations that are doing good things in the world. They could also invite anyone to submit their project to receive a grant. If they met initial objectives, they could receive further funding. I think Dave is being taken for a ride by a confidence ring who like to pretend they are rich and powerful, but are simply con men/women. Dave bought the Ambassador's story, hook, line and sinker. Even with all the documents Dave saw and trips to China that he made, nothing has come of it, other than the Ambassador collecting fees for workshops and project pitches. Now it is a different Family (or so Dave thinks - the one with real power and money). It could simply be another arm of the same con ring. It will be interesting to see what the real play is here - will they come up with back end fees? Otherwise, what is the point of it all? To mess with people? Or I am completely out to lunch and Dave is on the leading edge of freeing humanity from financial slavery
  16. Since the dinars are almost worthless, the only thing that makes sense is that instead of an up front fee scam, this will be a back end fee scam. Once the currency is turned in, the hook will be baited and the participants will be subjected to various fees to keep their hopes for an exchange alive. Unless they are expecting large volumes of dong to be turned in, that is the only thing that would make this scam pay. A couple other things rang alarm bells and that was Dave said he was told to "build your list" and mentioned that up to 40,000 people may be "allowed" to participate. If the list is that size, it wouldn't take many small fees to start adding up. Other factors are the limited time opportunity, no others will be allowed to exchange, etc. to create a sense of urgency. One of the biggest red flags are the amounts quoted. $5 per dinar and $5 per dong. This is from a letter Dave sent out that was later leaked. Just doesn't make sense.
  17. Sandie27, Perhaps you are not aware, but Dave is no longer working with the Ambassador. He has changed horses and is no longer working with the Red Dragons, he is now working with the Golden Dragons. It is no longer an advance fee scam, it is a private exchange. It may still be fraudulent, but it is a different game than Dave was playing with the Ambassador. Dave is not offering any proof via Bank Documents that these new Dragons are for real. He says it is recommended to have a passport to expedite their background checks, and they require either a receipt for purchase of currency, or a signed affidavit, or a gift letter. People will sign a contract, a Non Disclosure Agreement and will receive an SKR (Safe Keeping Receipt). Once all the currency is collected, it will be submitted to the money changers, and then people will be paid out. Over half the gross amount will go into an escrow account which people will not have personal access to, but will have one year to direct those funds to help others in some way, whether it is donating it, or funding a project. A business plan must be submitted. There is no up front charge for a business plan, but since you will have personal funds from the exchange, you can use them to pay for your business plan. What is done with the dinar/dong after the exchange is done, he is not allowed to disclose. Dave is back to his "So you want to be a millionaire" days. He says the rate will be high enough that you could go out and buy $300 - $400 worth of Vietnamese dong and you will be a multimillionaire and will have 2 - 3 times that amount in the escrow account to use to help others. Then in the next breath he says it is not about individuals getting rich. It is about spreading the money out. He says the Dragons want to create economic parity all around the world. That is a pipe dream. He says they are conducting the private exchange so they can bypass corrupt governments and corrupt corporations and get the funds into the hands of Dave's listeners, who are highly conscious folks. I don't trust this plan, but will watch from the bleachers to see how it rolls out. Perhaps they are setting Dave up in some way? Is it a ruse to get people to buy dong and then they will take the money and run? Of the two, at least dong is a market currency. Dinar is hardly worth collecting. What if they get 90% dinar and 10 % dong. Is the whole exercise worth it? Dave is moving into the same scenario as Landa China Global, who has been waiting on funds for over a decade. They are all ready to start their humanitarian work, they just need the funds. Jerzy has said he is part of the Golden Dragons. It seems Dave has now hooked up with these folks up the ladder from Landa China Global, as his story sounds very similar.
  18. DrBubb, Dave Schmidt talks about the journey that the funds take once they are released by the Dragons. Is this a fictional tale spun by Dave's new Dragon friends or is there something to it? Before the money gets to the street level it has to go through the scrutiny of the US Treasury the scrutiny of the Federal Reserve then moved into master bank accounts then moves to the Paymaster then senior brokers, junior brokers Attorney in fact Junior paymasters According to this website, http://philosophyofmetrics.com/warning-on-scams-freepom/ Dave is using many of the buzzwords that are flags for scams, i.e. Fed Sanctioned, Chinese Elders, White Hats, Dragon Family, Humanitarian Projects, Paymaster. Dave is now saying this private exchange will "hydrate" the money system. I have not heard this term before. He also says that at the top levels, the GCR is already done. Is he being taken for a ride again? Different colored Dragon, but same destination? Any ideas on the end game of whoever is behind this private exchange? Dave has said to forget about the dinar and the zim. He says the safest is to buy the Vietnamese dong. Could someone be trying to make a play by increasing the demand?
  19. This sums it up: (Directed to Crayford) Firstly, we would love for you to show us any legal document stating / validating your very cheap words that Ray is no longer the Collateral Controller. Secondly, we would like you or your side to validate that you or your sidekick has any authority recognized by any World Power. You have made blatantly false statements that Ray is no longer alive. Can you produce any documentation supporting such nonsense any whatsoever? I can assure you that Ray is alive, well, and of sound mind and body. He is also and shall remain the Controller of the Collateral Accounts. Read the rest here: http://neilkeenan.com/neil-keenan-update-urgent-update-the-oitc-and-neil-keenans-legal-battle-takes-a-turn-for-the-better/
  20. TNT Tony, whom Dave used to listen to, went to prison. Several currency dealers are either in the process of being charged or under investigation. Dave said in his most recent radio program that he has been cleared by several alphabet agencies and can carry on. When Dave was tight with the Ambassador, he and Dave did a show on Neil Keenan and how Keenan was barking up the wrong tree. Now Dave says he has changed his mind about Keenan. Dave believes that many people working on securing or opening up the GC Accounts have relationships with various factions of the Family and each has some portion of the truth. Dave says he doesn't have the whole story yet, but apparently he has enough that he believes that even if there is no RV, the Golden Dragons he is now associated with have the desire to exchange money for dinars to help stabilize the economy of the world. I don't see how that will happen by exchanging dinars for listeners of Dave's radio show, but they can certainly give it a go. (Jerzy from Landa China Global also says he is part of the Golden Dragon Family and he has been waiting on funds for many years). Dave says the Dragons now want to get money moving into productive channels and Dave's listeners are the beta testers to see if this will work. He hasn't said directly but it seems there will be no upfront fees to the exchange he is proposing. So at worst they would lose their currency and their time and travel costs. Dave keeps saying "Use common sense", to debunk certain ideas, but what he is now talking about seems way beyond common sense to me. The people that need the most help can't afford to buy dinars or dong. These Dragons would be better off funneling their cash into existing foundations that are doing what they feel needs to be done. Perhaps they are, it is rather difficult to verify any of this. Dave is just as convinced that these Dragons have funds as he was about the Ambassador. Is he chasing leprechauns again? We will see.
  21. Dave Schmidt is putting a twist on the currency exchange - even if there is no RV or GCR, his new friendly Asian Dragon friends [these are his new Golden Dragon friends, since the Red Dragons didn't deliver] want to spread money around the world by exchanging your currency privately, with most of it going to humanitarian projects. Last week he said 60% goes into an escrow account for humanitarian aid, 20% to the currency holder and the last 20% ?? Dave has his new website up and ready, http://thesedonaconnectionfoundation.com/ He says the currencies are just a vehicle so it can be done in a legal manner. Although this sounds more likely than an RV, do these Dragon folks exist, do they have money, and why use the currencies as a vehicle? Dave certainly thinks this is the way forward, but he was wrong about the Red Dragons and the Ambassador, how likely is it that this time will be any different?
  22. Yes. I think what interests me is how long can folks like Dave, Jerzy Babkowski, Neil Keenan, Rob Potter, Cobra, etc. keep telling these stories and maintain their followers? I think the followers will keep following until they have a better story to believe in. Perhaps they will never find a better one, and will go to their grave hoping, just like the followers of religions and new age beliefs. Here is one I check into now and then: shareintl.org Benjamin Creme was contacted by one of the Masters in 1959. He was told, among other things, that Maitreya, the World Teacher ― the Master of all the Masters ― would return in about 20 years [1979]. He is still waiting . . . Now, that's patience. Dave has a long way to go to match Creme. One commonality they share is the expectation of economic collapse. Of course many mainstream economic pundits are expecting this as well, but so far while we have had some crashes, no major collapse as of yet.
  23. Sure, it's interesting, but what impact does it have beyond entertainment? He says the Annunaki are prepared to help fix the mess they made, but how? When it comes to impact on the real world, all these characters come up flat. As far as filling his seminars, he says that money just flows for him lately. He doesn't have to sweat that anymore, he is on a Divine Mission. For keeping a story going, he gets full marks. For impact on the real world, he is coming up short.
  24. If they are the same person, his Cobra persona is certainly more popular than his Ambassador persona. AFAIK Cobra has been around a lot longer, and talks a lot more about galactic stuff. They both have accents, but I don't hear Cobra saying y'understand or it's this way, which the Ambassador says quite often. If they are the same, they are quite good at keeping the persona's distinct, as Cobra talks about the Resistance, whereas the Ambassador talks about 555 overcoming 666 and has more of a religious slant. As far as confessing, I think Dave feels he is going where he thinks the leading edge is - I could be wrong, of course, but I think he considers himself a sincere researcher, even if he comes across as a conman to many. Where has his research led us to? Is he or his followers any better off, or are they just along for a ride?