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  1. Nothing but respect goes to you M. All things that have a beginning must have an end. My time here is done, good bye GEI, was fun.
  2. if your subjective interpretation of your small little world is this "truth" that you speak of ... then NO it is gold melted into the shape of an aboriginal/native chief, like i said already... or perhaps not... so then enlighten me
  3. Yes sweety, there is ... good luck! I am an altruistic person, I work for the benefit of others. I am not saying you are not/don't, I am just saying that I am not doing as you say "watching out for numero 1", 'tending my own garden', or just saving/helping myself, nor am I advocating such things. - some of you here, and all over this 'net', seem to think that a good use of your time is stopping people from getting a few cents, perhaps that is all you are capable and competent enough to do I am saying that, from my perspective, it is disgraceful towards a group of peoples and/or a way of life. The question mark is there because it is my own subjective analysis. aboriginal = nature, co-existing with nature indefinitely, preserving land and many other life-giving, beautiful, and wonderful things gold bar = greed, cavitation, destroying land and extracting it from its natural place for this fucked up system to run, etc.
  4. groups of people saying 'NO' will change the world... you make laugh ... this is a system lady, a well designed system, it doesn't care if you say no, it will show you to the complaint form, or call security and have your ass thrown in jail, say no all you want, all talk and no walk is what i'm hearing go stand outside with the christians and their anti-abortion signs or alongside drbubb and his disgraceful? avatar picture --- i asked you once what that meant but you decided to ignore me, ill tell you what i think it means aboriginal = nature, co-existing with nature indefinitely, preserving land and many other life-giving, beautiful, and wonderful things gold bar = greed, cavitation, destroying land and extracting it from its natural place for this fucked up system to run, etc. why, out of all the pictures of something sculpted into a gold bar, did you choose an aboriginal chief? maybe a golden-phallus would have been more representative
  5. 'we are the ones we have been waiting for' means that you are the one that can make a difference for your own life, and those around you trying to 'change the world' unless you own all the banks, media agencies, and have trillions of dollars is rather immature but obviously your life is your choice and the consequences will also be yours, be they good/bad 'you are the one you have been waiting for' does not mean neglecting your own responsibilities and duties because you spent too much time being a 'truth warrior on acore', which resulted in what? another puppet getting elected and making no difference? its 2016 ... time to wake up 'truth warriors' tick tock goes the clock
  6. The supreme being desires that we all grow and evolve. Being challenged, being pushed, etc. is one of the methods. Giving people what they want, in my experience, results in them realizing it isn't what they want. Does it keep them like children? - for some yes for some no - no because you can move on and find what you truly want - yes if you choose to do the same thing repeatedly It is not always necessary to be challenged to become 'full adults', or allies(slaves) of god, one can evolve and mature (a never-ending process, hence why i put 'full adults' in quotation marks) if he/she simply makes a firm and consistent decision to do so, therefore bypassing being challenged Heaven on Earth is already here and has always been here, along with all the other options/possibilities that we see and know of.
  7. There is a tidal wave coming from all of the lies, disinformation, vaccines, altered-history, manipulations, pharmaceuticals and other poisons, tyranical medical, education, government institutions. and many more atrocities. Once the wave subsides, just like with any other natural disaster, there will be a lot of broken habitats and people What we can do is build ourselves up, our roots, our relations, our health, our families, our minds, so that we can be there for those who will be needing help. Because for now, everyone is still lying to themselves; believing "i'm 'ok'". I think the cause is us (humanity) who have not grown up yet enough to understand the results of excessive greed and lack of responsibility for ourselves. What is required is maturation and responsibility, which can only be achieved through "growing up", which some have yet to do even in their late years. In regards to Neil Young's song: When we lay aside our 'stories' and useless baggage, we can begin to live, to give, and subsequently unite with our 'heart of gold' =) before we 'get old', meaning: have no energy or desire to do so anymore
  8. In this day and age, corruption, greed, ego, and many other negative emotions, actions, and beliefs, can give you power, money, fame, etc. If anyone is waiting for RVD to learn from his mistakes or admit to his mistakes, you need a wake-up call. His system is working for him, clearly. So his "mistakes" are what? Simply your judgements and beliefs about right/wrong. Not pointing any fingers; light breeds dark and dark breeds light.
  9. I believe that his projects are real, for sure. However, they are just another step of the "totalitarian-tip-toe". Whether he is conscious of this or not.
  10. Perhaps you care, and truly want to see him well. Especially if you have been following him for a while and had admiration. Indeed, a true friend will tell you the truth, even with the risk or breaking the friendship. For if it was a true friendship, it would be re-melded.
  11. trump is not in control, he is just some pawn that sold himself and if he goes against the agenda he will get taken out his name is "trump", just like a trump card (a card that trumps all others) can only but trump within the game but pour all of your hope into him ------- politics are being played like a card game, everyone has a hand, those who are in control have been playing with aces up their sleeves some, such as the "Prince" and MichaelJackson have awoken to this fact and have decided to cash in their hand, and to also "undo" some of their damage by informing the public about certain truths: the NWO, chemtrails, etc. Since these individuals are bound by contracts, the PTB can do whatever they want with them, so they are taken out some scumbags decide to continue playing the card game even though they have been caught cheating. They are going to play it out. why they are choosing to do this? some possibilities: -- they are in too deep or too excited to pull out (lol) -- they are not mature enough to understand the repercussions/consequences for continuing in this game/charade -- they fear the fate that awaits them and are trying to prolong the inevitable for as long as possible, against all odds
  12. Some people believe in the importance of electing yourself and stop believing in the lie that trump, obama, illuminati, government, this or that, has any effect upon oneself.
  13. He has changed the focus and debate. -- sure... but until he changes the paradigm of the debate, I will not say that he has done anything i don't think that this needs to discussed until people wake up more.. or perhaps those that did wake up, re-awaken
  14. It would be nice to see people accept their mistakes and come out with honesty and integrity, for it is how they started, or at least appeared to be: honest and integral. I too seem to "have to return" to certain things to see how they have evolved. In my mind, I say it is because I desire to see something different, but in truth, i think it is blind hope . If you leave a rotting carcass behind, and come back to check after a while, what do you expect? it to have turned fresh? However, in time, shit/manure will flower into something new and beautiful. Sometimes people go along to get along. We see it everyday, this "fakeness", "you look great", etc. It is getting almost impossible to tell true integrity from fakeness unfortunately.
  15. A forum dedicated to liberation: LiberateLife.com
  16. The Spiritual Warrior “Happiness is every person’s choice, but few make an effort for it” a person who challenges the dreams of fear, lies, false beliefs, and judgments that create suffering and unhappiness in his or her life a war that takes place in the heart and mind quest of the Spiritual Warrior is the same as spiritual seekers has clear awareness that this war is fought within himself and that Truth and unconditional love are on the other side of these battles This is what the Toltecs refer to as Personal Freedom to win against fear requires: awareness, courage, discipline, and commitment to transform the emotional body ================================= Awareness of the Spiritual Warrior most vital tool is awareness, pure awareness has no thinking involved It has no thinking because it has no interpretation Awareness is to perceive with clarity the truth of what is happening without interpretation or opinion In a moment of awareness the dialogue in the mind stops, we begin to “see” from a point or view separate from the reasoning part of our mind This could be described as an epiphany Practiced seer’s live in this awareness in every moment Awareness is the state of consciousness that allows us to discern between the facts and the Truth, between the story and the lies in our mind The realm of our mind is filled with false perceptions and false beliefs it is the consciousness of awareness that is the discerning intelligence The mind is clever, but it is also full of assumptions and limited paradigms of perception Conscious awareness allows us to see clearly instead of be blinded by these false belief paradigms Self awareness is the clarity to know who and what you are, and not get caught up in self important images of ourselves Self awareness that you are not any of those images in your mind is essential to becoming free of self importance. ================================= Courage of the Spiritual Warrior has the courage to question and challenge his or her own beliefs By challenging our own beliefs we can dissolve the lies that cause our suffering. to challenge our beliefs requires courage because it means the end of our illusion of safety When other people challenge our own beliefs we are usually quick to defend We defend them even if they cause us to suffer we learn not to defend what we believe, and then to challenge those very beliefs ourselves In this way we are able to sort out the truth from illusions ================================= Discipline of the Spiritual Warrior discipline to continue on their path when faced with challenges from their mind must have the discipline to deal with their own mind without someone else providing the motivation with carrots or sticks must exercise their own will at the command of their heart not an outside authority figure This often means going against the fearful opinions in our mind that tempt us with illusions of punishment and rewards must have the discipline to follow our own heart even when tempted by another person’s opinion this way of living requires disciplined practice ================================= The Love of the Spiritual Warrior A soldier has a commitment to love his/her country The Spiritual warrior must have the: commitment to love him/her self and extend that love to humanity/others it is required to love yourself because in our journey we will certainly fumble and fall many times in having a strong commitment we get back up again It is common to fall to judgment It can be easy to love some people, particularly the people that like us or treat us well however, it requires a tremendous commitment to love in the face of those that reject us this commitment will cause us to challenge our beliefs about our judgments we must look beyond our own self-serving interests In time we become committed to love for the sheer enjoyment of expressing it this becomes our commitment we nourish ourselves with the love we express Be committed to have the courage, discipline, and openness to Love unconditionally even if being rejected and/or Even when the body is in physical pain, be love and have compassion Do not use reasoning to hate or judge ================================= Summary A spiritual warriors path is challenging In The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz calls it a war we will lose some battles, that’s okay we may feel overwhelmed, things may seem hopeless, avoid the victim persona But it is only one battle - a Spiritual Warrior learns not to measure progress in the war using the metrics of only one battle A Spiritual Warrior learns to retreat, rest, recover, learn from their actions, regroups, then stands up again to take another step on his path Even in the process of losing a battle, much progress is made the ego has pushed back, and so it is exposed, and we gain more clarity on our endeavour through defeat, the ego can even be weakened, at a minimum, we become more respectful of our foe, even if it is a dream we become more grateful of those moments that are peaceful, and even grateful of moments where we are just holding our ground against a dream learn and embrace humility Sometimes it is best for a Warrior to realize they have done their best against their emotional reactions and inner demons of the mind to retreat, rest, and recover - learn that there is a time for this, sometimes this is the appropriate and correct action it will be necessary to take time to rest or you will not win many of the battles in the war for your happiness ================================= Source: http://www.toltecspirit.com/four-agreements/characteristics-of-a-spiritual-warrior/
  17. it is almost a sick satisfaction that is attained from shaming rvd... never gets old does it though
  18. The NWO Missed its 2000 Deadline. Why? What Next? nothing... just more smoke and mirrors and illusions... keep hoping for change kuz time is ticking and the only one getting screwed over is us
  19. what trump can do and will do: nothing
  20. Why do you just copy and paste massive walls of text instead of just linking the article?