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  1. Ron's latest update video has him lighting the room with candles. Has he had the power shut off again? I haven't been watching his videos since last year so I'm out of the loop.
  2. Todays video by Ron has made me notice a pattern. Ron goes to different churches in his area to argue and fight with people.
  3. I think you missed my point. Regardless of whether you think Gaddafi was a good guy or not, the official position of the United States was that he was an enemy and a state sponsor of terrorism. Hillary, as secretary of State has to represent that official position. The only thing that comment shows is that she does not respect the lives of foreign heads of state that are hostile to the United States. Which frankly is a pre-requisite for being president. By comparison, Trump's comment shows that he does not respect the 50% of Americans that are female as well as the other 50% that are married to women or respect the institution of marriage. And what's worse is that the reason he gives for why he believes that he can grab your wife's pussy or my wife's pussy, is that he's rich.
  4. That's just a ridiculous statement to make on multiple levels. Bringing up the "he died" quote is first of all ridiculous because Trump has made similar comments. By your standard, neither Presidential candidate has "respect for the lives of others". http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-reiterates-desire-to-murder-terrorists-families-a6912496.html Secondly, she's talking about Gaddifi which regardless of your personal views, was officially an enemy of the United States and a state sponsor of terror. She, as a politician, has no reason to "respect" his life. Meanwhile, the comparison is ridiculous. Trump was talking about sexually assaulting fellow female American citizens. Hillary being non-chalant about the death of a foreign head of state isn't even in the same ballpark.
  5. His comment wasn't lewd, it was a description and admission of sexual assault.
  6. Does Ron have an actual plan for the storm? I believe it's hitting his area directly.
  7. Keenan's claims concerning the healing machines keep getting crazier and crazier. He's now claiming that it can regenerate your organs and make you younger. He says this of course as an extremely old man that is getting visibly sicker. At this point the only thing that could compete with his machine as advertised, is the actual fountain of youth.
  8. The only verifiable examples of hidden gold I can think of are ancient Egyptian tombs which only stayed hidden because it was the middle of the desert and under a bunch of sand. And maybe shipwrecks, that are inaccessible because of depth, or lost because of how big the ocean floor is. Hiding the amount of gold they're talking about is impossible. Just look at Fort Knox as the example. You need a huge facility with active security. Hiding it under a rock is not possible.
  9. Here's another angle. Let's say yeah, 500 years ago those trusts put all the world's "wealth" into magic caves. Well what happened in between then and now was new wealth was created which had nothing to do with St. Germaine or the Dragon Family's. Take Alcoa, which I was reading about earlier. Currently a ~$40 billion company and it's worth that much because they invented the process of making aluminum and industrialized it. Gold that sat in a cave in China had nothing to do with it. Or take Apple, ~$250 billion dollar company. Only exists because they invented a few things and started manufacturing and selling them. Gold sitting in a cave had nothing to do with it. Germaine or the Dragon Family have no right to claim ownership over wealth that they didn't create just because they had gold sitting in some cave.
  10. Ron's ignorance knows no bounds. Let's say Ron's plan is to buy a new car when the RV happens. Little problem, only 4 million cars are manufactured every year in the US, but there's 300 million new millionaires like Ron that want a new car. Making everyone a millionaire doesn't solve anything.
  11. Hopegirl really is the last person who should be criticizing a crowdfunding debacle.
  12. Reminds me a lot of Dean Clifford back in the day when he was praising how great Putin was then crying about how horrible Canada was because he was required to get a drivers license and insurance to use public roads.
  13. Just a general observation. There's a tendency to focus on the "methodology" rather than the goal that the person is trying to achieve. To paraphrase, what Ken and Anna (maybe), are trying to do, is not pay taxes that go to fund wars. What method they use to try to achieve that, is irrelevant. That specific goal is impossible under the current framework of laws.
  14. Problem is that the only excuse left for Igan, is ignorance or stupidity. And if he wants to claim that he was too stupid to know that you can't exempt yourself from taxation through the signing of an unilateral contract, then nobody should be listening to Igan anyways. Igan had to know that what Ken was proposing was impossible and illegal. They were both in it for the money and based on the exotic and luxurious areas they mentioned "working" in, they clearly enjoyed burning through their ill gotten wealth.
  15. Finally got to listen to some of the Max Igan drama. 1. That these idiots got so much money shows how stupid the alt-media audience is. 2. Ken is clearly a con-man. 3. Max is also a con-man. He should have known immediately that what Ken was proposing was impossible.