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  1. My evaluation of Trump's ethics and morals are not derived from the media, but from his own words and actions. Trump has been VERY visible for decades. Now, you can ignore his own words, and try to argue that he really didn't mean anything he said or did...but, where does that leave you? Or us?
  2. Donald Trump has no interest in Americans, unless they are his billionaire buddies. Trump has a decades long, very public record of exactly who he is. My primary problem with Trump is not his politics, though. I'm neither Democrat or Republican. My problem with him is personal. He is ethically and morally unmoored. That's the line in the sand for me. As an atheist, I find it incredibly amusing that millions of Christians, for whom Trump's words and actions over the years are anathema to what they profess as their core beliefs, elected him as president. It's an astonishing revelation into the ethical bankruptcy of modern "christianity."
  3. I see Trump has just named a billionaire venture capitalist as Secretary of Commerce. This is a guy who made his fortune buying up failing companies, shutting them down, and selling them off piece by piece. I don't see how that's going to help the average American.
  4. One thing to watch for over the next year is when the Republicans decide the pain of having Trump as their standard bearer is not worth the gain. It is pretty clear now that Trump's agenda is not consistent with House republicans. One example is that latest interview where Bannon says Trump is going to engage in deficit spending to pump up the economy. The Republican congress has spent eight years castigating Obama for deficit spending. I don't see much hope that they are going to allocate a few trillion dollars, along with huge tax cuts. Should be an interesting confrontation, though.
  5. So, Trump as President ticks off China. In response, the Bank of China, to whom Trump owes over $900 million, sends a letter to Trump and the U.S. Press saying, "Thank you Mr. Trump for your aid in that sticky diplomatic problem with the U.S. In appreciation, we have reduced your debt by $100 million dollars." That's how precarious Trumps problems are.
  6. Would you react negatively to any choice Trump made? I don't think it would have made much difference who was elected. The country is so diverse it is ungovernable. But, those who support Trump appear ready to accept anyone who Trump chooses, even if the choice was in the pocket of George Soros (not saying this guy is...I don't know. But people are saying.)
  7. Looks like Trump just named a Goldman/Sachs banker who worked for George Soros as Secretary of the Treasury. Drained that swamp much?
  8. Trump is not draining the swamp. Almost everyone he has surrounded himself with still smells of the swamp water from the last 30 years. Now he says he will repeal the ACA the day he is inaugurated and replace it with "something wonderful" that will insure everyone still has health care at the same instant he repeals the ACA. Not even two days will pass before the new plan is implemented he said in an interview Sunday night. I sure wish he would reveal that secret plan. Or stop saying silly things. I don't care about Democrats or Republicans. I disdain them both equally. I do care about human suffering. And greatly disdain those who make it worse.
  9. Trump's transition team has turned out to be a hive of corporate lobbyists. How do you think that is going to turn out well for the "forgotten man?"
  10. It appears over the last couple of days Trump and his transition team have walked back all the promises he made in the campaign...oh, yeah, except cutting taxes for the wealthy. Now we are hearing that's first in line when he takes office.
  11. Trump is an empty vessel. He voices the opinions of those with whom he associates at the time. He has been "this" then "that" then "this" many times over the years. Right now, he has chosen to embrace the alt right. If that doesn't succeed in winning him the election, he will embrace some other view in justification of his loss. Trump has a well documented history. And is a convenient sock puppet.
  12. Could Trump win? Possibly. With a landslide? No. The distribution of the electoral college favors Democrats in National Elections. Republicans have gerrymandered voting districts to give themselves the advantage in state elections; but, it's a really uphill slog for Republicans in the battle for President. It will be really interesting to see how this ends up, though.
  13. Donald Trump is a convenient stooge. He is a sock puppet, animated ultimately by a so-far unseen hand. I don't think that "hand" cares whether Trump wins the election or not. The campaign seems to have been an opportunity to create a movement for whatever follows the election. I don't think it really matters who wins this election. Pandora's Box has been opened and the demons, for good or evil, now released, cannot be again contained.
  14. The elephant in the room is that, in general, my generation - Boomers - are desperately trying to hold back time, despite the fact that time is winning as we die off and our influence wanes. At the same time, the U.S. has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. The culture, demographics, and nature of the economy have undergone rapid change as the Millennials, an even larger generation than the Boomers, have come of age, and they think differently and want different outcomes. Technology has changed everything, and is going to change it even more rapidly over the next 10 years. The economic consequences have been enormous. The reality is that we are not going to start heating our homes with coal again, nor making steel in the old way with enormous, labor intensive refining methods. AI and robots are going to continue to reduce the demand for human labor. Change is going to continue to happen, regardless of which 70 year old fossil is elected President. There is a lot of magic thinking going on, and a lot of misplaced nostalgia for a never-existent past. Instead of focusing on the present and future, we struggle to recreate the past. It isn't going to happen. The world is as it is, and it is going to be very different when the 2020 elections come around, if they comes around. I'm not confident the American democracy will survive this election cycle.
  15. As a result of that follow up, it appears there is a mutiny going on at the FBI, as agents try to get behind the fan that is about to blow poop all over the Director.