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    Bubb / Dominic Sorry I haven't read everything here tonight. Have any of you guys read monkey-man ?...! 's latest thread over on HPC: "It's Over, It's All Over, LCDX spread = 810bps!" http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=90967 Any comments? "This is the end of the world as we know it. The bail outs have failed. It's time to usher in a new age of economics because Freidman was wrong. Credit markets have continued to worsen. This is now at least as bad as 1929. I'm expecting broad job losses now. Across the board. This is the worst time in history to hold an debt. " EDIT= I go to the pub an when I get back all hell breaks loose. Shit.
  2. Well I can honestly say I've made nothing out of this gold business so far. The past six months have been a bit of a mare of a time, but then I only really subscribe to the 'gold as insurance' idea, I don't expect to ever be rich. At the moment, I'm buying in in very small amounts, catching the dips, which is something nobody likes to do. Why am I buying this if it's just fallen off a cliff?
  3. Oh. I see. Anyway, as I speak, we're down to $645 in another cliff-face. * edit: I'm just joking here, I mean Arrrrgggh!!!!
  4. Gold appears to have dropped precipitously into NY trading today. You ought to get your evil mojo to be your investment advisor, Chuz. Don't forget that Dr Doom reckons that there's a deflationary scare going on, and then it's up up and away.
  5. megaflop

    Gold Comments : for 1st Half-2007

    It's assumably at the top of your legs, where you left it.
  6. megaflop

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    $626 and Kitco is sounding like an estate agent: "Gold recovers as oil prices resume upward trend"
  7. megaflop

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    If you apply this up to the week-before-last, how good did it predict LAST WEEK?
  8. That was me ^^^ (Bubb's forum works differently and I don't get prompted to log in)
  9. How is it that you can have ludicrous volume but no apparent price action in either direction? What does this mean?