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  1. There is a LOT of poverty in India... and I would expect many households to sell as we go higher & higher. But rest assured, many families will NOT be selling, and most will be net buyers.
  2. vish

    The Coal Thread

    With all the coal production shutdowns in South Africa, Australia, and Indonesia, US coal producers could greatly benefit from higher export prices. The US coal producers are the swing suppliers in the seaborne market. ANR, MEE, CNX, JRCC, WLT, and FDG in Canada.
  3. Big buys in the last couple of days. Price looks cheap...
  4. London.... nice? My last 2 holidays have been to Hong Kong & New York, and both are 'nicer' than London.
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    Bought online from APMEX via a friend in the US. Now I have to bring them back
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    bought my first physical silver today. several roll tubes of 20 x 1oz American Eagles. shiny.
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    I'm looking to pick up some physical silver when in New York in a couple of weeks. Thinking about ordering online, or a dealer...
  8. anecdotal... another forum i'm a member of, YNWA - Liverpool FC related. I've had many discussions on here in the past, and you get the typical spiel. But something has definitely changed. http://www.ynwa.tv/forum/index.php?showtop...31273&st=20 A couple of posters who work in the industry (Murph - IFA, big wayne - mortgage advisor) are very scared, and the others are feeding off them.
  9. I bought in today. They gave a promising update on a resource of theirs, and there was strong volume yesterday.
  10. Central China Goldfields (GGG) interests me too at the moment. The problem is it's a falling knife... From the looks of it, I reckon 8p is the lowest it's likely to go. What do you think Bubb?
  11. me too. Looking to remove my principal.
  12. They've got uranium on top of the molybdenum/tungsten resource. And everything seems to be moving along quickly and without problems.
  13. vish

    The BP thread

    more bad news and it still doesn't go below 530p. Looks like a decent bottom.
  14. January 2007 http://www.divshare.com/launch/26794-969
  15. Seems to be liking the Annual report, and the fact that Chavez was re-elected.
  16. vish

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    from a lehman analyst. "LME base metals inventories have been falling. Use LME Go on Bloomberg, then select warehouse stocks (items 25 to 32). Inventories of zinc (LSZS Index GP), Nickel (LSNI Index GP) and copper (LSCA Index GP) have been most impressive lately. Nickel inventories are at remarkably low levels, which helps explain why the nickel price was at a 19-year high yesterday. The zinc price has rallied as well on falling inventories. market sentiment in mning sector appears to be getting more positive, or at least less negative. I think the recent rally has not been driven by short covering. Investors have been looking for long ideas in this sector over the past week or so. I did a dinner with NY-based hedge funds yesterday and the mood was positive. This is very different from the general mood around this sector a month ago. Xstrata is still our top pick despite strong move up over the past week. Q - What is the reason HFs are getting bullish on mining sector ? Short-trading or low LME inventories ? A - Two main reasons. First, lower LME inventories. Second, they also seem less worried about US economic outlook."
  17. UMN - Uramin on AIM is tearing up at the moment. Lots of big buys.
  18. Of course. Contrarian investing is never THAT simple though... I definitely think 'irrational exhuberance' is where we are in the short term.
  19. there usually are. I think you'll find though very few people are long term bearish on gold
  20. vish

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    Golden Prospect fund (GOL) seems to be moving on volume. Maybe the big players are beginning to buy back in?
  21. vish

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    Duane - The best advice is to assume nothing. Gold has tried 3 times to rise above $607 and has failed each time. At teh moment, it doesn't look good for a rise above recent highs. There is likely to be continued strong resistance at $640, $670 and $720. On the downside, gold just can't seem to get away. This is the fourth time it's resting on $607. There is a good chance it could go lower from here. If that happens, it's just a case of which support level will hold. No one can say for sure. Whilst it stays between $607 and $640, it basically hasn't made a decision either way.